Neioh - Venus

Beloved Friends!

As You Move And Live And Have Your Being Within The Spirit Of God,

Realize That Life Exists With You On Earth And On Other Stars And Trillions Of Galaxies.

In These Moments We Will Discuss Our Beloved Friends From Venus!

Being A Magnificent Planet Near The Sun In Our Beautiful Milky Way Galaxy, It Is Almost As Large As Earth!

There Are Many Similarities And Many Differences As The Miles Stretch Between Each Group And Race!

This Race Calls Themselves BENOKS From The Planet Venus Or BENOK.

BENOKS Are Loving And Kind. There Is Duality But No War. There Is Compromise With Discussions But Many View Life In Oneness And Their Influence Is Great Among The Masses In Influence.

There Are Leaders Much Like Elders That Have Great Wisdom And Respect. These Are Known As Galactic Commanders And They Travel And Meet With Other Races. They Are Not Members Of The Galactic Federation But They Do Meet Frequently For Great Discussions.

BENOKS Look Very Human In Statue And Features. Their Skin Is Much Thicker And More Of A Reddish Tan. Being Close To The Sun, This Manner Of Skin Is Protective. They Have Short Thick White Hair And Wear Little Clothing. They Are Often Nude But Wear Shorts And Wraps As Casual Wear. They Dress For Occasions In Long Pants, Capes And Robes.

They Procreate And Have Many Children That Are Playful And Creative. They Play Games And Climb Mountains In The Area. There Is Plenty Of Water And Vegetables That You Might Consider To Be Hard And Tasteless. Their Teeth Are Razor Sharp And They Eat Produce Directly From The Ground. There Are Mates And Family Units.

There Are Flowers And Trees And Oceans That Are Bright Yellow And Very Warm. There Are Tall Structures With Many Floors That Families Call Home. Each Is Separate With Golden Stairways. Soft Cushions And Open Sides Of The Structure Are Popular. Many Of These Structures Are Created In Miles Between Mountains. They Continue Around The Entire Planet. Animals Are Gentle And Very Large. There Are Tigers, Bears, Leopards And Many Of The Same In The Pleiades And All Of The Many Races We Have Shared.

Fairies Live Here And Enjoy The Peaceful Nature Of BENOKS. They Enter Mountains And Create Tiny Pools And Places To Make Toys. They Fly Through The Area With Great Joy!

As Earth Shifts To Sheen, This Loving Race Will Be Part Of The Celebration. They Love Earth Very Much!

There Have Been Incarnations From All Planets And Stars We Have Taught About But Very Few. The Primary Plan Has Always Been Incarnations To Earth. BENOKS Are Far Advanced In Technology Than Earth. This Has To Do With Their Ability To Advance Without War And Destruction. Like Pleiadian Souls And All Others, There Is No Death.

They Have Always Been Aware Of Earth And Sent Great Teachers To Meet With Leaders To Share The Importance Of Spirit And Oneness. One Such Visitor Is Commander Valiant Thor. He Met With President Dwight Eisenhower And Vice President Richard Nixon In An Effort To Stop Wars And Continual Harm To Humans.

As A Galactic Commander, He Operates A Large Craft That Would Be Similar To A Large Pleiadian Craft, But Not As Large As A Mothership. It Can Be Invisible Or Transparent. It Can Remain Stationary In Deep Space And Pick Up Occupants From Other Crafts To Attend Meetings.

There Are A Vast Number Of These Crafts That Are Near The Earth’s Surface Or Just Below. There Are White Hats That Visit Regularly For Meetings And Many Are Close Friends With Pleiadians That Walk The Earth.

Commander Valiant Thor Is Honored On BENOK. There Are Statues And Paintings In Many Homes. He Is A Great Leader Of Peace And Will Be Honored In Sheen. His Influence For Striving To Bring Holistic Methods Of Treatment To Earth Will Be Noted.

BENOKS Always Send Frequencies Of Love To Earth With The Highest Intentions Of Advancement And Great Peace!

In Love We Rise As One!

I Love You So!