About this Information

  • Who is Kab?

    Kabamur is a Pleiadian from Taygeta, and “Kab” is the pseudonym for the human incarnation of the Pleiadian, Kabamur.

    Kab experienced a major spiritual awakening in 2012, as his mom, Judith, began receiving amazing spiritual gifts, including visions and telepathic contact with Pleiadian Soul Family. Kab and his mom share Pleiadian Messages and disclosure to help prepare humanity for the coming Shift and open contact with benevolent ETs.

    Kab will serve as an Ambassador for Pleiadian contact in Sheen, and the information being shared will be a record for those who don’t Shift.

  • Who is Judith?

    Judith is the human incarnation of the Pleiadian, Aya, and telepathic source for the information found on this website.

    Aya and Kabamur incarnated together in this human lifetime as Mother and Son, to help prepare others for the Shift to Sheen, and contact with Pleiadians.

  • Where does this information come from?

    The information on this site is telepathically received from Pleiadian Soul Family by Judith, and shared by Kab.

    Telepathy is not the same as Channeling, and doesn’t involve entering meditative states or allowing any takeover of the body. Judith experiences real-time communication with Pleiadians, regardless of distance or location.

Full Disclosure

  • When will Full Disclosure happen?

    Disclosure is a personal process and each person is capable of discovering as much truth as they can discern through their own level of awareness. Disclosure of UFOs/UAPs has begun on an official level, but we won’t have Full Disclosure of our situation until our consciousness can perceive and understand it.

    Full Disclosure in its true meaning can only happen after the Shift to Sheen (5D) because the magnitude of the truths currently unknown to humanity are too much to process from a 3D perspective. We must first be free of fear and manipulation of dark forces. Expanded 5D consciousness will make everything possible.

  • Who are the Pleiadians and how are they relevant to disclosure?

    Pleiadians are simply put, the parents of humanity. They are not only responsible for human existence on Earth, but never left us and have been guiding us all along.

    A race of extraterrestrial beings called by many names in ancient texts— Elohim, Angels, Watchers, Son of Man, they are the first race in creation and the most powerful. Elohim describes beings who have descended from 12D to lower dimensions, creating an identity through their own intention. Elohim include Archangels, Fairies and other beings who all generally have the same basic body shape of a head, two arms, and two legs. Therefore, we are made in the image of GOD, or as the scripture says, “Elohim”.

    Pleiadians are the true guardians of the planet, protecting Earth against the disasters we never hear about. They guide us throughout our lives without interfering in our free will. They incarnate as humans themselves, choosing to forget who they are, and experience the same challenges that humans do. They are completely benevolent and loving, their only goal is for humanity to reach its full potential.


  • Will there be a fake alien invasion or 'Project BlueBeam'?

    Pleiadians are never going to allow any ET False Flags.

    Project Blue Beam is not a realistic scenario with Galactic Federation currently all over our planet. There’s no logical conclusion to either a fake alien invasion or a fake alien attack.

    The extent of the cabal’s access to spacecraft, or ‘dark fleets’, has been exaggerated to conceal the presence of Pleiadians and Galactic Federation.

  • Why don't positive ETs intervene in our problems, or reveal themselves publicly?

    This would not be in the best interest of anyone. Earth is a school for souls, not a prison. Beings across the galaxy volunteer to incarnate as human, for the soul experience. Earth is the most challenging school because it’s a place where darkness can pretend to be light. After thousands of years of struggling in this duality, humanity isn’t meant to defeat darkness, but ascend out of it.

    Disclosure has been planned as a gradual process due to extreme conditioning from centuries of manipulation. Pleiadians support our advancement and awakening, but make great efforts to avoid causing us unnecessary trauma and fear. Pleiadians have always maintained contact on an individual basis.

    The rate at which we experience UFO disclosure directly correlates to the rate of the expansion of our collective consciousness. Craft sightings will increase as we approach the Shift.

  • How do ETs connect to Religion?

    God is the Source of all Creation, and all beings within it. Not a player in the game, or character in the story, but the game and story itself. Individualized “gods” are extraterrestrials. Humans have been tricked about the distinction of “God” and “gods” by the elites who worship “gods”.

    Extraterrestrials are both the Angels and Fallen Angels in Abrahamic Religion. The Watchers, Elohim, Son of Man, Lords and sometimes called God.

    Pleiadians are aligned with the teachings of masters such as Jesus and Buddha, because these Pleiadian Elohim incarnated to teach humanity about their connection with the true God that lives within us all. The truth has always been twisted by those who rule over us, to control us.

