The universe is full of life and there are many advanced ET groups, both positive and negative. Every star and planet has life. There is experience across density and dimension, and not all forms of life are relevant to each other. Far from being a complete list, these are some of the ET groups that Pleiadians have shared information about. This list does not include beings such as Archangels, Fairies or Elementals.

Angels and Fallen Angels

For the sake of this information, we will distinguish between two kinds of Angels. There are races of extraterrestrials called Angels in ancient scripture, and there are Angelic Light Beings which don’t have their own civilizations, technology or travel in their own crafts. Among these would be Archangels, Angels and Fae.

Earth has been visited by many intelligent galactic races throughout history, but only a few have been with us since the beginning. Humans were created by the 5 most powerful Elohim races of the Galactic Federation, lead by Pleiadians, and included Arcturians, Sirians, Andromedans and Orions.

Galactic Federation are the Angels of God written in scripture, who walk among us and assist us in many ways. In the modern era, they take human form and interact with select military personnel. These Elohim voluntarily incarnate into human lifetimes over and over, forgetting who they are, for the soul experience, and to help raise the frequency of the planet.

The “fallen angels” from ancient scriptures are beings who rebelled against Galactic Federation and infiltrated Earth as gods to manipulate and control. They are easily able to plot against us by having obedient followers inside our establishments carry out their commands.

The majority of the beings who followed Oppisheklio (Lucifer) into negative duality were Sirians and Orions of the Galactic Federation who were later joined by other systems unknown to humans. There were also dark forces from our own solar system who joined manipulations on Earth, playing the roles of Gods and Goddesses in the Atlantean age which became the basis for later mythologies.

Races Most Relevant to Earth

Pleiadians (Lashae)

Earth’s main protectors and the primary parents of humanity, Pleiadians have been guiding humans from the beginning. They are the leaders of the Galactic Federation and as first in creation, are the most powerful race in our Galaxy. They have influenced Earth art, music, and culture more than any others, and incarnate into human lives more than any other. They will be the first ET race that Earth meets after the Shift. Pleiadians refer to their home as Lashae.

Who are the Pleiadians?

Arcturians (Clas)

Arcturians are an ancient and powerful race, who have been friends to Pleiadians for millions of years. They have played major roles in Earth’s history as spiritual teachers, and are the second most frequently incarnated to Pleiadians. They call their home Clashik, and call themselves Clas.

Who are the Arcturians?

Sirians (Napoli)

Sirians have also played a major role in Earth’s history, and have come to Earth in great numbers to incarnate as humans, and as whales and dolphins. The main group of Sirians in Galactic Federation are the third most incarnated behind Pleiadians and Arcturians. They call their home Nopplia, and they are Napoli.

Who are the Sirians?

Andromedans (Meshalea)

Andromedans are another very beautiful and loving Elohim race with Elders in the Galactic Federation. They are much like Pleiadians and live very holistic lives but are less technology-oriented. They like to live outdoors and will drape large fabrics over mountains to make homes. They look very human, and stand about 6-7 ft tall. Some have hair, and some don’t. There are no couples and they connect energetically in large groups to procreate. They wear robes to galactic meetings.

Who are the Andromedans?

Orions (Olais)

Orion Reptilians are commonly scapegoated as the ‘bad’ aliens, but it’s important to know that there are positive and negative Reptilians, as with many other kinds of beings. The Reptilians species is comprised of both upright walking Reptilians which are bright yellow in color and there are less-evolved Reptilians that crawl on the ground like small dragons. There are positive Reptilians serving in Galactic Federation. Both positive and negative Reptilians incarnate into human lifetimes, with the ability to choose either good or evil as a human with “amnesia” of their true self.

Who are the Orion Reptilians?

Additional Earth Allies

These are races who are not at the level of Elohim, but have visited throughout Earth’s past, and assist as member of Galactic Federation.

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The Shamaline are one of two races who are members of Galactic Federation, who work closely with Pleiadians, but are seen as more “junior” members, and are still learning. Shamaline are from a planet in the outer Milky Way Galaxy. They are close to all the Galactic Federation races, and very human-like in behavior. They have assisted and visited throughout Earth’s history. They stand 5 ft tall, without hair, caucasian skin, large eyes, a longer nose and chin than a human, and a small slit mouth. They wear robes in many colors, and headbands covered in crystals. They are usually homebodies, but are now traveling often with Galactic Federation as they learn the ways of Pleiadians and Arcturians. They often assist with missions relating to checking crystals from crafts. They love to be in sunlight. None are incarnated as human.

Who are the Shamaline?


The Veece are from a planet in the outer Milky Way. They are a joyful race with high technology. They love to travel on their own but also travel with Galactic Federation to learn. They stand about 9-12 ft tall, with the build of a thin basketball player, with pale white skin and asian-looking facial features. They are often working out of bases in Antarctica. They have elders, children, they drink water and eat food. They wear big bright colorful cloaks in meetings, with crystals everywhere. None are incarnated as human.

Who are the Veece?

Life In Our Solar System

There is life everywhere in the universe, much of it separated from human perception by density (state of being) and dimension (location). It’s also been hidden purposefully from us for various reasons.

A planet can look barren to human observation but in another frequency be a thriving civilization. Our sun, every planet and moon in our solar system is inhabited. Some lifeforms would be considered more primitive than us and some much more advanced. Many neighboring worlds know of Earth through Galactic Federation visits and humans will meet many as friends after the Shift.

Life In Our Solar System

Earth Adversaries

There are no completely evil races, but there are ET races humans associate with evil because of specific interactions with them in Earth’s past.

Nepac Reptilians

Reptilians are a mixed group of dark and light, with members in Galactic Federation and dark forces that oppose them. Negative reptilians and Sirians have been aligned with royal families, banking and dark military groups through the ages.

Nepac Reptilians 

Zeta Greys

Greys are seen as mostly neutral and sometimes negative. They have abducted and experimented on humans. There were once many Zeta crafts in our skies but much less now. They don’t incarnate or communicate directly with humans. They’re curious and looking to advance themselves through observation. They learned how to cloak their crafts from Pleaidian technology.

Zeta Greys

Extraterrestrial Races (A-Z)

These are the extraterrestrial groups which have been verified by our Pleiadian Family. Some have been disclosed from other sources.