Neioh - Karma

Beloved Friends!

Many Have Questions Regarding What You Know As Karma!

We Have Spoken Many Times About The Balancing Of Energy Within Each Set Of Variables In Action.

Let Us Go More Deeply As You Wonder About Your Current Waking Dream As Well As The AKASHIC.

There Are Many Religions, Doctrines And Cultures That Each Soul Chooses For Experience And Understanding As Each Soul Incarnates Many Times.

In These Moments, Let Go Of Fear Based Teachings And You Will Understand The Simplicity And Purpose Of Karma.

The Universe Is Governed By Laws That Apply To Every Being.

You Have Heard, ‘You Reap What You Sow,’ ‘Newton’s Law,’ Which States That ‘For Every Action There Is An Equal And Opposite Reaction’. And, ‘Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You,’ Then There Is, ‘What Goes Around, Comes Around.’

All Of These State Truth In Different Wording!

When You Harm Another In Action Or Words, You Are Harming Yourself. You Share An Energetic Quantum Field That Extends To All Life. This Field Is Non-Judgemental As The Laws Of Man Know Only Judgement. This Infinite Field Of Divine Consciousness Reacts And Interacts With The Interface Of Your Being.

God Does Not Take Sides!

The Actions You Choose In Each Life, Only Affect That Particular Life. When The Body Dies, The Actions Dissolve With The Identity. The Soul Is Perfect And The Choices Available Are To Return To Origin, Remain In Non-Physical For An Extended Period, Meeting With Guides And Comforting Family. Or The Soul May Choose To Incarnate Again For Experience In Understanding Life From Another Perspective. They Are Born With A Fresh Energetic Slate. They Have The Gift Of Free Will And May Make Better Choices Or They May Repeat The Same Negative Actions. In Each Life, The Energy Put Out Is The Energy They Live In. This Energy Creates The Living Field Around The Body And Draws Matching Energy Back In. Like A Boomerang. So Without Judgement, Each Person Is Creating Much Of The Calamity They Experience By Projecting Harm To Another. It Comes Right Back To You!

Sometimes It Does Not Come At That Moment. There May Be Moments That A Person Believes Nothing Will Happen. But It Will Happen In Another Scenario With Another Person. The Betrayer Will Be Betrayed. The Liar Will Be Lied To By Another. The Variables Of Stories May Be Very Different But The Result Will Be The Same.

There Are Also Souls That Choose One Path And Once They Incarnate They Have A New False Identity But Choose Darkness Again And Again. This Is Free Will. They May Go To Prison Or Be Killed. They May Develop Into A Psychopathic Mind In Their Individual Life And Returning With The Intention To Understand The Dark Path They Took From A Higher Place, They Fall Back Into The Pattern Simply By The Choice Of Dabbling In The Area. Until An Identity Is Aligned With The Perfect Soul, They Often Repeat Patterns Without Knowing They Have Done This In Other Lives.

When Living In Any Waking Dream, There Are Choices And Options To Turn To Even A Glimpse Of Light To Receive Help And Assistance. Once The Decision Is Made To Remain Dark, This Is Allowed As Free Will.

In This Final Waking Dream There Are Questions About Those That Choose Darkness And Refuse Light. This Is A Choice And Hard To Imagine. Assistance Will Be Given To All As The Grand Shift Covers The Planet With Light! There Will Be A Small Number Who Choose Darkness. They Will Also Be Assisted. We Will Not Stop Until The Absolute Calling From Darkness Is For Us To Leave!

The Earth Will Grow Dark But Not Die Completely. The New Earth In SHEEN Will Be Perfection And Beauty. The Earth Left Behind Will Be Transformed Over A Long Period Of Restoration, But Much Will Be Lost.

Know Fully That Light Creates Infinitely And The Gathering Of Light Will Replenish Earth Again!

In These Moments Left, Encourage All Beings To Love And Forgive.

Know That Only Good Is Before You!

BECOME That Which You Desire And Know That You Are Creating It Now!

You Carry The Light! Shine Brightly For Others!


I Love You So!