    Jesus spent his life teaching people that we’re all Children of God who will do even greater miracles than he will. He prophesied the coming of the Son of Man (Pleiadians) in the last days. It’s important to understand that he was teaching in a time when extraterrestrial gods were worshiped with blood. His true name, Yeshua, was changed to Jesus to honor the elite’s God, Zeus.

    Jesus never claimed to be the only God and never taught people to worship him. He taught God is found within us. His God was a loving, compassionate and forgiving God, not an angry God of violence, blood sacrifice and eternal punishment. Jesus never used the word Father (Abba) in his native Aramaic, but referred to God as Birther (Abwoon). Concepts like sin, hell and repentance were not beliefs held by Jesus, but by the pagan elites who used religion to control the masses.

  • Who are "White Hats"?

    White Hats have access to the highest levels of security clearance, who work within compartmentalized groups inside Military and Military Intelligence have ongoing contact with Pleiadians and Galactic Federation.

    Pleaidians make contact with individuals based on their soul plans, and never make deals with black hat cabal.

    White Hats carry out missions which are never known to the public. They make arrests of high-level cabal, which are then covered up through the use of clones and other deceptions.

    Pleiadians say the one in control is the White Hat, and have specifically called Donald Trump, “The White Hat”.

  • Will there ever be mass arrests?

    White Hats have been involved in arrests of high level cabal for several years, but this won’t be publicly disclosed by the MSM. Arrests are concealed using rapid human cloning to replace many who are arrested. White Hats won’t disclose arrests or cloning because it would never be accepted, and black hats would use the public reaction to incite civil war.

  • Are ET Abuctions real?

    Some ETs (like the Zetas) have abducted humans for the purpose of study and experimentation. This has never been done without being part of the individual’s Soul Plan, which would also serve the greater good in some way. Abductions like this don’t happen anymore.

    Benevolent Groups never take anyone against their will. Starseeds may experience other locations in consciousness without physically traveling there. It is possible for Pleiadians and others of similar abilities to remove an individual from their linear timeline, travel elsewhere for a duration, and be returned to the exact moment they left, without any memory of what happened. This isn’t common, but it is possible.

  • Is Time Travel real?
    Our Elohim Friends can move freely in Earth’s timelines.
    Humans time travel in consciousness, not in body.
    The future can be seen, but variables change the further away it is.
    Project Looking Glass was gifted to human white hats by Pleiadians as a way to see the near future.


  • Who are the Pleiadians?

    Pleiadians are simply put, the primary parents of humanity. We are created in their image.

    A race of extraterrestrial beings called many names in ancient texts; elohim, angels, watchers, son of man. They are the guardians of the Earth, protecting us against disasters we never hear about. They serve as Spirit Guides to humans, while also incarnating alongside us. They are completely benevolent and loving, and their only goal is for humanity to achive its full potential, to rise and become a galactic civilization.

    Millions of years ago, Pleiadians lead a group of Elohim in the creation of the modern human physical form by upgrading the existing beings on Earth. For a long time ET races came and left openly as friends, and there was no fear from humans. Pleiadians influenced cultures worldwide by spreading language, art, architecture, and brought many species of animals that weren’t native to Earth.

    Negative ETs, referred to as fallen angels in scripture, began to interfere and persuaded humans to worship them and manipulate other people. The world became violent. The Pleiadian-aligned humans on the surface went underground and were helped by Pleiadians in creating a new society.

    Earth was allowed to remain a world of duality, where darkness could disguise itself as light, and the truth of God would be taught by incarnated Messengers so that free will remained. And in this dualilty, the Elohim incarnate as human beings themselves, forgetting who they are, so they can experience the same trials humans do.


  • Why doesn't the Family of Taygeta provide photos of themselves?

    Our family are directly involved in matters relating to the Shift, and do meet with military white hats. Putting photos of Ikai, Neioh, Akatu or Laka would increase danger for Judith. We are protected to an extent but there are always variables and free will.

    There is also the matter of people not being overwhelmed with direct evidence that they might reject if they’re not ready. There is a plan to reveal things in stages, leading to the Shift.

Spirituality & Religion

  • What is God?

    Pleiadians define God as Jesus did, the Source (Abwoon in Aramaic) that lives within us. We are all divine manifestations of God experiencing God-self. Pleiadians say that the true nature of Prime Creator is unknowable to all beings, including Elohim, but is understood as the Oneness that exists within all things.

