Pleiadians are ‘of Elohim’, which means they are souls created in 12th dimension, who chose to experience creation in a lower dimensional frequency as a collective group, as opposed to evolving upwards from lower dimensions as most life in the universe does. The Pleiadian civilization exists in the 7th density of the 7th dimension, and Pleiadians can adapt to any dimension they travel to.

Pleiadians are the first race in creation, but not the first beings in creation. From the beginning, Pleiadians existed alongside Archangels and Fairies in 7D. As the first galactic race, they are also the most powerful, with Arcturian friends being very close in power. Pleiadians are the founders and leaders of the Galactic Federation of Light which exists to serve life across the cosmos. Contrary to what some have said, Pleiadians have no connection to Lyrans or the Lyra constellation.

About Pleiadians

Aya – In These Moments, Most Of You Know We Are Much Like You In Many Ways. We Look Like You In Body Form And Size But We Are Neither Underweight Or Overweight By Your Standards. We Have A Healthier Look And We Choose Many Aspects Of The Way We Choose To Present Ourselves. Whether Waist Length Hair, Black, Brown, White Or A Combination, We Wear Our Hair Long And Straight Or Braided With Crystals. All Is Pure In The Pleiades So We Use No Soap Or Products To Clean.

We Have Pure Water And We Swim In Crystal Clear Bodies Of Water With Fairies And Beautiful Flowers Floating On Top! We Have No Body Shame Or Crimes And This Allows Freedom Of Nudity, Wearing Body Wear That Resembles Silk Body Suits, Or Elaborate Clothing For Celebrations Or Galactic Meetings Where Other Star Friends Gather.

When We Gather In Groups, There Is Always Music And Laughter. Our Musical Instruments Are Many And Varied. Most Of The Stringed Instruments On Earth Had Their Creation With Us.

We Have Shared Our Great Architecture With All Ancient Civilizations. We Have Colorful And Elaborate Art And Carvings On Huge Structures Where We Lounge And Sleep. We Have No Roof As You Do, But We Can Close The Top If We Choose. We Prefer Complete Nature And Enjoy The Skies As Crafts Land Or Come Close To Signal.

Very Large Animals Walk Freely And Are Loving Pets. UKA Is A Large White Tiger That Is My Personal Pet. He Has Traveled With Me If I Go Alone And Is Gentle And Kind But Fiercely Protective Of Me.

We Have A Beating Heart But There Is No Blood In Our Body. We Have Circulation, But It Is Of Light! For This Reason, Our Body Form Does Not Die. Our Nourishment Is From Large Fruits And Vegetables And Pure Water, But These Are Also Of Light. The Colors Are Vivid But So Is A Light Spectrum. We Taste And Enjoy But It Is Not Digestion As Humans. We Replenish And Light Carries Us To Move And Choose Our Activities.

We Are Beings Of Light. For This Reason We Can Be Bi-Local. We Can Use Our Expanded Consciousness To Appear On Earth Or Another Planet And Be On Our Home Planet In The Same Moment.

We Are Not Limited By The Illusion Of Time. We Have No Fear Of The Illusions You Are Facing In This Final Waking Dream! For This Reason, We Have Remained With You In All Dreams.

We Incarnate As Human, We Stand By You In Non-Physical. We Land Our Crafts Before You And Allow Endless Filming So That You May Understand Our Presence Is Love. We Have Attended Many Meetings With White Hats In Government And At Times We Walk With You On Streets As We Sometimes Protect, Though We Do Not Interfere With Your Soul Choices To Expand And Learn.

Aya – About Pleiadians 

Pleiadian Origins

Neioh – The Pleiadians are highly evolved spiritually and understand the ways of Earth and all planets. We do not die either except in the story in body form. All is existing in the Field, the Quantum Field, the Mind of God, the Multiverses, or the name chosen.

All Life is connected, even if it is dark and light, because these are only because of the perception of duality in that density and dimension. Oneness is Truth and Pleiadians understand this, and this is why We do things as we do. We Teach and Protect.

