About This Information

This information on this website is possible through direct telepathic contact with Pleiadian Guides, validated with discernment and built upon years of trust with the individual sources. Contact of this nature was planned on the Soul-level by Pleiadians of the Galactic Federation.

Why us?

We are Soul-connected to the Pleiadians who are at the forefront of the changes coming to Earth. Our Pleiadian Family will be the first Extraterrestrials that humans will openly meet after the Shift.


Judith is Kab’s mother in this lifetime, and she is the human incarnation of Aya, Kabamur’s mother on Taygeta. Both Judith and Kab have incarnated together in this lifetime to share with the world about Pleiadians and about the coming Shift. Judith has fully activated clairvoyant abilities; remote viewing, astral travel, multi-dimensional sight, visions of past and future, interactions with Fairies and Angels, and ongoing telepathic contact with Pleiadian Guides. Their Taygeta family is at the forefront of operations relating to Earth’s coming Ascension.

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“Kab” is the human incarnation of Kabamur, son of Elder Ikai of Taygeta and Aya, and brother of Laka, Neioh and Akatu. He has incarnated with Aya to share Pleiadian Messages and awareness of the Shift in the last days. Kab is one of many that will serve as Ambassadors when Pleiadians are introduced to humans following the Shift to Sheen.