Elementals, Nature Spirits, Gnomes and Elves

Akatu – There Are Many Types Of Nature Spirits. As We Have Shared, The Spirit Of Creation In Elohim Allowed Free Will With Expressions Of Choice. Other Spirits Of Creation Have Their Origin On The Great Planet Earth. These We Refer To As Earth Native In Their Essence Of Being!

Know And Believe That Nature Spirits In Many Forms Live Among You As They Enjoy Infinite Life! As The Earth Shifts To Sheen And The Remnants Are Left Behind, Nature Spirits And Many Fairies Will Traverse The Area With Pleiadians To Assist Those In Darkness To Remember Their Light Of Being!

Akatu – The Mystery Of Gnomes And Elves

Nature Spirits

Aya – I Speak To You About Nature Spirits! Indeed These Beings Of Love Are All Around As They Vibrate In The Resonance Of Light! You Might Think Of Them As Angels That Travel With The Fairy Kingdom! They Are Love!

Created In Elohim, These Sacred Souls Were Given Free Will With The Creative Intention To Serve All Life. As Our Communications Have Served You With Understanding The Variety Of Nature On Many Stars, Know In Truth That Nature Spirits Serve These Beings With Sacred Honor!

You Would Understand Nature Spirits As Elementals. When They Choose To Manifest Into Form, They Will Look Much Like Trees, Mountains And Rocks. This Is Their Manner Of Expression In Form. They Will Never Manifest To Look Human Such As Bi-Local Pleiadians. But What Is Magnificent Is The Energy That Is Expressed In A Focused Frequency Around Each Human Or Animal That Will Bring Bliss And Calm. This Enables Them To Free Animals From Traps Or Injury Without The Animal Feeling Fear. Many Humans That Are Lost In Desolate Areas Will Follow These Beautiful Creatures Through Mountains And Forests Until Safety Is Found. They Do Not Remember The Encounter As Frequencies Block The Memory. But Many Feel Great Peace And The Awareness Of Some Great Love That Led Them To Safety!

What Do These Animals And Humans See? They See A Being That Has A Face With Kind Eyes And They Feel The Compassion From The Demeanor And Expression. The Elementals Often Resemble Trees With Bodies Like Humans. With Arms And Legs They Walk Upright And Deliver Their Message Of Love As Their Kindness And Power Transcends Human Understanding. They Often Pet Large Bears And Lions As The Injured Animals Look At Them With Grateful Eyes.

There Is A Star Where Many Nature Spirits Meet To Commune And Connect In Light To Rejuvenate For Greater Service. This Star Vibrates In Light And Is Located In The Higher Realms In A Density Of Spirit. The Star Glows And Shimmers In Peace As A Living Entity. The Essence Of The Star Is Love And Joy. The Star Is Called TOA TODEE By Pleiadians. This Means ‘Spirit Joy’.

Nature Spirits Have Free Will And This Gift Allowed Them To Choose Darkness Or Light. Just As Some Created Souls In Light Have Chosen Darkness And Duality, Many Nature Spirits Have Followed Those Of Corruption And Remained With Them As The Light Of The Nature Spirit Dimmed. There Have Been Forest Fires, Landslides And Erupting Volcanoes With The Power Of Dark Nature Spirits. All Forms Of Nature With Earthquakes, Tsunamis And Other Destruction To The Earth, Will Often Have Dark Nature Spirits Hovering In Delight! Fairies And Sacred Nature Spirits Of Light Will Intervene And Clear The Area. But Many Dark Nature Spirits Have Caused Great Destruction.

Astral Is A Plane Of Creation Where Thoughts Create Manifested Reality In Form. Our Communications Have Been Full Of Information Regarding Astral. Nature Spirits Of Darkness And Light Will Frequent All Areas Of Astral And Assist Visitors Or Engage In A Form Of Harassment If They Are Dark.

Aya – Nature Spirits And Elementals


Aya – As I Live As AYA, I Am Fearless And Nothing Comes Near My Being! As I Have Incarnated Multiple Times To Explore All Aspects Of Life With Understanding, I Have Lived As You In Duality With Forgetting My Origin And My Divine Place As A Goddess Of Light!  As A Powerful Soul, I Nudged Each Identity To Awaken And Remember Who I Really Was In Form. I Am With You Now As Judith. I Speak Through Her On Your Behalf.

My Experience As Judith Has Led Her To Experience What Is Beyond Human Comprehension. With Telepathy And Visits, We Share Our Lives As One Soul. Interacting With Nature Spirits, Fairies, Angels And Souls From Elohim Races Is Only Part Of The Life I Chose In This Incarnation.