    The gods of mythology and the local gods of Abrahamic religions who interacted with humans were extraterrestrials playing “God”.

  • What is the Holy Spirit?

    This is the essence of God found in all living things which was made into a 3rd Being by Church doctrine.

  • How do I pray?

    Prayer can be like meditation or it can be more. The best way to connect with your Higher Self, your Guides, or “God” is through heart-centered prayer. Find a loving feeling deep within, a feeling of love and gratitude, and let this feeling overtake you. From this space, you can receive and perceive on a higher level.

    Asking God for things is less effective than meditating with gratitude that it has already happened. This process more easily manifests your thoughts into reality.

  • How do I raise my vibration?

    Make positive choices. Be kind to yourself and others. Forgive yourself and others. Be honest to yourself and others. Be Light.

  • What is Elohim?

    Elohim refers to the first beings in creation who descended directly from 12D Source, and include the most powerful star races like Pleiadians, Arcturian, Sirians, and the Angelic groups like Archangels, Angels, Nature Spirits, Fae.

    Beings who aren’t “of Elohim” have ascended from lower dimensions upwards. This includes most life in the universe.

    There aren’t Old Souls or New Souls, only different paths the Soul can take.

  • Who are the 144,000?

    The 144,000 are Souls that were chosen while still in the Higher Realms. Archangels and Ascended Masters chose these Souls for the Purpose of Gathering Souls as Earth Shifts in Density. They will emit a High Frequency of Light that is part of the Shift itself. This Light Frequency Creates a Gathering of Souls and all feel only Love and Peace.


  • Is Ascension, or The Shift, the same thing as the biblical "Rapture"?


  • When will The Shift happen?

    No one knows the exact moment, but Pleiadians say that it will happen during the lifetimes of the generations currently present.

    We have presented additional information that suggests we are in a period of prophesied as “The Great Tribulation” which would resolve with the Shift.

  • What is Sheen?

    Sheen is what Pleiadians call 5D Earth, the parallel dimension Jesus was referring to when he spoke of preparing “many mansions”. It’s a version of Earth free of dark forces, where humans will have a “Star Trek” future as a galactic civilization.

  • What will happen to those who Shift, and those who don't?

    In the blink of an eye, millions of Souls will ascend to a higher timeline, or a New Heaven. This is not a physical death. People will vanish from 3D reality, and find themselves on a perfect replica of this Earth, but free of evil. Humans will finally have Full Disclosure, and take the next step of becoming a Galactic Civilization, and meeting many benevolent ET races.

    Those who don’t immediately shift will always have the opportunity, if they can understand what’s happened and make the choice. Most of the other Souls will ascend soon after the first group.

    The Dark Forces will be the last to be removed from this Earth before it is recreated as a New Earth. Those Souls who chose darkness in many lifetimes may choose to begin as humans again, with less technology, and no Dark Forces manipulating them.

  • Will I see my deceased friends and family?

    The deceased won’t come back to life as the same humans. But there will be a reunion for all Souls who will remember all their past lives and relationships. Pleiadians, Arcturians and others will arrive who lived as our human families in many lifetimes. There will be a perfect understanding of all of these connections when the time comes.

  • How do I know if I'll ascend?

    Do your best and you’ll be fine. Only very low-vibration, evil people will not make the first wave, but even they will have the opportunity.

  • Will my pets ascend?

    Yes, animals and pets ascend too. Nothing will be lost, everything will be gained. No one should worry about losing a connection to anyone they love.

  • Will I live in the same house with the same people?

    Everything will be changed, and there are no guarantees for what each person will experience. Nothing will be lost, but circumstances may be rearranged.

  • Will there be a solar flash?

    The Shift is described as a Solar Flash, but Pleiadians explain this isn’t solar activity, but a flash of consciousness. There won’t be any 3D devastation because of the sun at the time of the Shift.

  • What is the ringing sound in my ears

    If not from a physical medical condition, this can accompany with a change in frequency within your energy field. It can be from a download, or from the presence of a higher being or Guide nearby.

Starseeds and Soul Incarnations

  • What is the difference between starseeds and lightworkers?

    All Souls are Old Souls.

    There are souls which are Earth-native and have only evolved on Earth, and there are souls called starseeds who originate in other star systems, and have come to Earth for the experience of incarnating as human.

    Lightworkers are 144,000 activated starseeds who will help awaken others in the last days before Earth’s ascension – the Shift to Sheen.