In Timelessness We came Forth in Elohim. Wordless Sacred Communication of Color, Tones And Only Love. We remained here for what was experienced as Now as We knew no before or after. We Loved Within and Around. Spiraling In Bliss And Creating Our Form to Move and Be as Desired was all We knew.

Language came forth as Song and Tones and We Fashioned Our Own Words. We Understood. We Grew. Expansion Of Consciousness In Light Gave Us Power. In A Density Of Such Vibration That No Other Could Have Perceived Our Coming And Going In Ever Changing Body Form, We Explored Further. In Love We United As Family And Ventured Through Galaxies With The Most High.

Those known by Human as Angels and Archangels were ever present and became our close Friends as We moved even further to Inhabit any Dimension We Chose. We found a Dwelling on a Star that Earth calls Taygeta. To our Family it was a Paradise. It remains in Beauty and Peace. We Love It So.

Fairy Magic

Aya – I Am With You Now Because Of The Magic Of My Beginning In Elohim. As I Moved In Colors And Tones Without A Body, I Met The Fairies That Would Remain With My Soul In Infinite Light. I Understood The Creative Power Given By The Sacred Spirit Of All Life. I Learned Quickly That Magic Was My Method Of Traveling Through Densities As I Projected My Form.

Dazzling Lights And Exquisite Colors Became My Mode Of Transportation. With IKAI By My Side, We Traversed Areas Of The Cosmos And Gathered Friends That Would Make Their Home With Us On Taygeta. Our Fairies Came With Us And Touched The Land With Frequencies That Exploded Into Flowers And Trees. The Mountains Expanded In Colors And Depth As We Smiled At Our New Home!

So You See, Beloved Ones, Magic Is Sacred! This Powerful Creative Force Was Once Used For Good And Allowed Beings To Broaden Their Experiences By Their Very Intention. The Fairies Taught Magical Abilities To The Galactic Federation. With This Expansion Of Knowledge, Great Motherships Gained Speed And Shapes By Frequencies That Were Exciting And New!

Aya – Magic

Pleiadian Society

Neioh – Divine Source allows for many types of life and ways to express. Pleiadians are just one group of many who choose life in a unique and specified way. We have bonded in such a Collective Consciousness of a certain vibration.

When we choose to mix with another race we take our vibration down to be able to blend with another. We still have access to the Higher Vibration as well as communication with all at Home. We hold that place in Consciousness while allowing life in the human or other race to be assisted. This is why we come.

In each society there is a Hierarchy that is formed from experience and wisdom. Pleiadians are not perfect and have made mistakes as all of life has. For this reason alone, wisdom and greater strength evolves even among Pleiadians. It is a natural flow to have unity with our people. There is no war or fear of lack as there is no ego involved. We love all of our people and consider all Family.

In the Whole of that Family, We have smaller groups. Each of those is also a Family Group. Our natural way is to have one representative to best speak the choices and decisions for their group.

Regular meetings are held to update and discuss who will be traveling to assist with Leaders of other planets. Those in High Places often invite representatives to attend their high meetings. We are a respected race by those of a Higher Vibration as well as those of lower.

We celebrate almost everything! We look for reasons to celebrate. Laka is laughing now. He is the party man he says! Okay, I will agree with him! We play music day and night. We need little rest. We eat well but only what our body uses. We have fruits and vegetables but they are much more colorful and a greater variety and taste. We drink pure water and no other beverage.

Singing and dancing are high on our list. Everyone sings and dances. It brings great Joy and it is something we have tried to bring to other planets. Many of your cultures on earth are inspired by our colorful music and singing.

We serve when asked. We serve each other as well. We do move in Soul Groups often but may be separated for a lifetime or a specific area of help needed.


Pleiadians are very similar to humans physically but there are some major differences. There is no blood, but Light circulates instead. The spine is solid but flexible. There’s no tail bone. There’s no navel. The brain is totally different from a human because the Central Nervous System is not required in the same manner. Where the human brain is, is Light in a density that would be soft but very smooth and it connects Telepathy and to those traveling in Crafts, other planets or astral travel. Pleiadians choose their age and look. Hair grows very long but choices are there also. Long hair is preferred.

