Laka – In These Moments Of Communication, We Will Visit The Moon Together! Indeed, This Sacred Planetary System Of Life In Many Forms Is Alive With Consciousness. The Moon Is A Living Entity That Allows Life To Thrive And Be Sustained By An Enormous Vibrational Frequency Of Continual Change. The Energy That Is Produced And Fluctuates To Be Harnessed By Other Life Is Significant For The Occupants Of The Moon And Areas Far Reaching In Your Galaxy. There Are Many Moons Of Creation, But Only One That Serves You In These Moments.

The Sacred Moon That Is Involved In Your Life In Intricate Manners Of Being, Was Expressed In One Moment By God Source. The Life Force Of All Creation Has Designed The Human Body To Perform In Cycles And Rhythms Of Certainty. So It Is With The Moon And The Ongoing Interactions With The Body. Many Attest To Feeling Energy Within Their Lives and Bodies With Direct Correlation To The Moon With Endless Cycles.

Pleiadians Call The Moon, “MIZEOH”. There Are Areas On This Beautiful Entity That Express Exquisite Nature In Vibrant Colors. Mountains, Plants, Streams And Minerals Allow Lifeforms To Thrive And Be Sustained Ongoing. There Are Beings Of Peace That Live Among Carved Crystals That Are Fashioned Into Homes. Art And Music Are Enjoyed As Pleiadians Are Entertained As Friends. There Are Celebrations With Meals And Great Discussions As These Beings Are Loving And Of The Light! Their Name Is MEIZ And Their Frequency Resonates In Octaves Undetected By Humans.

Areas Of The Moon Are Layered With Many Levels Of Frequencies. Just As Earth Is Surrounded By What Is Known As 3-D, There Are Densities On The Moon That Are Unseen And Undetected By Those In Form. Spirit Is Within And Around All Life And Observes Everything In Existence. So It Is With Life On The Moon. There Are High Vibrational Beings And Those In Densities Of Darkness.

The MEIZ Were Upgraded To Light Bodies By The Visiting Galactic Federation. They Were Found To Be Innocent Of The Atrocities Of Actions By Other Beings Present On The Moon. The MEIZ Stand Between Six And Eight Feet Tall. Their Bodies Are Translucent And Their Facial Features Resemble Humans. They Have No Hair And Wear No Clothing. They Procreate Energetically And Live Infinite Lives With Bodies Of Light.

The Galactic Federation Has Recruited Many Of These Sacred Souls To Join As Members Of The Light Forces. Until The Grand Shift, These Recruits Will Serve As Junior Members. Their Dedication Is Pure And They Continue To Share Light Throughout The Galaxies.

There Are Bases Created On The Moon That Are Magnificent Meeting Places For The Galactic Federation. These Powerful Intel Operations Are Undetected By Any Race. Far Beneath The Surface Of What Is Seen, Are Tunnels With Crystal Walls And Doorways. Within Large Rooms There Are Screens With Images Of Any Galaxy Chosen To Observe. Motherships Are Accessed And Information Is Exchanged. There Are Areas With Music And Relaxation. Indeed, The Bases Are Beautiful Beyond Human Comprehension.

Laka – Life On The Moon