Through a series of 3 vivid dreams in January 2024, Judith was shown visions of Ashtar’s current bi-local missions on Earth. ‘Bi-Location’ is the ability of higher beings to project themselves into another location to assist.

Elder Ashtar is currently working alongside Elder Ikai in a Galactic Federation base in Antarctica, where Ashtar’s brother and father (Oppisheklio and Pidkozox) are held captive until the Shift. 

Ashtar has been using the identify of a dentist to walk among us, to reach people in remote areas and assist in ways that would otherwise not be allowed. As with anything shared, take what resonates and leave the rest.


Judith – “Elder ASHTAR has had ongoing missions of Light as a Commander and great Leader. He is very close friends with Elder IKAI and they enjoy sharing meals and traveling on great missions. One of the bases in Antarctica, as well as BASK (in Sedona) is a frequent meeting place with many Galactic Races being present.

With Bi-Local abilities, ASHTAR made the decision to explore life as a human manifestation. Currently he visits and lives in China as a man of Arabic ethnicity with long dark hair. He returns often to his looks on Sirius (Nopplia A) and wears blue uniforms with silver boots on his missions with the Galactic Federation.

While human, he uses the name ASHTAR OREMOH. He is not married and he enjoys having many friends.

While in form as a human, he remains as the Soul of ASHTAR with complete knowledge of his innate Power and Light. He chooses to interact as a man while in this hidden aspect of his Being as Ashtar. He performs duties as a dentist and uses these moments to teach others of their Light. He eats and sleeps and chooses to experience the emotions of a human. Rather than being called a Twin Soul, he is the Soul.

On one encounter of walking alone at night, he was attacked by 3 men and stabbed. The injury pierced the skin of his right arm but he allowed the blade to go no further. He did not bleed but his arm began to glow in Light. The area of the injury closed as the attackers looked on in disbelief. They ran from the area and word spread among the locals. This attack occurred in Africa and he returned to Antarctica to meet with Elder IKAI. They left for a mission shortly thereafter.

ASHTAR has traversed areas of Russia, Ukraine, Africa and Asia. His expertise in all knowledge allowed him to mingle with those that create mass amounts of clones that are sent to all parts of the world. Posing as a wealthy businessman when needed, he shared secrets that were used by White Hats to shut down many facilities. He met with many Special Ops as he gave them new technology and abilities to excel with their own plans of service.

He remains in many operations of the Light Forces and he will soon complete his personal Bi-Local life as a human. While Bi-Local Service with Pleiadians is done on a case by case basis and completely in moments, this type of situation is chosen by Elders and Commanders as they continue with the Galactic Federation.”