Sexual Intercourse

Aya – Pleiadians circulate Light. Our bodies look very similar on the outside as Humans look. When the moment of sexual intimacy is desired, a couple goes to their chambers and a male has body parts that retract and disappear. The female is completely smooth with no opening until she chooses. The male then brings his member outside of his body as the woman opens by her intention. Coming together is Sacred and beautiful and never misused as on Earth. A Mate is Infinite and once this decision is made it is not broken. There is no fighting or violence in the Pleiades.


There is a sac of pure Light that remains within the female uterus and the growing fetus remains in Light and nourished by Light until the moment of birth. There is no pain during birth. Many family members may choose to gather and celebrate. There is no pain involved and we see this as another Sacred Expression of the One Source.

Mixed Pleiadian – Arcturian Children

A Pleiadian and Arcturian can have children and they can choose as a couple what the Look will be. Pleiadians have this Technology and it is shared with an Arcturian Mate for Infinity. It is not present within the Arcturian to do this.

Pleiadian Physiology


Neioh – There are stairs leading up to porches or lounging areas on some Dwellings. Not all. They are one floor but very interesting designing. Tall walls. Curves to rooms, art work, sculptures, columns that are huge and the veins of many are crystals. So some sparkle and shine as Light hits them.

We each choose our own style of decor. There are rooms to rejuvenate. Where we rest or spend private time alone or with our mate. We have areas of play for our children inside and out. They also have rooms for rest and teaching.

We have a large room for having Friends over and for eating.  We do not sit at tables but large lounging chairs covered with very soft tapestry. We have many types of textures and some used for Babies and Children are softer than anything you have touched on Earth. The toys they have are very creative and they take part in the creation.

We have fresh clean water and bowls of fruit and vegetables in many rooms. We can create dishes to eat as well. Recipes as you call them. All we use is natural and can be assimilated for Frequency and our enjoyment. We have designed our Dwellings to close walls if we want  complete silence from music that plays outside but most of the time we leave all open.

There is no fear and much respect for others. We enjoy the structures with open tops and there is also a mechanism to close this off if rain comes. No heavy roof is needed.

There are trees, flowers, mountains, animals, music and a sense of Celebration always. We come and go but this is our Home.

Light Language

Pleiadians are telepathic with each other and all beings, and speak Light Language among family and friends.

Examples of Light Language

The Pleiadian word for Pleiades is LASHAE.
Taygeta is AMEKA and is led by Elder Ikai.
Merope is MOEKAH and is led by Elder Sananda.
Alcyone is SHAMEKIH and is led by Elder Manakak.
Electra is EKAMISHEE and is led by Elder Leemia.
Celaeno is SILOMEEH and is led by Elder Bashedah.
Maia is MEISHO and is led by Elder Asopelah.
Asterope is AHMOKOLI and is led by Elder Jawelah.
Atlas is ASHIH and is led by Elder Minoee.

More About Light Language

Day and Night

If stars like Taygeta are planets in a higher frequency, what provides sunlight to Pleiadians?

Neioh – The Pleiades are encoded with Frequencies of Light! They are surrounded by nebula which are fragments of other stars. These reflect all Light from every direction and the Pleiades are mirrors to this Light. All that is around the Pleiades is reflecting Light and the choice to experience Light in cycles of day and night are Within the Creation of the Soul. The Family of Taygeta were the first Pleiadians to choose day and night in the Pleiades.

Origins of Humanity

It’s no coincidence that the oldest stories in human history, by cultures continents apart, were about the Pleiades. Pleiaidan visitors were known to all ancient indigeneous cultures as benevolent friends and family. Pleiadians were here for the beginning of our human story, and they’re here at the end to welcome us to to new beginning.

Pleiadians along with 5 other Elohim groups (Arcturians, Sirians, Andromedans, Orions) created modern humans.

The Inner Earth humans are the first seeding of Earth by Pleiadians. They live in a high technology society completely separate from dark forces, and will reunite with the surface at the Shift.

