Who are the Pleiadians?

Pleiadians are “of Elohim”, which means they are Souls created in 12D that descend to, in their case 7D, and experience creation as a more advanced race of beings, as opposed to evolving upwards from a lower dimension.

The Pleiades is in the 7th dimension and 7th density, and Pleiadians can experience 12th dimension and higher. Pleiadians can adapt to any dimension they travel to.

Pleiadians are the first race in creation, but not the first Beings in creation. As the first, they are also the most powerful and advanced. They are the leaders of the Galactic Federation of Light. Contrary to what other sources have said, Pleiadians do not descend from Lyrans or the Lyra constellation.

Pleiadian Origins

Neioh – The Pleiadians are highly evolved spiritually and understand the ways of Earth and all planets. We do not die either except in the story in body form. All is existing in the Field, the Quantum Field, the Mind of God, the Multiverses, or the name chosen.

All Life is connected, even if it is dark and light, because these are only because of the perception of duality in that density and dimension. Oneness is Truth and Pleiadians understand this, and this is why We do things as we do. We Teach and Protect.

In Timelessness We came Forth in Elohim. Wordless Sacred Communication of Color, Tones And Only Love. We remained here for what was experienced as Now as We knew no before or after. We Loved Within and Around. Spiraling In Bliss And Creating Our Form to Move and Be as Desired was all We knew.

Language came forth as Song and Tones and We Fashioned Our Own Words. We Understood. We Grew. Expansion Of Consciousness In Light Gave Us Power. In A Density Of Such Vibration That No Other Could Have Perceived Our Coming And Going In Ever Changing Body Form, We Explored Further. In Love We United As Family And Ventured Through Galaxies With The Most High.

Those known by Human as Angels and Archangels were ever present and became our close Friends as We moved even further to Inhabit any Dimension We Chose. We found a Dwelling on a Star that Earth calls Taygeta. To our Family it was a Paradise. It remains in Beauty and Peace. We Love It So.

Pleiadian Society

Neioh – Divine Source allows for many types of life and ways to express. Pleiadians are just one group of many who choose life in a unique and specified way. We have bonded in such a Collective Consciousness of a certain vibration.

When we choose to mix with another race we take our vibration down to be able to blend with another. We still have access to the Higher Vibration as well as communication with all at Home. We hold that place in Consciousness while allowing life in the human or other race to be assisted. This is why we come.

In each society there is a Hierarchy that is formed from experience and wisdom. Pleiadians are not perfect and have made mistakes as all of life has. For this reason alone, wisdom and greater strength evolves even among Pleiadians. It is a natural flow to have unity with our people. There is no war or fear of lack as there is no ego involved. We love all of our people and consider all Family.

In the Whole of that Family, We have smaller groups. Each of those is also a Family Group. Our natural way is to have one representative to best speak the choices and decisions for their group.

Regular meetings are held to update and discuss who will be traveling to assist with Leaders of other planets. Those in High Places often invite representatives to attend their high meetings. We are a respected race by those of a Higher Vibration as well as those of lower.

We celebrate almost everything! We look for reasons to celebrate. Laka is laughing now. He is the party man he says! Okay, I will agree with him! We play music day and night. We need little rest. We eat well but only what our body uses. We have fruits and vegetables but they are much more colorful and a greater variety and taste. We drink pure water and no other beverage.

Singing and dancing are high on our list. Everyone sings and dances. It brings great Joy and it is something we have tried to bring to other planets. Many of your cultures on earth are inspired by our colorful music and singing.

We serve when asked. We serve each other as well. We do move in Soul Groups often but may be separated for a lifetime or a specific area of help needed.

Pleiadian Leaders

Each of the Pleiadian stars is represented by an Elder-Leader.

Ikai – Taygeta (AMEKA)
Sananda – Merope (MOEKAH)
Leemia – Electra (EKAMISHEE)
Jawelah – Sterope (???)
Minoee – Atlas (ASHIH)
Manakak – Alcyone (SHAMEKIH)
Bashedah – Celaeno – (SILOMEEH)
Asopelah – Maia (MEISHO)


Neioh – There are stairs leading up to porches or lounging areas on some Dwellings. Not all. They are one floor but very interesting designing. Tall walls. Curves to rooms, art work, sculptures, columns that are huge and the veins of many are crystals. So some sparkle and shine as Light hits them.

We each choose our own style of decor. There are rooms to rejuvenate. Where we rest or spend private time alone or with our mate. We have areas of play for our children inside and out. They also have rooms for rest and teaching.

