Who Are The Zobe?

Akatu – In These Moments Of Communication With Great Love, We Will Share Another Race That Enjoys The Freedom Of Oneness! Indeed, Their Gratitude Is Immense As They Once Lived In Duality With Discord And Chaos. The Disclosure Of Many New Races Will Assist You In Your Endeavors To Reach The Moment Of The Grand Shift. Herein Lies Your Freedom With Upgrades Of Bodies Circulating Light With Crystal Hearts!

This Race Is Called ZOBE Since Their Lives On ZOE Began Millions Of Years Ago. Created With Souls Living In Body Forms By Source Spirit Expressing With Free Will Gave Power. This Allowed Exploration Of Aspects Of Relationships That Would Allow Growth With Duality. As Earth Incarnations Have Grown Through Many Waking Dreams, You Might Relate Exponentially To These Beings That Struggled To Maintain Life In Body Form.

The ZOBE Lived Each Life To Approximately Two Hundred Years. Upon The Death Of Their Body Form, They Simply Chose To Incarnate Back Into Their Race. Hardships And Disease Were Rampant Throughout ZOE Until Visits By The Galactic Federation Made It Possible For Permanent Changes With Upgraded Bodies.

The Excitement Grew As The Masses Received Upgrades From Elders That Taught Them Of The Light They Would Carry Within. The ZOBE Celebrated With Singing And Dancing As Many Of Them Joined The Light Forces As Junior Members. In This Capacity, They Wear Blue Uniforms With Silver Boots. Their Friends On ZOE Wear Casual Shorts And Loose Tops As The Weather Is Beautiful.

The ZOBE Stand Four Feet Tall With Light Blue Skin And Silver Eyes. They Have No Hair And Their Nose And Mouth Are Narrow With Small Openings. They Thrive With Plants, Nuts, Seeds And Water For Sustenance. Their Food Is Grown In Large Gardens And Gathered For Meals Enjoyed In Groups.

The ZOBE Are Very Social And Their Homes Are Created Close To One Another In Proximity. There Are Colorful Trees And Flowers In All Areas Of Their Dwellings. They Enjoy Animals That Resemble Elephants And Horses In A Shorter Stature In The Color Yellow.

Fairies Arrived With The Galactic Federation And Remain There In Harmony As Magic Is Enjoyed By Everyone! Games Are Played With Children Of All Ages. Crystal Instruments Have Been Created For Enjoyment With Large Gatherings.

The Leader Of ZOE Is CUMETAE. He Travels With The Galactic Federation And Will Join The Ranks Of Senior Members As He Has Proved Himself To Be Loyal As He Perseveres In The Cause Of Light!

The Planet Of ZOE Is Located Just Outside Of The Milky Way And Is Slightly Larger Than Earth. You Will Enjoy Visiting Their Lovely Homes When You Shift To Sheen. They Have Always Been Aware Of Your Challenges And Desire That You Fulfill Your Last Waking Dream To Join Them In A Magnificent Galactic Civilization. Indeed, They Love You So!

Akatu – Zobe