In ancient scriptures, they were called Angels, Watchers, Elohim, Son of Man (like a human) and Lords. Their Crafts are described many times in ancient scriptures, as wheels within wheels, chariots, stars and pillars of clouds and fire. Pleiadians and Galactic Federation have always been with us, protecting Earth and assisting us in ways unseen.

They have been major influences on Earth cultures, introducing language, art, music, dancing, sculpture, many species of animals. Pleiadian light language can be heard in modern Polynesian, Hawaiian, and Indian languages.

Sacred Creation

Soul Incarnations

Pleiadians choose to incarnate completely as humans for the experience of soul growth and to assist in raising the vibration of the planet towards a Galactic Federation-planned ascension.

They experiences all of the pain and tragedy that all humans do. They chose to forget who they are.

Pleiadians are incarnated from the stars Taygeta, Electra, Maia, Merope, Sterope, Alcyone, Atlas and Celaeno.

They are incarnated in higher numbers than any other extraterrestrial group. They serve as Spirit Guides for humans. They send messengers to teach, and often the messages are misunderstood and religions are created. Pleiadians honor God-Source in all creation, but do not worship a God.

Contact with Earth

Pleiadians have always kept in contact with small groups of people in small towns and villages around the world. They continue to meet with Inner Earth humans they helped transition there. They meet with select individuals, White Hats, within the US Military and Military Intelligence. These individuals don’t always keep their memories of these meetings. Many races walk among us, and assist in ways that don’t violate our free will.

Eisenhower was given a choice to align with Pleiadians or Reptilian-backed Zetas, and under pressure from the Military Industrial Complex, chose the Zetas. John F. Kennedy was given a similar choice and he pursued friendly relations with Pleiadians. Donald Trump knew about Pleiadians decades before he was elected, and had many meetings with them as President. Trump and his family have flown on Pleiadian crafts and know about the Shift.

Pleiadians operate out of hidden Galactic Federation bases in mountains and oceans around the planet, on our Moon, on Mars and elsewhere in our solar system. They’re always observing, guiding us, and working in ways unseen as they prepare Earth for the coming Shift.

Bi-local Service

Neioh – Pleiadians consider all that is done for others to be Service and we do not call anything ‘work’. The Service is to the Light! We Honor the Light as our Source of Life and Creation. Pleiadians and Arcturians often Serve the Light with Bi-local Service. This means that the Soul on the Star has a Name of Soul and Origin. They are more than Spirit. They live in form.

These Races have been given Powerful abilities to Project an Aspect of their Soul in Consciousness to another location.  When doing this, a body is Projected also. The body can be seen in 2 places. The Consciousness is fully integrated and knows both places and what is going on. To move and perform this way requires the Soul. An Aspect of the Soul is simply a chosen part of the whole that can stand in and perform and then return to the Complete Soul at the moment of leaving. This is very brief, but allows rescues without crafts. This is only one kind of Service to the Light. There are many.

Neioh – Bi-Local Service

Life in the Pleiades

Neioh – The largest Pleiadian Stars and the ones known in this Waking Dream are represented by the very Souls that have incarnated for the Shift. All lives on the other Pleiadian Stars which involve a few thousand smaller Stars are lived the same. Only a certain number chose to be part of the Shift. 

The Pleiadians Are Called LASHAE. We Are Human Size With White, Brown Or Black Hair Which May Be Worn Long And Straight Or Braided. We Often Choose Streaks Of Gold, Blue Or Silver. We Choose The Exact Look We Desire By Our Innate Gifts. Our Skin Does Not Wrinkle And We Have No Diseases As We Circulate Light With A Crystal Heart. Children Can Remain As A Child For As Long As They Desire. When They Are Maturing They Discuss The Matter With Their Parents And They Become Adults From This Point.

Created In Elohim 12-D, Many Souls Were Without Body Form. Tones And Color Allowed Communication As They Became Life In Many Ways. They Knew One Another In Love And Chose The Design Of Their Body Form. Venturing Out With Full Power And Light, My Parents Found A Star That You Call Taygeta. We Call This Star Our Home And The Name Is AMEKA. The Pleiades Remain In 7-D, In The Understanding To Earth. Density Has No Numbers But This Allows Comprehension Regarding Vibrational Frequency.

