Neioh – In These Moments Of Communication, We Will Present Information That Will Be Fascinating And Yet Hard To Comprehend. Titan Is The Largest Moon In Saturn’s Rotation. Many Photos Have Been Taken With Anticipation To Understand A Moon That Resembles Earth In Many Ways. But We Will Go Much Further As We Share The Truth Of Life Unseen To Human Eyes.

Titan Has Rain, Clouds, Oceans And Mountains. The Liquid Is Not Water But Rather Methane In A Form That Flows And Freezes In Unbreakable Formations. Caverns With Ice And Mud Seem To Be Barren And Without Life. The Temperature Would Be Unbearable For Bodies, Animals Or Vegetation. From A Distance These Facts Would Tell Anyone Seeking For Answers That There Are None To Be Found On Titan.

This Is Where Pleiadian Information Can Not Only Fill The Gaps Of Wonder, But Speak Of Life That Is Spirit And In A Manner Unknown To You. Life Is Abundant On Titan. Let’s Explore These Aspects Together.

The Beings On Titan Live In An Overlay Of A Frequency Unseen. Vibrating As Spirit, They Move From Nonphysical To Vapors And Ethereal Forms Of Three To Nine Feet. They Move Seamlessly And Change Shapes At Will. To The Human Mind They Would Look Strange Indeed And Then They Would Be Seen No More.

Pleiadians Call These Beings KET. They Are Spirit Without Body Forms. They Feel And Have Consciousness And Awareness Of Life. They Need Nothing As Their Expression Is Complete. 

The KET Procreate By Thought And Intent. They Do Not Experience Birth Or Death. The Expansion Of Life Is Met By A Soul Replicating A Spirit Of Itself. There Is No Need For Space To Exist In As Humans Would Reference. As Spirit, They Move And Live As They Desire.

They Are Able To Enter The Mountains And Pass Through As They Change Densities. They Move Into The Methane Oceans And Bursts Of Light Flash In Colors Where They Blend With Matter. They Pass Through One Another And Flash As They Feel As One Spirit.

Pleiadians Visited Titan Millions Of Years Ago. As Souls Of Light, These Visitors Of Love Could See All Densities And The KET Gathered In Amazement To Be Seen. Communication With Colors And Lights Were Understood By Pleiadians. A Friendship In Timelessness Was Created In The Moments Together.

We Speak Often Of Spirit And The Connection Of All Life. The Souls On Titan Are Infinite And Perfect In Their Creation. They Choose To Remain On Titan As They Swirl In Colors And Light And Then Vanish.

Who Can Define The Love That Connects All Life? Each Soul Has The Measure Of Spirit That Is The Life Force Of Being. All Spirit Is Infinite With Immeasurable Power And The Desire To Live And Thrive.

The KET Are Content And Peaceful In Their Manner Of Life On Titan. Find The Essence Of One Spirit Within Your Own Being. You Are Life Itself Expressing In Moments That Will Never End.

Neioh – Life On Titan