Full Disclosure

Rapid human cloning is the greatest deception of the modern age. From this, all other cabal deceptions are possible. Neither black hats nor white hats will disclose it, for different reasons. Good people won’t risk harm to themselves or their families, or face the inevitable ridicule for speaking about such a thing.

The media remains controlled by the same dark forces using clones. For full disclosure to be accepted, the Shift must first separate dark and light onto different timelines, and human consciousness must be changed to accept a new reality without fear. Pleiadians offer full disclosure on many topics for anyone who is ready to receive it.

How Deep is the Rabbit Hole?

Cloning is controlled by the highest-ranking member of the satanic cabal. For many years, this was George Soros, but now the role has been passed to Google founder, Larry Page. Satanism disrupts natural order and imposes control. Elite satanists don’t need the population to be real, just obedient.

Clones can be entertainers, media personalities, world leaders, royalty or ordinary citizens. They are placed into communities, given homes and necessary paperwork. They can be used for financial gain, for control, or to conceal crimes, deaths and arrests.

Pleiadians tell us there are billions of clones currently being counted among the human population, and most of them are in China. There are over 2,000 controlled clones that we see every day in the media which have implanted technology and require specialized doctors and handlers.

Origins of Rapid Human Cloning

The NSA (National Security Agency) is the intelligence arm of the military, dealing with crash retrievals and extraterrestrial contact. While animal cloning comes from years of scientific research, the technology used to rapidly clone humans was received through extraterrestrial contact. During Eisenhower’s presidency, meetings were arranged with both positive and negative groups. Peaceful alliances with Pleiadians and Galactic Federation were rejected, and deals were made with Zetas instead. Zetas (Obicular Sorekes) provided cloning technology, and in exchange, the military allowed the abduction and study of human physiology by the Zetas. 

Cloning Facilities

The first cloning centers were secret taxpayer-funded NSA “black sites” in various locations worldwide. There are also private facilities funded by wealthy investors. Cloning facilities can be above-ground structures or in underground military bases (DUMBs). There are specific areas in hospitals where clones can be maintained by specialized doctors.

Notable locations of cloning facilities include: Antarctica, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, Fiji Islands and remote areas of China.

Laka – In An Area Of China Covered With Mountains That Are Inaccessible To Most Humans, There Are Entryways That Are Obscured By Caverns And Large Rocks. There Are Chinese Military That Are Instructed To Keep Anyone Away From The Area. Going Downward Through Pathways Of Darkness, Energy Portals Surround Openings As Beings Enter.

Many Humans Volunteer For Cloning. Others Are Taken Here Against Their Will. This Place Of Darkness Operates As Both A Facility Of Cloning And Sacrifice In The Choices Of Humans And Entities For Thousands Of Years.

Surrounding The Massive Stone Structure That Has Many Floors And Areas To Prepare For Cloning, There Is No Guard Present To Prevent Others From Seeing What Is Transpiring. For Only Those Invited Can Find The Location Of Secrets. Gargoyles Surround The Courtyard With Snarling Faces. The Only Feel Of The Area Is Destruction. We Will Leave It There And Focus On Light. Wisdom Is Power That Allows You To Make Choices Based On Truth.

Handlers, Owners, Controllers

Handlers. Clones don’t know they are clones, but may understand there are doctors or handlers around them. Handlers usually come from intelligence or military. They guide clones from place to place and their responsibilities may vary. Sometimes a family member, including the spouse, can take the role of handler. There can be financial agreements or threats to make others go along with it.

Todd Madison was Hillary Clinton’s clone handler who died mysteriously after being identified by the media in 2016.

Owners. Owners are wealthy individuals who pay for a high-profile clone to be created and then license it to be used for various agendas. The owner could be a cabal satanist or merely aligned with the trans-humanist agenda.

Controllers. Controllers implement the agendas under orders of the cabal leader. They have connections to the dark occult, military and intelligence, and coordinate dark plans on the local level. These are not public figures and they avoid attention when possible.

The Process

Specific technical details about the process won’t be disclosed but Pleiadians share basic information to help us understand.

Rapid Growth. It takes about 5 months to rapidly-age a clone and program it to speak and act as the original person. Clones are created from existing DNA, and grown from an embryo, affected by an external source to speed up growth. The rapid growth process can create a puffy or plastic look, which fades naturally, and additional surgery is used to match scars, tattoos or other details.

Consciousness and Soul. Human beings are souls inhabiting bodies, and clones are soulless, therefore a clone is never the original person. It’s a misconception that our body is powered by our soul. Medical science does not recognize the soul yet understands that the body operates like a machine powered by the energy we consume.

Clones are brain-powered machines and have no soul-based consciousness. They have no soul plan or karma. They can display simple feelings like anger, and recall the memory of past emotions, aren’t capable of love or spirituality.

Memories. Our consciousness resides with our soul. Memories are stored in the brain. Humans aren’t capable of affecting another’s soul or transferring a soul from one body to another.