Our Lineage Spans For Millions Of Years And My Parents Were The First Pleiadians. My Father Is Elder IKAI. His Honored Name Is SHILAKA IKAI LIMEESH. He Commands The Galactic Federation And Is Known Throughout The Galaxies For His Leadership, Power And Deep Compassion. He Is Tall And Strong And Has Long White Hair That Is Often Braided In A Single Braid Down His Back. He Wears Robes When Gathering Pleiadians For Meetings To Share Wisdom As He Listens To Everyone That Wishes To Speak. His Missions With The Light Forces Are Powerful And He Wears Uniforms And Often A Cape Around His Shoulders. The Pleiadians Have The Highest Technology In All Areas And Have Taught Other Races About This Magnificent Power For Their Own Lives.

His Mate And My Mother, MAKEI AYA LIKEEM, Share 4 Sons. LAKA Was Born First. Then Myself (NEIOH), KABAMUR And Then AKATU. All Of My Family Have Very Different Personalities But We Love One Another Deeply And Infinitely. We Travel Together, Live Together On Taygeta In Homes That Are Close In Proximity And We Have Incarnated Into Waking Dreams As You Have Also Experienced. Our Star Is The Only Star In The Pleiades That Allow Crafts To Land By Invitation Only. There Are Close Friends That We Consider Family Which Come And Go As They Wish.

In This Moment, I Will Tell You The Details Of Our Paradise Star! The Beauty Is Only Imagined On Earth! For Starseeds, These Imaginations Are Memories That Remain In Expanded Consciousness. Pleiadians Have The Power From Their Beginning In Elohim With Light From ELAKO (God), To Create Colors Of Land, Mountains, Oceans, Flowers And Animals. As Souls In The Higher Realms Of Being, This Power Was Gifted And Has Grown With Light And Making Choices That Serve Others. Our Teaching And Assistance To Earth Has Always Been To Align With Your Soul By Meditating With Gratitude And Service To Benefit Others. For Starseeds, This Is Service To Those That You Love Deeply In Origin!

Mountains Are Streaked In Lavender, Yellow, Orange Or The Colors Chosen. Oceans Are Warm And Pink And Yellow Or The Colors Chosen By Each Family! Flowers Are Very Large And Can Be Changed In Color Daily Or Made To Glow In The Center. We Use Intention And Magic As All Pleiadians Have Fairies On Their Land That Delight In Magic With Love! We Find Joy With Changing Animal Colors And Sizes. The Animals Enjoy The Soft Frequency And Often Approach Us For More! Just As A Small Dog Might Approach You For A Treat!

We Have Rescued Many Animals In Bi-local Service And With GF Missions. These Animals Now Circulate Light And Will Never Experience The Death Of The Body. There Are Various Types Of Animals In The Pleiades. Unicorns And Horses With Wings And Small Dragons Are Loved By Pleiadians. Large Birds With 20 Ft Wingspans Are Colorful In Red, Blue And Yellow. They Sing And Speak Words Of Love As They Fly Over The Vast Land.

All Pleiadians Are Gifted Within The Soul’s Expression To Paint, Sculpt, Dance, Play Instruments Or Create Homes. The Reveals Of Origin Give Each Starseed A Snapshot Of A Moment In Their Life. Souls From The Higher Realms Are Unlimited In Creative Expression. As Each Soul Serves Another With Their Gifts In The Pleiades, Know In Truth, Each Soul Has The Ability To Do This For Themselves. Giving Is One Way We Share Our Love!

We Enjoy Growing Wonderful Vegetables, Fruits, Seeds And Nuts. We Drink Water And Receive All Nutrients Needed For Perfect Health. We Create Recipes And Enjoy Sharing Meals Or We Create Meals By Intention. But Understand The Joy In Creating. You Would Not Want To Simply Do Everything From Just Intention. Touching, Smelling And Preparation Are Joyful Experiences.