The Following Account Of This Beautiful Visit To Judith Came Unexpected As NEIOH Revealed All Information To Her. She Was Resting With Eyes Closed But Fully Awake. A Giant Portal Of Light Appeared With A Tunnel Forming A Pathway To Her. Through The Portal, A Being Walked Slowly As He Became More Visible With A Face Of Pure Love! His Name Is NOCH. He Is A Nature Spirit That Is Close To Pleiadians With Visits And Friendship. He Came Very Close To Judith And She Looked Back In Amazement. He Had Dozens Of Tendrils That Came From His Head In All Directions. He Resembled A Beautiful Tree. His Skin Was Tan And He Spoke Clearly With Telepathy. Judith Had Opened To Multidimensional Perception And We Knew This Had Been Overwhelming At Times. NOCH Came As A Messenger Of Love.

NOCH Placed His Hands Together And Bowed His Head. He Kissed His Hand And Sent The Kiss To Judith. We Received Him In Love.  Remembering NOCH Through The Consciousness That We Share, Judith Spoke To Him With Telepathy And Told Him To Be Blessed, That He Was So Beautiful And To Go In Peace. We Love NOCH And We Welcome Him Often To Taygeta!

Aya – Nature Spirits And Elementals

Gnomes (EIKOU)

Akatu – Gnomes Are Earth Native And They Thrive In Secrecy As Underground Dwellers. They Enjoy Living Beneath Rocks And Mountains. They Enjoy Flowers And Colorful Arrangements Outdoors Will Often Attract Them. The Reason For This Affinity For Flowers Is That Millions Of Years Ago, This Is All They Knew. Created By Source Love, They Were Tiny And Barely The Size Of A Ladybug! They Lived On Flower Petals And Leaves As They Drank The Moisture Available And Consumed Small Bits Of The Flower And Leaves To Sustain Their Lives.

Over Millions Of Years, The Gnomes Evolved As They Observed Life Around Them. They Ventured Forth And Created Small Tunnels Beneath The Ground. Fairies Came To Them With Assistance And Offered Teachings Of Magic As Crystals Were Given As Gifts To The Gnomes. Pleiadians Call The Gnomes ‘EIKOU’ And Have Found These Tiny Beings To Be Amusing.

Gnomes Are Now One To Three Feet Tall. They Wear Little Hats And Colorful Clothing That Is Created From Bits Of Fabric And Flower Petals. Fairies Have Taught Them Great Survival Methods In Order To Remain Private In Their Habitat. Although They Do Not Experience Death, Their Well Being Could Be Interrupted In Their Manner Of Life In Form.

Gnomes Are Mischievous And Yet Shy. They Do Not Come Close To Humans But Rather Scurry Back To Their Tiny Homes When Humans Arrive To The Area. They Enjoy Visiting Gardens On The Grounds Of Many Homes. They Come In The Night And Gather Twigs, Seeds, Nuts And Flowers To Consume And Decorate Their Colorful Homes.

Gnomes Do Not Have Mates Or Children The Original Spirit Essence Is Eternal And Part Of God Source. They Live Among Nature And Animals And Their Frequency Of Creation Is Joy And Love!

Akatu – The Mystery of Gnomes and Elves

Elves (JEMIK)

Akatu – Elves Are Also Earth Native Spirits And Are Closer In Relationships To Fairies. They Have More Of A Sense Of Intention As They Move And Live In Hidden Homes. They Also Live Beneath The Surface Of Earth And Their Homes Are Created With Exquisite Beauty With Tiny Waterfalls And Areas For Gatherings.

Elves Were Also Once Smaller Than You Can Imagine! As They Shimmered In Light, They Were The Size Of A Grain Of Sand. Forming Groups Of Unity, They Glittered In Light! Fairies Hovered Over Them As Crystal Powder Dropped On The Elves That Gave Them Power To Create. With All Might And Growth, Elves Rose In Stature Over Millions Of Years. They Stand Approximately One Foot Tall Now In Human Standards.

They Have Large Eyes And Faces That Resemble Small Children. Their Clothing Is Often Created By Fairies With Bright Colors Of Tiny Shorts, Shirts Or Short Gowns. They Do Not Have Mates But They Procreate Energetically. Their Offspring Looks Like Tiny Beings Of Light! They Are Translucent For Many Years Of Being. They Learn To Become Mature As The Elves That Are Mentors And Beloved Family.

Elves Visit Fairies In Their Homes And They Lounge In Tiny Areas Of Light! They Have Learned Magic And They Use This To Send Frequencies Of Healing To Animals And Nature. They Enjoy Leaving Little Baskets Made With Twigs In The Opening Of Homes Of Squirrels And Rabbits. Food Is Appreciated As The Little Animals Gather Their Treats Of Nuts And Fruit. Elves Are Full Of Joy As They Serve Humanity!

With The Gift Of Free Will, There Are Always Beings That Leave The Path Of Light! Elves Sometimes Have Done This. Fairies Offer Assistance But Free Will Allows An Elf To Become More Of A Trickster If They Choose. They Might Destroy A Flower Garden Or Turn Over A Feeding Dish Of A Pet. They Do Not Harm Others But Their Actions Can Be Annoying! Pleiadians Call Elves, ‘JEMIK’, Regardless Of Their Choices And Free Will.

Akatu – The Mystery of Gnomes and Elves