K2-18b is 111 light-years – about 650 million million miles – from Earth, too far to send a probe. So the only option is to wait for the next generation of space telescopes to be launched in the 2020s and to look for gases in the planet’s atmosphere that could only be produced by living organisms.

Neioh – There are people who already know that this planet is inhabited by very human-like Beings. There are about 1 million of them living on a planet twice as big as Earth. They seldom have left the planet they call ARKEE. This is not the only Celestial Planet. There are many. More will come out about this planet and others.

These that are called ARKEA were saved from harm. Some were to be killed or sacrificed. Others were abandoned. Even at a Higher Density, some beings chose darkness. They are Celestial Humans who were brought by Angels millions of years ago, from other unknown planets like Earth. These were children that were of a Higher Density than Earth. They are able to do many things done in the Pleiades such as fly in body form. They grew up as Family and the Angels taught them everything.

They have Pure Souls and do not comprehend war. They are highly-evolved and intelligent. Fully Awakened and able to choose, yet the Celestial Gift of the Angels has kept them alive and they do not experience death. They sleep for long periods of days at times and they grow from small children to adult size. They do not age as in wrinkles or bad health because of Celestial Nature. These are unknown to most other Races but Pleiadians know Angels and Archangels well and We were welcomed here as Family to be with them and teach them.

They do not mate or reproduce and this desire was changed in them as children to survive and to live a Peaceful and kind life and learn of a different way. They know of others such as Pleiadians and are visited. Pleiadians brought the Crystals we know as Celestite and Celestine from ARKEE as Gifts for EARTH.

They grow their own food and drink water. They have animals but not the same as ours. They have covered structures for rain and sleep out in the open most of the time.

They are only interested in sharing, Heartfelt activities and having fun in nature. They access all Multiverses with eyes closed. They travel in Consciousness. They speak but are also Telepathic. They will always remain on their home planet.

After the Shift, the New Earth will also be welcomed to visit the Celestial Planets. These Beautiful Beings know of Earth and Meditate Continually and send Loving Energy. They are happy to be seen now and they realize the Shift is soon so Discovery is Sacred to them.