Homes Are Unlimited In Creation. Some Homes Are Created From A Single Large Crystal. Others Are In Geometric Shapes With Many Levels. Others Have No Roof Or Doors. Homes Can Be Changed And Expanded By Choice.

Clothing Is Optional In The Pleiades. Simple Shorts, Loose Pants, Colorful Tunics And Bare Feet Are The Most Common Attire. We Enjoy Being Nude Also. We Dress In Elaborate Apparel For Meetings And Celebrations With Robes, Capes, Long Pants Or Gowns. We Often Wear Crystals, Necklaces With Medallions And Jeweled Caps.

Neioh – Life In The Pleiades

Pleiadian Children

Laka – Beloved Friends Of Light! We Speak About Technology, Densities And Dimensions! We Speak Of Archangels And Ascended Masters! We Tell You Of Life Within The Earth And On Many Planets And Stars! Now We Speak Of The Small Beloved Ones Born To Pleiadian Mates!

Each Birth Is Celebrated With Gatherings Of Many Families. There Is Chanting And Singing With Drums And Crystal Instruments That Emit Color And Light! Those In Service Come Forward And Touch Each Infant As They Speak ‘SHADA VA WAOLA’ Which Means, ‘Blessings Of Light’.

We Love And Cherish Each Sacred Life. From The Moment They Are Born, They Learn Continually About Light!

When They Are Infants They Swim With Fairies In Small Pools On The Land Near Our Created Homes. They Breathe Light Under Water As Adults Do. They Circulate Light And Are Born With A Crystal Heart.

Small Children Learn To Fly In Body Form As Music Is Played. Many Families Fly Through Their Land And Enjoy This As Exercise And Play! Fairies Join In And Life Is Always A Celebration Of Joy!

Small Children Learn To Meditate With Their Parents And Communing With ELAKO Is Essential As It Brings Awareness To Complete Consciousness. Children Can Connect Easily With A Parent That Has Incarnated As All Life Is Connected In Consciousness.

A Child Growing Up Has The Ability To Choose To Remain As A Child For As Long As They Desire. When They Make This Decision, It Is Done With The Parents. Technology Allows This And A Young Adult Is Free To Make All Decisions From This Point.

As A Young Adult, They Are Allowed To Fly Crafts, Choose Mates And Have Children. They Will Create Homes Of Their Own. They May Choose Many Types Of Service Such As Becoming Ambassadors, Creating Celebrations For Specific Purposes Or Using Their Own Talents And Inspirations To Serve Others. A Goddess Will Carry A Certain Vibrational Frequency As A Child. As She Becomes A Young Adult, The Vibration Rises And Is Felt By All. There Are Ceremonies To Honor Each New Goddess.

Children Are Born With Talents And Desires To Create Art, Music, Games Or Many Other Aspirations. Many Choose Mates By Resonating With The Same Interests. Many Couples Are Dancers, Singers Or Musicians. Others Create Home Designs Or Offer Upgrades In Crafts. Each Soul Is Unlimited In Creative Abilities.

Children Do Not Incarnate From The Pleiades. Once They Are Adults They Can Choose As Many Incarnations As They Wish. The Number Of Times Is Not Relevant On Earth Except For Curiosity. This Is Simply An Experience Chosen By The Soul To Live As Human And Awaken As The Individual Learns Lessons And Experiences The Wonder And Delight Of Expanded Consciousness.

Small Children Are Completely Telepathic As Well As Using Pleiadian Language. They Learn Other Languages As They Grow. Arcturian Children Visit Often With Their Families And This Is The First Language Pleiadian Children Learn. Arcturian Children Are Fluent In Pleiadian Language As Well.

We Love Our Children As You Do! We Live Without Illness Or War. We Understand Compromise And Negotiations. We Know The Importance Of Being Fair And Honest. We Carry The Light For You When You Lose Your Way!

Laka – Pleiadian Children

Music And Gatherings In The Pleiades

Laka – One Of Our Greatest Enjoyments Of Being Has Been To Assist You With Celebrations From The First Waking Dream!

