Neioh - Bi-Local Service

Beloved Friends Of Light!

There Are Unlimited Ways To Serve The Light! You May Choose To Meditate With Others As The Collective Consciousness Joins To Magnify Light In The Group As Well As Light That Covers The Planet. You Might Prepare A Meal For Another And Not Realize This Is Serving The Light! Caring For Animals, Homeless People And Preparing To Serve Others In Your Field Of Work And Employment Is Also Service To The Light!

In The Pleiades, There Is A Wonderful Gift Of The Soul That Allows All Pleiadians To Become Bi-Local If They Choose. Many Pleiadians Have Visited Earth For Thousands Of Years For Temporary Manifestations. This Is Done For Many Purposes Within Military Operations With White Hats And For Visits To Appear In Hospital Settings, Battle Fields And Everyday Life. These Visits Allow Messages Of Hope As Well As Giving Important Information That Will Affect Many On Earth. All Visits Are Through Portals As Frequencies Are Changed.

Now We Come To Bi-Local Service By Pleiadians. This Is A Dedicated Service To The Light That A Pleiadian Chooses In Their Origin. They Are Able To Project Consciousness With A Desired Form Of Intention To Precise Locations On Earth Where Animals Or Humans Are In Dire Need Of Assistance. Each Pleiadian Enters A Portal As They Project Their Intent. They Exit Through A Portal To Return To Their Home Of Origin.

Each Soul In Bi-Local Service Will Determine What Is Needed In Each Particular Visit To Earth. Members Of The Galactic Federation Will Signal Each Soul In Bi-Local Service The Mission Required. In Some Instances There Is A Call For An Animal In Projected Form To Rescue The Humans Or Animals In Peril.

In A Situation Where Humans Have Captured And Held Children Or Adults To Be Harmed And The Intention Is To Rescue Without Starting A Horrific And Chaotic Situation, Large Animals Such As Lions And Tigers Will Be Projected In Form. This Is Enough To Frighten Those In Control That Are Harming Others. With Aggressive Stances, These Powerful Animals Stand Guard With Teeth Showing As The Disguise Of A Beautiful Pleiadian Is In Place!

When The Work Is Completed And The Humans Or Animals Are Safe, The Pleiadian In Bi-Local Service Will Return To The Moment Of Leaving Their Home And Resume Activities. This Service Brings Great Joy To All That Serve The Light In This Manner!

You Carry The Light Of All Creation Within Your Own Being!

Remember Who You Are!

I Love You So!