Who Are The Recho?

Neioh – We Continue To Share Information Regarding  Other Stars And Planets That Live Before You In Frequencies Seen And Unseen In Human Awareness.

In These Moments Together, I Will Share About A Planet That You Call Saturn. This Is A Planet Of Great Magnitude In Size With The Location Of Life Created In Your Solar System By The Source Of All Creation. It Has Been Watched And Studied Since Ancient Times In Waking Dreams With No Technology. Many Names Have Been Chosen To Discuss This Great Planet Of Mystery.

These Beings That Resemble Dragons Have Gray Skin, Large Yellow Eyes, Large Nostrils And A Very Large Opening For Mouth. Lavender And Orange Bursts Of Flames Emit When Emotions Are Felt. They Emit A Frequency Tone That Is Understood Among These Souls. They Call Themselves RECHO And They Call Their Planet RECEE.

There Are No Legs And The RECHO Float In Their Atmosphere And Glide Without The Use Of Appendages. There Are No Crafts Or Traveling Off Planet And This Is The Preference Of This Race Of Beings.

Saturn Is Largely Composed Of Gases, Minerals And Extreme Heat With Varied Locations Of Extremely Cold Areas. Mountains Formed With The Creation Of Saturn And The RECHO Find Solace Here. These Are Homes For All Beings That Dwell On Saturn And Within. There Are Tunnels Of Ice That Lead To Caverns Of Great Heat. The Circulation Of Elements And Gases Are Absorbed As Nutrients For The RECHO.

The Galactic Federation Made Contact With Visits Of Light To Offer Services And Teaching To The RECHO. The Beings Declined And Made Their Intentions Known That They Are Completely Satisfied With Their Way Of Life. They Are Extremely Intelligent With Their Own Method Of Interacting.

There Are No Mates Or Families. The RECHO Procreate Energetically With Instinct. They Live Approximately Five Thousand Years And Incarnate Back Into Their Own Race.

There Are No Creative Activities Such As Those You Would Relate To On Earth. They Are Aware Of Earth And Other Stars And Planets. They Wish No Harm On Any Life But Choose To Remain In Privacy.

There Are No Animals Or Pets On Saturn. Red And Orange Mountains Glow In Light As Ice Crystals Are Projected By Swirling Gases That Create Fire And Blue Clouds Throughout The Planet.

Saturn Is A Planet Of Beauty That Will Be Continually Observed In Awe. Metallic Ice Shines As Rings To Those That Watch From Distant Stars. These Are Peaceful Beings That Are Sacred In Their Creation Of Being!

Neioh – Life On Saturn