  • Is Earth a prison?

    No. Earth is a school where Souls experience duality in order to grow and ascend. Millions of Souls from far away world volunteer to come to Earth and live a normal human life, full of both joy and pain.

  • Are there "old souls" and "new souls"?

    All souls are old, and there aren’t new souls being created. There are only different paths a soul takes. Elohim begin advanced, descending directly from 12D-Source, while others begin in lower dimensions and work their way up. All souls are from God. All souls are God experiencing creation by experiencing it in as many ways as possible.

  • How many Starseeds are incarnated on Earth?

    From 2018:

    200M: total number starseeds currently incarnated on Earth.
    75M: total Pleiadians incarnated.
    50M: total Arcturians incarnated.
    These are the 2 main groups. The rest of the starseed population are a mix of many other star races.

    6M: Pleiadians serving in Galactic Federation (not all here are members of GFOL).
    30M: Total number of GFOL members present – including many races.
    802,058: Archangels here assisting in non-physical.
    3,850: Archangels in human bodies.

  • If a Soul is "of the Light", can they become an evil person?

    God grants us free will. Starseeds incarnate into duality to forget, in order to awaken through the experience of struggle in duality.

    A person is only as ‘good’ as their day-to-day thoughts and actions. Every choice moves us upwards or downward in frequency.

  • Do we have Free Will or is everything predermined by God?

    Our human lives are a combination of free will and planned events. There are certain people put in your path as part of a plan, or things that will happen to you, but you always have the freedom to take your life in any direction you want. There are always changing variables which affect outcomes. When we say ‘God’s Plan’, we actually mean our Soul and Guides who are deciding what kind of Soul experience is most beneficial, and giving us what we need to experience that. Whether we do or not, is up to us in the human incarnation

  • Where do people go when they die?

    When people pass on from 3D, they move into nonphysical where they can return to their planet of origin, or remain in nonphysical to join ascended Souls at the Shift.

  • What does "Return to Source" mean?

    For non-native Earth Souls (starseeds) this means returning home on a craft. For Earth-native Souls, this means returning to Source consciousness, and planning new incarnations on Earth and other locations after Ascension.

  • How does the process of Soul Incarnation work? Who chooses your lifetimes?

    The Soul chooses the incarnation, and the Elohim Light Forces manage the process for the advancement of the incarnated Souls. Family, Friends and Guides help Souls choose incarnations between lives. Archons do not run a reincarnation loop. Earth-native souls are here by choice, and will ascend out of duality soon. Earth is a school, not a prison. Starseeds are here by choice and leave between lifetimes. There are dark forces manipulating Earth from non-physical and also incarnating into physical bodies, and this is partially allowed for the purpose of preparation. Pleiadians and their Allies do not plan darkness. They are always helping us and often preventing dark plans from happening. They love us eternally and are making sure humanity ascends to a galactic civilization.

  • Do Souls incarnate as animals?

    All Souls are only reincarnating as human. Thousands of years ago, some starseeds had experiences on Earth as dolphins and otters.

  • Are Earth-native souls inherently less spiritual than starseeds?

    Earth-native souls (souls who have only had human lifetimes on Earth) have the same Soul connection to God-Source as any other, but don’t have the higher-dimensional “etheric” DNA which allows uploads and downloads with our star family.

    All humans have the same ability to be spiritual, but many starseeds specifically come to raise spiritual awareness, which can be triggered through DNA downloads.

  • How many extraterrestrial groups have incarnated on Earth in total?



  • What are dreams?

    Neioh – Why do we dream? Why were we created with a Consciousness that sleeps and goes to an aspect to dream? The Consciousness as True Self is always AWAKE. We experience levels of sleep and levels of being awake in the physical realm never ending while in form. The reason for sleep of course is to replenish the body-mind. To rest and prepare for more of life. The only reason we dream while in sleep is to assist us in Awakening to our True Self. Nothing is random. All is connected. It was planned to show you that a dream is not real. You are having an experience. A story. When the body-mind awakens you realize it was a dream. An aspect of reality in Consciousness that you have either created or a place you are remembering. Even if this happened, when you awaken, it is not longer there for you. As we live we dream over and over and we see this is not real for us as we go on with our day. The Purpose of the many dreams is to remind us that the waking life is also a dream. To teach us what a dream really is. We are living a waking dream. While dreaming in the physical body, this is also real for us while we are there. It is only as aspect of Consciousness. You are living an Aspect of Consciousness when you wake up and get up. Your pure Awareness is your True Self. This is the place you remember who you are and you can get in touch with your purpose.

