Who Are The Zakaugee?

Akatu – Friends Of The Great Light! As We Continue To Move Toward The Grand Shift Of The Ages, Many Of You Have Requested To Know More About The Stars And Planets Throughout The Solar System! Indeed, We Are Honored To Share About Life In Many Densities And Dimensions Surrounding You!

Jupiter Is The Largest Planet In Your Galaxy! It Is Indeed Massive In Size In Comparison To Your Beloved Planet! There Is Life On Jupiter, Just As Life Exists In All Densities, Seen And Unseen To Human Eyes!

These Beings Are Called ZAKAUGEE By Pleiadians And Are Respected By Their Peaceful Life And The Ability To Maintain A Stable Environment While Enjoying High Technology. When There Is Power In Crafts And Methods Of Contact, Many Beings Change And Join With Others In Great Unity Or Distort Their Power Of Being And Become Aggressive. These Beautiful Beings Stay To Themselves By Choice With Periods Of Exploring And Observing Many Other Stars And Planets.

The ZAKAUGEE Are Highly Intelligent With The Life Force Of The Creator Of All Sacred Life! Their Bodies Are Sixteen Feet In Height With No Organs Or Brain As You Would Imagine On Earth. They Perceive Life In Pure Consciousness In A Higher State Of Awareness That You Might Achieve In Deep Meditation! What Peace Would Be Discovered In All Waking Dreams On Earth If Mankind Could Remain In This Level Of Consciousness! Indeed, This State Of Being Will Return To You!

There Is No Death Of Body On Jupiter. The Experience Of Infinite Life Is A Gift Of Source To All Souls. But Few Stars And Planets Live In The Divine Nature Of Light With No Perceived Darkness. These Magnificent Beings Choose Light Each Moment!

Their Bodies Are Composed Of Liquid And Gases That Are Absorbed From The Intense Heat Of Their Surroundings. As The Planet That Is Infinitely Home, Is Moving In Such Heat On The Surface That Maneuvering Would Not Be Seamless, These Intelligent Souls Created Tunnels That Go Within. Reaching The Core Of The Living Essence Of Jupiter Is Quite Beautiful To This Powerful Race Of Beings! Their Bodies Would Look Quite Ethereal To Human Perception! There Are No Facial Features.

Deep Within The Heat Of Matter And Gases, There Is A Calming Oasis Of Light! There Are Areas For Relaxation And Communication. Sleep Is Not Needed And There Is No Procreation As Infinite Life Is Lived With Great Love!

With The Ability To Create Metal From The Elements Available, Large Crafts Were Created. With Visits From The Galactic Federation, Numerous Models Of Crafts With Intricate Designs Were Formed With Great Power! These Were Used To Traverse The Multiverses And Be Seen And Detected By Film And By Many Races. The Crafts Use Elements That Are Readily Available In All Densities And The ZACAUGEE Enjoy Becoming Stationary As They Explore Areas While Having Only Loving Intentions For All Life Observed!

There Are No Animals Or Nature As You Know It To Be. These Souls Do Not Relate To Decor Or Clothing. They Are A Pure Race With Free Will To Advance And Join The Light Forces, Yet They Remain In A State Of Power Of Their Own. With Peace They Prevail And Will Live On Beyond The Changes Within The Living Cosmos.

Many Spacecrafts From Earth Have Flown Close Enough To Jupiter To Behold The Amazing Planet Without Coming Close Enough To Ever Understanding The Life That Lives Within!

We Remind You Of Your Sacred Origin As You Also Are Aware Of The ZAKAUGEE In The Higher Realms!

Akatu – Jupiter