Who are the Kol?

Neioh – Beloved Friends Of Earth! We Will Continue To Share Information Regarding Planets That You Have Forgotten! Within Your Expanded Consciousness And Infinite Awareness, All Experiences Remain.

We Are Here To Guide You Into Remembering Friends In Densities (Vibrational Frequencies) And Dimensions (Which Are Locations). One Such Planet In Location Is KOLO, Which Is On The Outer Perimeter Of The Milky Way Galaxy! The Inhabitants Call Themselves ‘KOL’.

These Beautiful Souls Stand 6 Feet Tall With Human Facial Features. Their Skin Is Pale Blue In A Shade Much Lighter Than Arcturians. All Males And Females Have Very Short Dark Red Hair And Green Eyes. To Comprehend The Remainder Of Their Description, Let Us Describe Their Planet And History.

Their Planet Is 80% Ocean And Most Of Their Life Is Carried On Beneath The Surface Of The Ocean. The Entire Body Of Water Is Connected Around The Planet With No Boundaries Or Division.

So To Understand Their Life In Form Is To Grasp That They Breathe Light And Live With Great Love In The Ocean. They Have Arms And Legs. They Have Fins Like You Would Understand Mermaids To Have In The Lower Body. These Long Tails Or Fins Enable Quick Travel And A Comfortable Life In The Ocean. When They Surface The Fins Retract And They Walk Upright Like You Do! Most Prefer Being Nude And Others Enjoy Colorful Wraps.

They Procreate Energetically And Have Many Children. There Are No Mates. They Circulate Light And There Is No Death Or Disease. They Were Created By Source And Were Not In The Elohim Lineage. Another Important Aspect Of Their Body Is Wings! When They Surface From The Ocean, They Can Intentionally Project Wings As A Method To Travel Around The Area.

There Are Members Of The Galactic Federation From KOLO. They Continue In Service With Blue Uniforms And Silver Boots. Millions Of Years Ago, Many Souls Chose To Incarnate To Earth. Living In Oneness With Complete Unity, They Made The Decision To Stop Incarnations. There Are No Souls From KOLO On Earth Now.

They Are Visited By Elohim Races And Have Friends On Many Planets That They Love. They Prefer Being Within The Ocean But Surface For Meetings With Other Races. There Are Large Crafts To Assist In Travel But There Are Not Individual Crafts For Small Groups. Elohim Races Have Individual Family Crafts For Use.

Their Life Within The Pink Ocean Is Full Of Castles With Crystal Columns Where Many Join To Meditate As One. They Do Not Live Within A Structure. They Rest On Soft Sponge Like Material That Is Pink And Coral In Color. This Material Is Suspended Throughout The Ocean And Is Surrounded By Soft Green And Blue Plant Material. This Is Used As Food And Fuel For The Body. Fairies Delight In Living Here As They Enjoy Water And Creativity As They Breathe Light!

There Are Colorful Fish And Life Forms Not Seen On Earth. Bright Vivid Colors Of Turquoise, Pink, Purple And Yellow Are Seen Throughout The Area. There Are Tall Mountains In Orange, Lavender And Pink. These Can Be Climbed Or Entered For Private Areas Or To Play Games. There Are Turquoise Sea Horses That Are Beloved Pets And Are Very Soft To The Touch.

There Are Leaders But Not Elders. The Devotion To Oneness Allows Complete Peace. There Are No Goddesses As All Females Are Honored As The Divine Feminine Aspect Of Life.

Members Of The Light Forces Consume Large Quantities Of Plants And Water While On Missions. They Are Loved And Respected By All Other Members.

There Are Over 30 Races That Travel As Junior Members With Elohim Lineage Members To Assist Them On Missions. This Is One Race. We Will Move Forward With Others As We Continue Toward The Shift!

Neioh – About Kolo