There Are Many Ways To Celebrate And Each Dream Has Allowed Exploration Into Many Forms Of Art, Sculpture, Architecture, Food, Gardening, Music, Dancing And So Much More! Animals, Jewelry, Ways To Meditate And Love Your Creator Without Creating Religions Of Division Are Just Some Of The Teachings We Have Gladly Shared!

In Our Way Of Being, Celebrating Life Is The Greatest State Of Being!

We Will Review And Communication Aspects That You Will Enjoy Hearing In These Brief Moments!

Movement Can Always Raise The Vibrational Frequency Of Your Being When You Enjoy Dancing, As AKATU Will Attest To In His Infinite Life! Be Free When You Are Alone As You Listen To Music That Moves Your Spirit! You Will Know That Your Mood Has Lifted As You Lose Yourself In Joy! If You Do Not Feel Inhibited In This Manner, Go Further And Dance With A Partner Or Even In A Group That Has Gathered For Fun! Dancing Releases Endorphins And Your Energy Level Soars! Think Of This As Music For The Soul As Every Fiber Of Your Being Is Awake And Alert When You Dance! 

We Enjoy All Types Of Dancing In The Pleiades! We Fly In Body Form And Turn In The Air To Music As We Create Our Dance As We Move! We Dance Slowly On The Ground And Often Have Circling Lights Around The Area. We Set Our Own Atmosphere To Enjoy Each Moment! Small Children Learn To Dance By Watching Adults And Soon They Are Flying And Creating Their Own Dance Moves!

Our Instruments Are Primarily Crystal With Colors Emitting With Light As They Are Played. This Creates A Beautiful Ambiance As More Instruments Are Introduced In The Mix. We Celebrate Life Each Day And There Are Multiple Festivities In The Same Vicinity On Most Days! We Gather And Sit On Soft Tapestries Or Velvety Soft Grass And Share Adventures, Stories And Wonderful Meals As We Listen To Great Music. Pan Drums And Many Stringed Instruments Are Combined For A Fantastic Sound.

Our Instruments Are Larger Than Those On Earth. We Have Harps That Are Very Large And Have The Sound Of Multiple Instruments. Our Cellos Are Large With Many More Strings And Blending Of Sound Than On Earth. We Have Flutes, Guitars And Violins With Magnificent Sounds. Of Course We Have Different Names For Our Instruments But You Will Relate By The Appearance Of Familiarity In Style. Pleiadians Brought Many Instruments To Earth, So We Understand Your Enjoyment!

All Of The Aspects We Share With The Intention To Allow You To Begin To Express What You Feel From Within! All Of You Are Divine Souls With The Ability To Do More Than You Know! 

Laka – Music And Gatherings In The Pleiades

Sports And Games In The Pleiades

Neioh – Indeed, Many Stars Enjoy This Activity Of Games And Sports! Although Earth Has Taken Sports To A Highly Competitive And Money Making Arena, The Purpose Of Sports Began As Fun For Everyone!

In The Pleiades, We Enjoy Many Activities. We Play Games, Fly In Body Form And Many Other Aspects That We Have Created To Share With Friends That Visit As Well As Pleasant Times With Our Family.

We Enjoy Playing Games With Teams, But It Is Not The Ego That Is Involved As On Earth, But Rather An Expression Of Joy! On Earth, Team Members And Those Playing One On One, Get Angry, Defensive And Even Wish Harm On The Opponent. Many On Earth Bet Money And Plan Seasons To Accommodate Football And Other Sports.

We Will Discuss Some Of Our Enjoyments With Activities! Let’s Begin With Children!

From A Very Young Age, Children Are Flying In Body Form. Often Groups Will Hold Hands And Run As They Lift Off And Fly Around The Area! Many Fairies, Dragons And Horses With Wings Join Them! The Colors Are Beautiful From The Ground As Parents Watch Pink And Lavender Swirls And Listen To Giggles And Laughter As Blue And Pink Sparkles Are Sent From Fairies!