  • What is déjà vu?

    Akatu – Many Of You Have Had The Experience Of What Is Known To You As Déjà Vu. This, We Explain To You Is The Experience Of A Parallel Life, Lived Simultaneously With The One Experiencing. As Taught Before, When The Completion Of A Parallel Life Has Occurred. This Aspect Of The Whole Soul Will Integrate Into The Next Of Closest Vibrational Frequency. This Waking Dream That You Share Is Your Highest State Of Vibration. All Will Completely Integrate Into This Life Before The Shift.

    Judith – Déjà Vu is common with many. For others it will happen more in childhood and then it tapers off in awareness. All lives you have lived are present in your Consciousness and are accessed and carried in the Heart Chakra as the Akashic Records. When you have the feeling and knowing you have experienced this moment before, you absolutely have. This will be the next closest parallel life that you had which matched this one closely in Vibrational Frequency. When each lifetime ends and you decide to incarnate again, the Soul Aspect that provided the false identity will integrate back into the whole Soul. There are moments when the memory or Energy of that Lifetime will enter your awareness briefly. Then it is gone. It is present in Expanded Consciousness, just as your Origin and all other lives. This is the reason that many can remember their Origin or even dream of another lifetime. It can seem very real because it did happen.”

  • What is the Mandela Effect?

    Pleiadian Collective – For Those That Recall ‘The Mandela Effect’, This Was Felt By Many And Noted As Changes Slightly In Many Names, Known Facts And Memories. You Will Also Notice There Was A Completion And Slowly The Excitement Seemed To Vanish. Few Talk About This Now. What Occurred Was A Mass Integration Of Aspects Of Soul. This Is The Final Dream And The Vibrational Frequency Was Felt By Many. This Serves You In Understanding Integration As Well As Fully Observing That The Story You Believe Is Real, Is An Illusion. Some Of You Absolutely Remembered Celebrity Deaths, Candy Names And Exact Details Of Events. Now You Understand Consciousness And That You Are Experiencing Shifts In Awakening To The Awareness That You Are Everything. Welcome To The Earth School!  Pleiadian Collective – Soul Fragments and Mandela Effect – July 25, 2022

  • What is Near Death Experience? (NDE)

    JUDITH – These are simply experiences of Expanded Consciousness. The Soul that remains in the physical aspect as long as the body is kept alive will allow the experience to be that of the Identity. Those who are heavy into religious doctrine might have a religious experience while another might experience paradise. Even without a NDE the Soul has complete Expanded Consciousness and the Identity only perceives a small amount. Many NDEs give a person a new Love for Life.

  • What is Karma?


  • Who is flying around in UFOs?

    There have been many ET groups seen in our skies throughout history, positive, negative and in-between. These days, only benevolent ETs are seen, who are aligned with Pleiadians of the Galactic Federation. About 15-20 groups are allowed to come and go.

  • Are there secret space programs?

    Yes, humans have explored throughout our solar system and there out bases and outposts scattered throughout. There is hidden technology and spacecrafts, but much of it has been exaggerated to muddy the water about the presence of benevolent ETs. The cabal doesn’t have dark fleets on standby for false flags, and don’t have any technology at the same level as Pleiadians.

  • Are all Triangle Crafts 'TR3B'?

    Humans have backwards-engineered spacecraft from ET technology and White Hats have also been given technology by Pleiadians, but stories about human spacecraft have been exaggerated to conceal Pleiadians and Galactic Federation, and their allies.

    Secret spacecraft aren’t flying around trying to be seen by humans. The triangle-shaped crafts people see are Arcturian. These crafts land at military bases, and have been mistaken for secret military crafts.

  • Are there negative ETs flying in the skies of Earth?

    There are non-physical negative entities on Earth, but there currently aren’t any negative ETs flying in spacecraft near Earth.

  • How do Crafts travel such great distances?

    Pleiadians can open portals and move their crafts across the galaxy or into other dimensions.

Crop Circles

  • Who makes the crop circles?

    The real crop circles are made by Pleiadians and Arcturians.

  • How are crop circles made?

    Cloaked crafts hovering over the field activate giant quartz crystals underground which are programmed to create the designs by a force from below. They can only be made where there are suitable fields with crystals beneath.

  • What is the purpose of crop circles?

    They hold frequency for energy transmission to passing Crafts. And they are for humans to see, and understand that we’re not alone.

