Aya – We were created in 12th Density, in Elohim. We ventured out and found a place now called Taygeta, in the 7th Dimension. We can access all Densities and Dimensions and we do travel to all. In 12th, there is no language, only tones and colors, and Souls. We met others there. We chose Family and went together. Not all were created in the 12th. We were the first Creation with the others there. Fae were there.

Created without form in Sacred Energy in 12D, We remained there in timelessness. We grew and developed bodies and abilities. We knew one another. We felt Love. We were Love. We chose others to be with. We flew in bodies. We ventured out to a place called Taygeta by Earth. Earth labels everything. To us it was Home. It was not that it was a lower place to be. It was a place to create what we wanted.

Taygeta is the most protected origin in the Pleiades, where high level Galactic meetings take place. Visitors are welcome, but by invitation only.