Ra: Law of One

Neioh – They are from the 6th Density and are known to Pleiadians. We are friendly but not close. We do not use RA as it is told in the book. We only use Pleiadian sounds with those not of the earth. These are CASAH. RA is one of the oldest and most Loved sounds of the COSMOS. These are advanced but nothing like us. We never built anything with them.

Ra is a common word used throughout the cosmos.

Kabamur and Lyra’s son on Taygeta is named Ra. There are various sky gods in ancient history called Ra. There is Ra from the Blue Avians, referenced by Corey Goode. But the “Ra” from the Law of One is different from all of these.

The CASAH delivered spiritual teachings to humans via channeling. They don’t incarnate on Earth, they didn’t build any structures on Earth, and they have no connection to Earth beyond channeled teaching.

Many people talking about ascension have gotten their information directly from “The Ra Contact: Law of One”, but this can lead to confusion since they use different words and numbering to describe density and dimension than Pleiadians use. The Law of One states humans are ascending to 4D, but Pleiadians teach that 4D is the astral plane, not a place where there are civilizations. Because Pleiadians are the primary protectors of Earth and humans, and managing the ascension process through Galactic Federation, we use their system to describe the principles of ascension.