Children And Adults Enjoy Games That Involve Magic! There Are Various Games That Incorporate Critical Thinking With Magic And Light! Questions Are Asked And The Answer Brings Flashing Light If Correct! Pictures Are Created And Then With Intention And A Touch Of Magic, The Images Vanish! These Are Wonderful Games Shared By Many Families And Friends!

Light Toys Are Used By Children As They Fly As Well As Shining Them At Crafts As Friends Enter The Area. In Recognition, The Occupants Of The Craft Will Flash Their Lights Back At The Children To Their Delight!

Many Children Learn The Type And Size Of Crafts By The Tones And Sounds Made As They Cross The Area. This Becomes Great Fun As Someone Watches The Crafts As The Rest Turn Away To Not See. Many Children Learn Technology At A Very Young Age!

As Children Grow Older And Are Soon To Become Adults, There Are More Activities Such As Competition With Hiking Tall Mountains In Record Speed. No One Can Be Harmed As They Only Grasp The Mountain With Their Hands And Feet. If Anyone Fell, They Would Fly! But It Remains A Favorite Sport And Everyone Has A Great Time!

We Have Swimming Events For Speed And These Involve Swimming In The Ocean For Miles And Diving To The Depths To See Who Can Collect The Greatest Number Of Crystals. Those On The Shore Play Music And Enjoy Wonderful Meals As They Watch With Joy And Laughter!

We Have A Game That Would Be Like Basketball. The Ball Glows With Light And We Fly Instead Of Running On The Ground. We Never Touch But We Maneuver Throughout The Group Of Teams And Land The Ball In A Circle Of Light Placed High Over A Mountain. This Is Repeated Many Times And Has Proven To Be Great Exercise! LAKA Is A Champion In This Sport Which We Call ‘MEYAN.’ (Toss).

With Our Abilities, Contact Sports Would Not Work Because We Simply Lift Off And Out Of The Way! Injuries On Earth Can Be Traumatic And Helmets Being Worn Is A Sure Sign Of Danger! From Ancient Dreams, Many Have Gotten Lost With Arenas, Animals And Even Fighting. Any Form Of Animal Abuse Such As Bullfighting Or Any Harm Is Atrocious And We Will Finally Have An End To All Harm.

Games And Recreation Are Part Of The Expression Of The Soul! Find Pleasure And Joy With Games, Teams And Competition! Keeping The Ego Intact And Allowing The Activity To Simply Be A Game Is Much More Enjoyable!

You Enjoy Racing Cars In Many Places! We Enjoy Racing Crafts Through The Multiverses! We Choose Only Paths That Have Been Cleared For Speed. Many Enjoy This Sport And All Of The Elohim Races That Have Been Revealed To You, Enjoy Taking Part With Their Finest Crafts!

AKATU Enjoys The Speeding Crafts As He Yells. ‘Bring It On!’ He Plays Music And Enjoys A Few Friends In His Craft!

KABAMUR Enjoys Traveling With Me And We Explore Areas As We Play Games On Screens Where He Loves To Create Images Just As He Does Now On Earth! We Play Music And Laugh About The Amazing Moments We Have Shared!

Soon We Will Unite Once More And All Of You Will Return To Experience The Joy You Had As Children In Timelessness. ‘You Must Become As Little Children’.

Neioh – Sports And Games In The Pleiades


From the Soul Origin reveal of ELEKA DEOPLOH, Sterope:

You Created an Energetic and Joyful time for all friends who enjoy life as you do. With a small amount of organizing, the word goes out to many and Crafts fly onto your land. All of you head for the ocean where there are large airboats. Everyone chooses one and large groups head into the ocean. The boats are designed with music and clear tops that close if flying is chosen. The airboats lift off into the air and soar high above the ocean and mountains. This brings Joy to all! Your 3 children always enjoy these Celebrations. The boats are large and have music within. There are lights if the boats are taken out at night. A large clear cover is over the top if the boat is to fly. With one button all is secured and the Airboat will rise high into the air. Many enjoy this recreation. Your sons also enjoy swimming with the Dolphins and Fairies in the vast ocean.