Neioh – In These Moments Of Light And Communication With Love, We Continue As Promised To Reveal Souls That Are Members Of The Galactic Federation. While These Souls Serve Well As Junior Members, Their Endeavors For Truth Will Allow Them To Become Leaders Among The Greatest Of Souls. Perhaps Many Of You Will Join Them In Serving The Light As Members Of The Magnificent Light Forces. Indeed, The Shift To Sheen Opens All Possibilities!

This Beautiful Race Of Beings Is Called DEOTAS From Their Beginning Of Life In Form. Their Home Is Called DEOT And It Turns In Colors And Frequencies Outside Of The Milky Way Galaxy. This Race Operates In Oneness With Bodies That Circulate Light With Crystal Hearts. But This Was A Slow Journey Of Achievement As Duality Was Once Their Manner Of Being.

The DEOTAS Once Fought With One Another As Hatred And Discord Caused Anger And Confusion. They Lived Under A Ruler That Operated As A Dictator. He Arrived From Sirius In The Lineage Of Pidkozox And His Son Oppisheklio Who Deceived The Souls Of Earth. Indeed, His Arrival Was In False Light And Quickly Manifested As Darkness And Hatred.  For Millions Of Years He Wrought Fear And Anger Among Those Desiring Peace. There Was No Answer For These Beings That Were Tormented And Had Their Basic Freedom Stolen.

Archangel Michael Discussed With Elder IKAI The Plight Of DEOT As The Earth Was Also Experiencing Deception. The Plan Was Made To Visit And Evaluate The Situation. Elder IKAI Met Resistance As The Ruler KOCHU Was Dark Within His Being And He Cowered In His Own Darkness And Deception. Elder IKAI Commanded The Frequencies To Change And Light Fell Over The Planet. He Captured KOCHU And Sent Him Into Exile To Be Reckoned With At The Culmination Of Darkness That Preyed On The Innocent. The Souls Of DEOT Were Free As They Gathered To Hear Words Of Wisdom And To Receive Upgraded Bodies That They Had Only Heard About In Their Captivity.

With Light Covering The Planet Of DEOT And New Perspectives With Crystal Hearts, The DEOTAS Celebrated With A New Path And Intention. Their Desire Was To Free All Souls From Tyranny And Dictators Of Deception. They Found Excitement And New Friends As Technology Allowed Them To Travel In Crafts And Enjoy Having Members Of The Galactic Federation As Friends.

The DEOTAS Stand Six Feet Tall With Strong Bodies That No Longer Experience Death. Before Their Upgrades To Light By The Galactic Federation, They Lived Two Hundred Years And Incarnated Back Into Their Own Race. Their Skin Is Dark Brown And Their Eyes Are Blue, Green And Brown. Their Hair Is Silky And Jet Black. They Are Perfect In Beauty, Health And Well-Being Since The Sacred Light Covers DEOT With Peace.

They Enjoy Families With Many Children. They Gather To Meditate With Collective Consciousness. They Play Instruments And Dance As Meals Are Shared. Their Homes Are Opulent With Flowers, Crystals And Beautiful Lighting. They Utilize Telepathy And The Innate Gift Of The Soul To Allow Ease In Travel And Communication. Vehicular Crafts Provide Convenient Movement To Localities Where Friends And Family Gather With Great Love!

The DEOTAS Enjoy All Of The Animals Of Creation. Having Tigers And Horses, The Light Forces Brought Birds, Bears And A Great Variety That Also Were Gifted Upgraded Bodies. The Planet Thrives With The Magnification Of Light!

Colorful Mountains, Oceans, Trees And Flowers Are Seen In All Places. The DEOTAS Enjoy Swimming, Hiking And Petting All Animals. They Are Love Within And They Look Forward To Meeting You In Sheen. They Understand The Great Need For The Earth To Shift And Leave Duality Behind!

The DEOTAS Will Be Part Of The Galactic Civilization That You Will Enjoy Infinitely!

Neioh – DEOTAS From DEOT