Dark Forces: Bas

Satan’s Messenger

This entity originates from Bosh, a star near Earth which has not been discovered yet. He exists in astral and is called forth in ceremonies where there are blood sacrifices. Elites know his voice and have called on him since ancient Egypt. They sometimes take physical form for brief periods. Other entities gather and feed on the energy released by their rituals.

Bas is the chief messenger for Pidkozox, leader of the dark forces on Earth. Pidkozox is the Storm God in mythology, and adversary that we call Satan. Bas commands and army of 35 demons for Pidkozox who are regularly trying to create evil around the world. In mythology, Bas is said to be a protector of homes who wards off demons, but in fact, Bas is the demon. Many of these entities were once beings of light who long ago chose to become psychopaths.

Neioh – Beloved Ones! We Have Important Matters To Discuss With You!  If You Believe This Is A Joke, You Should Leave Now. We Do Not Joke When It Comes To This Planet. AKATU Will Lighten Things To Cheer You. What We Share Now Will Inform You.

First I Quote To You The Holy Scripture Without Doctrine. “For We Wrestle Not Against Flesh And Blood, But Against Principalities, Against Powers, Against The Rulers Of The Darkness Of This World, Against Spiritual Wickedness In High Places.” ~Ephesians 6:12

These Moments You Live Now Are Full Of The Sacred Angelic Realm, Visitors Seen And Unseen From The Pleiades And Many Other Star Systems Of Light As You Are Served With Great Honor! To Understand There Are Light Forces, You Also Understand There Are Beings Of Darkness. In This Density, You Are Shielded From Seeing Those That Walk Among You, As It Would Not Allow You To Carry On Life As You Know It To Be!

We Will Expose And Reveal The Name Of The Entity That Is Ruling Over The Deception That Is Covering The Planet With Darkness And Lies. This Entity Calls Himself BAS. He Has A Demonic Group Of 35! These 35 Entities Want To Take Your Freedom, Your Liberties, Your Newborns, Your Businesses, Your News. They Desire To Cover You To Prevent The Global Shift! These Are Non-Physical Entities, Which Are The Rulers Of The Darkness Of This World! This Group Has Twisted Truth And Justice And Attempted The Complete Takeover Of All That Is Just And Fair!

If You Want To Know Who Is Behind The Fake News Media, It Is BAS! He Is Gaining Power By The Feeding Of Hatred To The Masses And Is Aiding In The Coverup Of The Election!  All Will Be Exposed And Truth Needs No Defending, But You Have Free Will And Individually Must Decide What You Will Allow!  You Have Come So Far! Do Not Allow These 35 Entities To Destroy What Belongs To You! Protect Your Homes, Your Family, Your Businesses, Your Future! It Is Time For Patriots And Lovers Of Planet Earth To WAKE UP And Realize What Is At Stake!

Pray! Meditate On Love! Form Collective Groups Of High Vibration! Dark To Light! 35 Be Gone! Declare From Your Heart, “No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper!” We Lift You Always But This Is A Moment To Shake You!  Realize What Could Be Lost! We Do As Much As Possible, But You Are Living As A Free Soul! – Neioh