Nimitz Encounter

The 2004 USS Nimitz “Tic-Tac” encounter was a Pleiadian Craft seen in the air and a Pleiadian Mothership detected under the water.

Neioh – We were calculating distances regarding the amount of Energy to be dispersed in the area. We are careful about placement because of the Powerful Charges that can have a rippling effect.

These operations have always gone on and have to do with our ongoing Presence on the planet and Technology that we bring in that is non-disclosed.

There are Military Personnel that also know us well and assist us in our placing points of operation to come and go without being hassled or observed by other Military Counterparts.

In 2004 there were multiple interactions between Navy F-18s and Craft with cloaking technology and maneuverability beyond known limits. This was partially disclosed last year by MSM.

Cmdr. David Fravor encountered a 40ft white Tic Tac shaped Craft hovering over the water. It mirrored his movements for several minutes before finally taking off “like a bullet out of a gun”.

“It was something not from this world.” Fravor said.

Military Report: UFOs May Have Attempted Rendezvous With Giant Undersea Object

Pilots indicated there may have been something in the water as well. One pilot detailed a disturbance up to the size of a football field:

“The disturbance appeared to be 50 to 100 meters in diameter and close to round. It was the only area and type of whitewater activity that could be seen and reminded him of images of something rapidly submerging from the surface like a submarine or a ship sinking.”