Satan Pt 1: The Adversary


Earth isn’t a prison. It’s a school where souls volunteer to experience the struggles necessary to ascend to higher levels of existence. All souls incarnate by choice. There are souls native to Earth with experiences on Earth only, and there are “starseeds” from other worlds who agree to temporarily forget who they are. The primary battles fought are spiritual battles within each person. God isn’t fighting the Devil to save us. Light Forces aren’t fighting Dark Forces to save us.

Dynamics of Power

It’s said that Satan is Lord of the world, but the dark forces working against us are relatively weak in comparison to the light forces protecting and assisting us. With the presence of Galactic Federation and angelic beings, the dark ones are limited in what they can do and many of their evil plans are stopped before they start. They have lies and illusions. Their power is their ability to manipulate us to use our own free will against us.

The Elohim races aligned with the light (God-Source, Prime Creator, Natural Law) are the genetic creators of humans and the protectors of Earth. They have been here since the beginning, incarnating with us, and guiding us through all of our struggles. They teach that all life is one, although distinguish that there’s no cooperation between good and evil at any level. Evil is always an individual choice. The dark forces will be permanently removed at the completion of this cycle of soul incarnation experiences.

Origins of “Satan”

The word satan means to ‘stand against’ or ‘to oppose’. It can be used in a general way to describe anything opposing Nature or God-Source. The title of Satan is used by Yeshua and his followers to refer to the leader of the dark forces on Earth.

The Storm God

The Father God archetype in mythology and religion represents the temporary authority within this duality system. Father God refers specifically to the leader of the dark forces of this world, who Yeshua called the adversary.

LUKE 10:18 – (Yeshua) replied, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you. However, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.”

The Devil Archetype

The stereotypical image of a devil with horns and pitchfork originates with ancient pagan gods. Horned gods and tridents are seen in ancient Mesopotamia and continue into Greek, Scandinavian, Hindu mythology and popular culture worldwide. The trident is most famously associated with Poseidon.

Pidkozox from Nebulac

The leader of the dark forces is an entity named Pidkozox who comes from planet Uranus in our solar system. There is a parallel dimension of the planet Uranus undetectable to humans where an advanced race live. This world is called Nebulac. The beings who inhabit this world are 7 feet tall with 4 arms, claws and have gold scaly skin.

Though the discovery and naming came later, the planet’s name is synchronous with the original use of the word Ouranos as the origin of the Greek pantheon. In Greek Mythology, the creation of the world is described as a marriage of Gaia and Uranus, mirroring how the frequency of Earth was lowered by this invading force.

Pidkozox arrived with a group of Sirians and Orions, some of whom were defectors from Galactic Federation. Fallen Angels. They walked on the Earth and were worshiped as gods, but now exist primarily in astral form. They are confined by Galactic Federation but have methods to communicate with followers.

Worship of Pidkozox

Akatu – As Most Intelligent People Of Earth Know, Soros Is As Evil As A Being Can Get! He Was Not Always This Way For All Have Free Will And The Ability To Make Choices Moment By Moment. His Greed And Power Led Him Into Darkness. He Hides Behind A Mask Of Wanting To Help, When In Truth He Is A Dark Destroyer And Pure Evil. He Communes With Beings Seen And Unseen. He Drinks Blood And Offers Human Sacrifices. This Will Seem Impossible To Some Minds And We Do Not Wish To Cause Harm Or Fear. But Look At Your World And See The Evil.

This Evil Being Which We Consider The Soros Beast To Be, Follows An Entity Called Perun (Pidkozox) Who Is Known To Be A Slavic god. This god Was First Associated With Death, Weapons And Darkness. In Your World You Most Likely Have Never Heard Of These Things. But In The Seen And Unseen Worlds There Have Always Been Controllers. These Are Powerful Deities Of Darkness That Still Control Human Form. Remember The Body Form Is Only The Projected Consciousness That Holds The Intention Of The Being.

Soros Takes His Orders From Perun (Pidkozox). Because This Entity Is Non-Physical, It Can’t Be Killed. The Answer For Mankind Over Evil Is Choice. You Do Not Need To Ever Fear. Choose Your Intention For The Good Of All. You Must Know That Love Has The Highest Vibrational Frequency. This Is How You Prevail And Defeat Darkness! In Truth, No Weapons Are Needed! No Power Is Called For To Ever Destroy Darkness!

The Final Incarnation of Pidkozox

Judith – Henry Kissinger was the last body used and the entity from the body did surrender to the Galactic Federation. Kissinger is a Bilderberg member and did blood sacrifices at Bohemian Grove with the Bushes and others. People were killed. This was one body used by this entity. Many were used for thousands of years. All of them were evil. The most evil and powerful of them was Enlil. He did the most destruction. He was able to hide from the Light Forces for a long time. He would travel and use magic. He gained influence by hiding in bodies. He once inhabited a beautiful form having the first name Alva.

The Clone Replacement of Henry Kissinger

Many in the cabal who are arrested or killed are replaced with clones by their own people. Duplicates can be made in 5 months. They do this both to maintain the status quo and to have the persona available for propaganda, or profit. The people in the military who know about cloning are either benefiting from it or they don’t think people can handle it.

The black eyes seen on many elites is bruising from updates through their eye socket. This is one way data is transferred to the clone’s tech-augmented brain. The death of Kissinger was not reported and when Pidkozox left the body, the prepared clone continued in his place.

Imprisoned in Antarctica

Neioh – This Entity was commanded to leave the one called Henry Kissinger and to remain in our facility in Antarctica. There will be a moment when We will destroy evil. This moment will be as Earth experiences the Grand Shift. Entities are non-physical to human understanding. They move and inhabit multiple bodies over many lifetimes. This Entity will be Transmuted in Energy to a form that is not able to move or function. We have allowed free will over the Earth and We held back many wars in the cosmos as Earth was always a target. These moments are closing as the Awakening will bring such Light that our moment is Sacred to intervene with any threats to our Beloved Ones. The Entity will no longer have a name or effect on Life at any level of Being.

Judith Remote Viewing – Mountains. Snow. Flat area with glacier with a hole in the center. It goes deep into the ice. There’s lots of activity coming out. It looks like moon craters. Antarctica. No humans go there. They’ve been there a long time. They can manifest physically in other places. He looks like a rotting beast.

The Bottomless Pit

The approximate location where Pidkozox and his family are being held; Denman Glacier, “the deepest canyon on land”.

Communication with the Cabal

Although Pidkozox and his family are confined, they are able to communicate with others in astral. Their cults use ritual magic to manifest them into physical form in order to cause trouble around the planet. There are also entities which serve as messengers for them. One of the messengers is a demon known in ancient times as Bas. Some of the richest and most influential elites in the world know the entity Bas and communicate with Pidkozox through him in human sacrifice rituals.

Satan’s Messenger, Bas