Memories are transferred in a data stream through the eye socket to augmented technology on the cloned brain. The eyes are the primary area a clone is maintained. Older people have more memories to program, which increases the likelihood of misremembering past events.

Speech and Mannerisms. Specialized technicians program the physical mannerisms, the voice and speech patterns to match the original. The level of complexity depends on the clone’s intended use, and the public’s awareness of the person being cloned. A clone created for an entertainer would learn to sing or dance just like the original. A clone used for politics would learn to give speeches just like the original. 

Not Exact Matches. In the same way that genetic twins are not always exactly duplicates, physical differences can also occur with cloning. The process of rapidly-aging results in mismatches because our physical appearance is not only a result of our genetics, but years of our life experiences. Stress, diet and our thoughts and actions contribute to our overall appearance over time.

Traits of Clones

Puffy Face. New clones often have a puffy face or a plastic, unnatural look, which fades over time. This can also be cosmetic surgery unrelated to cloning.

No DNA. DNA is the soul’s connection to the body vessel. The method of rapid human cloning doesn’t pass any DNA to the clone.

No Reproduction. Without a soul or DNA, a rapidly-aged human clone is unable to reproduce. Clone families are installed with cloned children pre-aged to a point, and then allowed to age normally.

No Sweat or Tears. Clones don’t sweat or cry unless this function is added by doctors.

Forgetfulness. Clones are prone to misremembering past events in their own lifetime, especially when given new information regularly.

Bruising and Swelling. Clones used for high-level agendas may have a swollen eye or bruising from updates through eye. 

Methods of Updating

The black eye seen on many public figures indicates a clone that has recently received a hardwire update. Wires or cables are used to update technology implants with wires directly through the eye socket. Black eyes have been misattributed to adrenochrome and “vril”. Cloning is a completely technological process and there are no parasites called vril involved.

A scene from the film “Replicas” (2018) demonstrates the method used to transfer memories through the eye to the brain.

New programming methods have been introduced to conceal clone updates. Orthopedic boots are used to explain updates through the foot. Explanations are easier for a foot injury than an eye injury. The boots don’t conceal ankle monitors. The person wearing the boot is the clone replacement of the person who is already gone.

Celebrity Cloning

Many A-list celebrities use clones to perform in movies or television, or on stage. This provides more freedom, security and income. A celebrity clone can travel around the world and perform to sold-out arenas without requiring  the real person to ever leave home. Clone could be used to perform dangerous film stunts, or used as a distraction for paparazzi. They can also be used to permanently replace a celebrity to maintain a source of income after their death or arrest. 

Not every celebrity who uses clones is a cabal satanist. Some see it as a financial investment, and some are convinced that having a clone with all their memories and abilities grants them immortality. There are also examples where a celebrity with no connection to the cabal has been replaced completely by a clone and used for a dark agenda. 

Among the entertainers who have had, or currently have, clones: Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Beyonce, Will Smith, Tom Cruise, Zac Efron, Madonna, Alyssa Milano, Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, Jim Carrey, Bette Midler, Rob Reiner, Ryan Seacrest. 

The First Cloned Entertainer

Pleiadians tell us that the first major celebrity who was cloned for financial gain was popular American singer Andy Williams in the 1970s.

Political Clones

Cloning in politics began with Bill Clinton in the 1990s. This is advantageous for media and politics because a clone can be sent anywhere in the world, give speeches, or perform other undesirable tasks. The presence of a clone may or may not signify the original person is gone, and often clones are used to conceal arrests of public figures. Political clones are also investment opportunities for the elites.

The Puppet Show

Disclosure of mass arrests necessitates disclosure of rapid human cloning, and all of this has been deemed to be too traumatic for humans to hear all at once. Full disclosure can only happen after the Shift occurs, when humans are capable of receiving such information without anger or fear.

There have been white hat operations to take down cloning facilities but unfortunately they can be rebuilt in other locations. While manifested into human form, Sirian leader, Elder Ashtar, has personally been involved with missions to destroy cloning facilities.

These activities are allowed as part of our free will tests to discern false light illusions. Galactic Federation can interfere with clones and create public malfunctions. Clones don’t have karma but their controllers do, and at some point everyone involved in this deception will pay a price.

Clone Replacement (January 26, 2021)

Neioh – Arrests Have Happened In Many Countries For These Moments And Those Of The Real President. You Are Watching A Live Puppet Show! As Many Arrests Have Been Made, Clones Have Replaced Any That You Would See Front And Center In Government.

There Have Been Buses And Power Outages In Past Days At The Capital, The Pentagon And Numerous Homes Of Officials. Clones Have Been Prepared For Long Periods And Agreements To Replace Many Humans Have Been In Place. There Would Be Complete War And Death By Those Opposing The Arrest And Execution Of Many. Therefore Clones Will Remain In Place For Now. We Do Not Interfere With Government. We Are Well Aware Of All That Transpires In Your Reality. You Cannot Distinguish A Clone From A Person So These Are Moments To Call On Your Soul. It Is Possible To Discern Truth.

