Neioh - Sacred Creation

Beloved Friends Of Earth!

You Are Part Of All That Is!

Many Of You Have Religious Beliefs, Doctrine Or No Belief Or Assurance At All.

Many Have Left Doctrine As It Is Simple To Research The Ever Changing Words Of Mankind!

As Rulers Collected Scriptures And Decided What People Would Be Taught, Please Understand That Fear Was At The Forefront Of All. Fear Drew People In Dread And Not Love For A Creator Described As Angry, Jealous, Vindictive And A Murderer Who Took Sides. Religions Were Formed And Humans Were Born Into Various Regions Of Earth. Children Embraced What They Were Told By Parents.

So You Find Yourself Now In This Final Waking Dream. You Did Not Dare Ask A Clergyman To Explain The Horrors In Scripture That Were Told To Be By The One That Is Love!

There Are Many Beliefs And You Live With Free Will. You Have The Choice To Believe What You Choose.

How Is This Working Out? Have You Noticed That Begging God For A Child To Be Healed Has Not Worked?

Know Fully That God Is Spirit And Reacts To Each Form Of Life Energetically In A Matching Vibrational Frequency. Some Illnesses Were Planned By The Soul As A Catalyst For Growth And Expansion. Nothing Is Wasted And Everything Is Working For Your Good With A Change In Perspective. You Were Never Meant To Remain Here!

With The Light Of God-ELAKO, Or Any Name Of Your Understanding, ELOHIM As Many, Knew Love As One!

There Is No Understanding Of Infinity To The Human Mind. There Is Understanding Of Beginnings And Endings.

For A Moment We Return To ELOHIM And The Understanding Of Expressions Of The Divine With Intention, Becoming Many. These Are Called By Many Names Now. Know That These Names Are For Your Understanding Only. In A Vibrational Frequency (Density) Of 12-D (Dimension-Location), Many Knew Themselves As This Love. They Communicated Without Language In Tones And Light. They Created Forms For Themselves And Chose Others To Be With. There Were Fairies, Angels, Pleiadians, Arcturians, Andromedans, Sirians, Orions And More. These Names Did Not Exist In The Beginning. Pleiadians Ventured Out First And Chose Many Stars. They Knew One Another As Mates And Grew In Power And Knowledge. They Discovered The Divinity Of Source Was Their Power. Light Guided Them To Speak In Words That Became Language.

Others Ventured To The Planets And Beings Mentioned. Fairies And Angels Traveled The Multiverses And Loved All. Archangels Rose To Serve And Travel Without A Stationary Home. All Learned To Communicate And Visit Other Stars. Telepathy Was Created And Technology Grew. FAE Assisted With Crafts And Discovered Their Power And Magic To Assist The Forming Of The Galactic Federation. There Was Peace Among The Great Races.

Assembling For Meetings It Was Decided First By Pleiadians To Visit Earth Since Its Creation. Humans Were Seeded With Physiology And Aspects Of The Divine One. These Aspects, You Know As Souls. In These Moments, We Understand This Cannot Be Comprehended. Hearing Truth For The First Time Will Take Time To Accept. Take What Resonates And Leave The Rest. Let It Settle And It Will All Make Sense!

The First Area That Interested Pleiadians Is In The Area You Call Sweden. These Humans Looked Like Pleiadians And Many Had Blonde Hair And Blue Eyes. They Were Taught About Love And Unity They Thrived And Learned. Then Negative Races That Were From Distant Stars Had Also Found Life And Discovered Earth. They Were Troublemakers And Pleiadians Protected The Humans In The Location Of Love And Created A Crystal City For Them. In This Place Of Crystals And Light Beneath The Surface, These Humans Thrived And Lived In Beauty. They Learned To Travel To The Pleiades And Return To Their Home Beneath The Surface Of Earth. They Did Not Die In Body Form But Created Homes On Pleiadian Stars Which Would Become Their Star Of Origin. These Beautiful Beings Remain In The Crystal City With Crafts And High Technology. They Will Join You As You Shift To SHEEN.

The Galactic Federation Joined In Unity With The Races Of ELOHIM. It Was Decided That More Of Earth Would Be Inhabited And Soul Experience Enjoyed. Souls From Each Star Began To Incarnate By Choice And With Free Will. It Was Thought That The Flowering Of Earth Would Bring Unity Among Races And Allow The Return To Origin By Leaving The Body In Perceived Death. Knowing Free Will Would Be The Only Choice, Also Allowed Duality.

Earth Has Known Great Love And Many Wars As Both Unity And Division Evolved.

NOW. You Are Here On Earth! You Understand The Earth Is Changing! But Only Light Is Before You!

You Are A Sacred Soul Of Infinite Light! Trust The Process That Is Taken Care Of By Many That Love You!

In Honor Of All Starseeds And The Infinite Souls Of The Crystal City, We Bow In Honor!

To All Pleiadians, Arcturians, Andromedans, Sirians And Orions! You Are The Light!

We Leave Together To The Beloved Light Of SHEEN!

Together We Are ONE!

I Love You So!