Scripture Decoded: Elohim

First in Creation

Elohim refers to Beings who are first in creation, who have descended directly from 12th Dimension into this universe, and have manifested their own identities. These are Beings who begin very powerful and advanced and do not progress upwards from lower forms of life.

Beings who are “of Elohim” include various star races such as Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, Andromedans and Orions, as well as Archangels, Angels, Light Beings, Elementals and Fae.

Pleiadian Origins

Aya – Pleiadians were created in what is labeled 12th Dimension. With free will we ventured out by first following one another in cycles of rhythms, tones, color and light. A span taking us from non-physical to physical to such a creative ability we could move on and create language and a sense of unity as family. This place was what is labeled 7th Dimension, 7th Density Taygeta. We never label Dimensions as humans do. We consider Expansion only.