If You Find Yourself Doubting The Arrests And Clone Replacement, You Might Fully Understand Why Names Would Create Upset And Division That You Could Not Survive By War. Allow This Information To Be A Comfort That Progress Is Indeed Being Made To Take Out Dark Forces And Eventually Dismantle Clones!

You May Experience A Quickening And Emerging Awareness As The Full Composite Of Your Memories Are Coming To The Aspect That Will Shift! You Are Bridging Worlds At The Interdimensional Threshold!

Neioh – Clone Replacement

Cloning With Ongoing Deception (November 14, 2023)

Neioh – Around You Everyday In All Walks Of Life, There Are Products That Are Not Real. This Means In Truth That The Body Has No Soul. These Man Made Puppets Of Deception Are Not New To Your World By Any Means. What Has Changed Is The Control That Is Being Perpetrated On Humanity With These Created Products!

The Dangers Of War Around The World Has Proven To Be A Huge Factor With Products Of China, Russia, Ukraine And Now Israel In The Involvement Of Military. The Administration Of The Biden Product Is Causing The Threat Of War Globally With Lies And Deceit With No Representation Of The Souls Inhabiting The Great United States.

This Clone Has Glitches And Is Being Allowed To Completely Malfunction. With Handlers Directing And Rehearsing Each Word Spoken, This Product Will Soon Be Put Away! It Is Far Easier For Puppet Masters To Deceive The Public When Age Can Be Blamed For Each Fall, Moment Of Confusion And Inability To Form A Sentence. There Is Nothing There But A Program.

We Will Discuss The Manner Of Cloning And The Aspects Of Viewing That Can Become Obvious If One Cares To Know Truth! Knowing There Are Over A Billion Clones Operating In Your Awareness With A Growing Number, May Spark Your Interest In Learning The Truth Of Those Around You!

For Every Clone, There Is A Controller. In Many Instances, There Is A Team. There Is Always A Purpose Or Agenda In Place For The Creation Of Each Clone. With Unlimited Financial Resources Available, Many Celebrities Have Joined With Handlers To Receive Greater Status As The Creators Of The Clone Also Become More Wealthy. Many Singers And Dancers As Well As Actors, Hosts And Politicians Have More Than One Clone Available To Maneuver Their Way To Power And Notoriety.

We Have Shared In Prior Communication Regarding DNA That This Material Carries The Genetic Code Of All Necessary Factors Needed To Create Each Clone. In Rapid Transformation, Information Is Carried And Grown In Material That Would Be No Different Than A Petri Dish In A Laboratory. Indeed, The Actions Of These Creators Are Reckless As They Experiment With The Product As Well As Toying With All Lives That Must Endure This Charade.

Characteristics With Hair And Eye Color, Age And Form Are Programmed And Adjusted. Many Politicians Have Been Noted To Have Many Looks With Different Hair Lines, Nose And Ear Size And Even Varying Heights. Some Photos Do Not Resemble Others In Any Manner. The Creators Are Hoping That You Do Not Notice.

In Many Instances, There Is A Changing Of The Product’s Face That Would Be Close To What You Understand As Plastic Surgery. There Are Incisions And Areas Where Changes Are Made. The Breakdown Of Materials Does Not Heal As There Is No Immune System And Surgeries Allow Material To Be Altered And Removed Without Replacing The Entire Clone. These Are Not Masks As Some Suppose In Guessing. The Science Is There If Those Seeking Truth Would Open To Understand!

The Biden Product Is Glitching With Face Movement And Program Breakdown. This Clone Will Be Phased Out Completely While Allowing Those Observing To Believe This Is All About Age. There Is No Purpose To Continue To Repair And Replace Areas When New Leadership Is Desired. Beware Of Clones That Creators Have Already In Place. Clones Have No Souls And For This Reason, There Is Only Darkness.

Many Clones Have Ongoing Procedures And Often There Are Areas Of Entrance To Repair The Clone By Way Of The Eyes, The Ankle Region And The Feet. These Are Areas Where Surgery And Openings Can Be Disguised And Hidden With Sunglasses And Boots. This Is A Common Method Used By Handlers  And They Scramble To Hide Clones During The Period Of Many Adjustments,

There Are Facilities Around The World Where Clones Are Produced And Kept. China Has The Largest Production And They Have Purchased Land Throughout The United States To Direct Operations In New Facilities That Will Be Rapidly Constructed As The Shift Is Near. Their Intention Is Dictatorship By Clone Control. Russia And Other Areas Of The Earth Are Teeming With Clones That Are Programmed With Orders To Control Others. Beware Of The Ongoing Proxy Wars Where Only Humans Die.

Neioh – Cloning WIth Ongoing Deception