We have a large room for having Friends over and for eating.  We do not sit at tables but large lounging chairs covered with very soft tapestry. We have many types of textures and some used for Babies and Children are softer than anything you have touched on Earth. The toys they have are very creative and they take part in the creation.

We have fresh clean water and bowls of fruit and vegetables in many rooms. We can create dishes to eat as well. Recipes as you call them. All we use is natural and can be assimilated for Frequency and our enjoyment. We have designed our Dwellings to close walls if we want  complete silence from music that plays outside but most of the time we leave all open.

There is no fear and much respect for others. We enjoy the structures with open tops and there is also a mechanism to close this off if rain comes. No heavy roof is needed.

There are trees, flowers, mountains, animals, music and a sense of Celebration always. We come and go but this is our Home.

Light Language

Pleiadians are telepathic with each other and all beings, and speak Light Language among family and friends.

Examples of Light Language

The Pleiaidian word for Pleiades LASHAE.
Taygeta is AMEKA
Merope is MOEKAH
Alcyone is SHAMEKIH
Electra is EKAMISHEE
Pleione is PASHITOH
Celeano is SILOMEEH
Maia is MEISHO
Asterope is AHMOKOLI
Atlas is ASHIH

More About Light Language

The Origins of Humanity

It’s no coincidence that the oldest stories in human history, by cultures continents apart, were about the Pleiades. Pleiaidan visitors were known to all ancient indigeneous cultures as benevolent friends and family. Pleiadians were here for the beginning of our human story, and they’re here at the end to welcome us to to new beginning.

Pleiadians along with 5 other Elohim groups (Arcturians, Sirians, Andromedans, Orions) created modern humans.

The Inner Earth humans are the first seeding of Earth by Pleiadians. They live in a high technology society completely separate from dark forces, and will reunite with the surface at the Shift.

In ancient scriptures, they were called Angels, Watchers, Elohim, Son of Man (like a human) and Lords. Their Crafts are described many times in ancient scriptures, as wheels within wheels, chariots, stars and pillars of clouds and fire. Pleiadians and Galactic Federation have always been with us, protecting Earth and assisting us in ways unseen.

They have been major influences on Earth cultures, introducing language, art, music, dancing, sculpture, many species of animals. Pleiadian light language can be heard in modern Polynesian, Hawaiian, and Indian languages.

Soul Incarnations

Pleiadians choose to incarnate completely as humans for the experience of soul growth and to assist in raising the vibration of the planet towards a Galactic Federation-planned ascension.

They experiences all of the pain and tragedy that all humans do. They chose to forget who they are.

Pleiadians are incarnated from the stars Taygeta, Electra, Maia, Merope, Sterope, Alcyone, Atlas and Celaeno.

They are incarnated in higher numbers than any other extraterrestrial group. They serve as Spirit Guides for humans. They send messengers to teach, and often the messages are misunderstood and religions are created. Pleiadians honor God-Source in all creation, but do not worship a God.

Contact with Earth

Pleiadians have always kept in contact with small groups of people in small towns and villages around the world. They continue to meet with Inner Earth humans they helped transition there. They meet with select individuals, White Hats, within the US Military and Military Intelligence. These individuals don’t always keep their memories of these meetings. Many races walk among us, and assist in ways that don’t violate our free will.

Eisenhower was given a choice to align with Pleiadians or Reptilian-backed Zetas, and under pressure from the Military Industrial Complex, chose the Zetas. John F. Kennedy was given a similar choice and he pursued friendly relations with Pleiadians. Donald Trump knew about Pleiadians decades before he was elected, and had many meetings with them as President. Trump and his family have flown on Pleiadian crafts and know about the Shift.

Pleiadians operate out of hidden Galactic Federation bases in mountains and oceans around the planet, on our Moon, on Mars and elsewhere in our solar system. They’re always observing, guiding us, and working in ways unseen as they prepare Earth for the coming Shift.

Bi-local Service

Neioh – Pleiadians consider all that is done for others to be Service and we do not call anything ‘work.’ The Service is to the Light!  We Honor the Light as our Source of Life and Creation. Pleiadians and Arcturians often Serve the Light with Bi-local Service. This means that the Soul on the Star has a Name of Soul and Origin. They are more than Spirit. They live in form.

These Races have been given Powerful abilities to Project an Aspect of their Soul in Consciousness to another location.  When doing this, a body is Projected also. The body can be seen in 2 places. The Consciousness is fully integrated and knows both places and what is going on. To move and perform this way requires the Soul. An Aspect of the Soul is simply a chosen part of the whole that can stand in and perform and then return to the Complete Soul at the moment of leaving. This is very brief, but allows rescues without crafts. This is only one kind of Service to the Light. There are many.