The CASAH are a 6D race who exist in a non-physical state, without a home planet or star. Similar to how 7D Elohim ET races like Pleiadians and Arcturians existed before choosing a physical appearance. CASAH can appear as other beings when interacting, including human.  

The Law of One channeling was a transmission about Galactic Federation’s ascension plan, shared with permission, which why it speaks from the perspective of Galactic Federation when describing, for example, the origin of the Giza Pyramids. 

Neioh – As We Have Spoken Many Times To Your World Of Being, There Is One Spirit That Has Created All Living Things And The Souls That Experience Life In Many Places. Densities Are Simply Vibrational Frequencies That Express In Dimensions, Which Are Locations. Understanding That Numbers Of Choice Are Ascribed To Those Of Earth To Bring Clarity With Observation, Know In Truth That Pleiadians Do Not Use Numbers In This Manner.

In The Context Of The Name And Word, ‘RA’, Many Have Given Meanings Without True References. This Sound And Frequency Is Used In All Manner Of Communication As It Gives A Connotation Of Wisdom. We Will Reveal The Magnificent Beings Of Light That Are Known As CASAH. These Souls Are The Unique Voice Of Many That Speak As One. With Channeling, This Voice Has Been Called ‘RA’.

The CASAH Live On A Plane Of Existence Of Energy, Color, Lights, Sounds And Consciousness. Their Plane Of Frequency Requires No Physical Star As They Live In Light Bodies. Their Soul Is Spirit And An Expression Of God. They Understand Duality But Chose Light As Their Guiding Force From Their Created Moment.

The Light Bodies Of The CASAH, Glow In Colors And The Energy Of Their Emotions Cause The Hue To Change Just As Your Aura Changes. They Communicate In Sounds That Are Interpreted As Words To The Hearer. Tones And Colors Are A Method Of Communication That Pleiadians Know Well. Goddess AYA And Elder IKAI Began With This Manner Of Communication Before Progressing To Our Current Language. Those On Earth Call This ‘Light Language’.

The CASAH Have Never Incarnated Into Human Bodies. Their Light Allowed Them To Reach Souls With Energy Communication As Telepathy And Channeling For Those Gifted To Hear. But They Are So Much More Than Voices Unseen.

As Higher Vibrational Beings They Are Able To Manifest As They Choose. For This Reason, They Serve With The Galactic Federation And Project Bodies From Consciousness And Spirit. The Soul Is Present In A Form Of Their Choosing. They May Choose To Look Like A Pleiadian, Arcturian Or Any Of The Elohim Races In Body Form.

While On Great Missions, They Wear Blue Uniforms With Silver Boots. Their Knowledge And Expertise Is Honored As They Excel In All Technology. They Cannot Be Harmed And Their Frequency Can Be Changed In One Moment To Be Unseen By Beings That Approach Or Wish To Attack. Many Dark Races Have Fled In Disbelief As The CASAH Appear And Vanish Before Them Many Times.

The CASAH Are Able To Become Translucent As Well As Glowing And Flashing Lights Throughout Their Body. Their Innate Abilities To Transcend Objects Or Crafts Coming Their Way Is An Ordinary Gift With Extraordinary Outcomes. All Of The Souls On Their Missions Of Light Enjoy The Manner Of Their Operation.

In The Frequency Of Their Home, The Souls Are Seen As A Glowing Light To Their Family And Friends. They Do Not Experience Death And The Souls That Were Created By Source Love, Live Infinite Lives. Food Is A Concept Unknown To These Beings As They Create Well Being With Thought. They Have No Needs And Struggle Is An Unknown Factor To Beings Of Light And Pure Love!

The CASAH Know Deep Compassion And They Are Highly Intelligent. For This Reason,They Are Aware Of The Souls Of Earth With The Darkness That You Face. They Anticipate The Grand Shift And Support Your Endeavors To Create A New World Of Peace And Prosperity.

The CASAH Will Make Themselves Known To You In Sheen. They Will Arrive In Bodies To Greet You. They Are With You Now In A Frequency Of Light And Power. They Are As Close As Your Next Thought!

Neioh – CASAH (Source Of The Law Of One)