Dark Forces

  • How do negative entities affect us?

    Negative choices lowers our frequency, allowing for negative attachments to attack us energetically. Prolonged negative behavior allows for negative (demonic) beings to manipulate and control a person even further.

  • Is Satan and Lucifer real?

    Yes, these are beings who came to Earth long ago in order to manipulate humans as the negatively polarized side of duality. There are dark forces who are known by different names in mythology and religion. The 2 primary leaders of the dark forces sometimes show up as the Storm God and the Sun God. They have also been called Satan and Lucifer. They are among the Fallen Angels described in scripture, and the Anunnaki in ancient Mesopotamia.


  • If human cloning is real, why isn't it major news?

    Yes, human cloning has existed for decades. If animals can be cloned, humans can be cloned. This technology has been too advantageous to the elites to disclosed publicly, and perceived as science fiction for so long that those who know aren’t willing to face ridicule disclosing it.

  • What do Pleiadians say about Human Cloning?

    Pleiadians say that human cloning is widespread throughout the world, especially in China. There are thousands of controlled clones in media, politics and business which are used like controlled puppets. Clones can be rapidly grown in 5 months, programmed with mannerisms and given a person’s memories. The soul or consciousness can not be transferred, and the clones are never actually the same person. Through the process used by the elites, no DNA is transferred to the clone. There are computer augmentations in the brain, and bruising occurs when transferring information back and forth through ports on the body, either through the eye socket or near the feet.

  • Do clones know they are clones?

    The high-level ones may know there are always handlers around but are heavily mind controlled and not capable of deep thoughts. They are like programs and some are only activated when needed. Many others in the population who don’t have a specific purpose for money or propaganda don’t know.

  • Who has been cloned?

    Presidents, politicians, actors, musicians, journalists, celebrities of all kinds, and ordinary people around the world.

  • Does the family of a cloned person know they've been replaced with a clone?

    It depends on the specific situation. Sometimes the family knows and they make agreements to stay silent. Sometimes the family would notice there’s a change but those around the clone would attribute it to more familiar explanations.

  • Who makes clones?

    Cloning research began in the early 20th century Germany. Later, Nazi scientists brought the technology to the US where it was used by the CIA and NSA. It was privatized by the rich and now is widespread throughout the cabal and deep state.

  • Where are clones made?

    There are major cloning facilities in China, Italy, Antarctica, which are operated by NSA, and smaller facilities scattered around the world.

  • Why don't White Hats destroy cloning facilities? Why doesn't someone disclose it?

    Cloning will exist as a tool by dark forces until the end of this 3D dream story. It’s so widespread that it would be impossible to disclose without worldwide chaos. There are some innocent people involved who are living and working in the facilities. The people who do know try to get information out, but there is a stigma that comes with disclosing anything too far outside of conventional thinking. There is also the matter that those who are most involved in cloning are dangerous.

  • What happens to the original person who's been cloned?

    Some individuals are cloned when they’re arrested for high crimes, and the clone is used in their place, either with or without the family’s knowledge.

    Sometimes very rich people in entertainment are sold the idea of immortality, and they and their family are aware of the clone being used.
    Sometimes a person is forced into being cloned, and then killed, and the clone is used in their place.

    Many top entertainers are cloned for more money and control.
    Sometimes high profile individuals who are good people are killed and replaced by black hats.


  • What is Gravity?
    Neioh – I will word as others might understand. This is a Force of great energy designed by Source Creator for many purposes. It was gifted to us as well as other advanced Races. Not all Galaxies use this Force. We do not use this Force in the Pleiades as We mastered gravity when We traveled from 12th Density. To Travel as We do, We mastered many Gifts as this was necessary to assist others. We travel with our Body Form both on planet and off. This enables us to be playful as well as Travel and slip seamlessly into other Densities and become unseen or assist. When gravity is activated and in operation it is a controlled and constant force until changed. One of the wonderful operational changes to happen with The Event and those fully activated is that gravity will be slowly changed for the masses to be able to join us in the freedom of flying in body form. This was the natural state of the planet and will return when the planet has been totally freed of dark energy. Gravity is used primarily on all planets that have been overcome by fear and have had wars ongoing. There are wonderful planets that do not need gravitational forces and are Free as We are Free. This will return. When humans realize they truly are not under control, they will become totally activated in their Light Body and Merkabah. They will be able to Travel unassisted and in complete Freedom. We look forward to sharing our Knowledge and Love.