Sirians call themselves Napoli and call their home Nopplia.

They are an ancient and powerful Elohim race, each living for millions of our years. Like other Elohim, they live on the stars in their systems, which are planets in higher densities. Sirians are primary members of Galactic Federation and have been friends with Pleiadians for millions of years.

They are one of the five original seeders of human life on Earth (Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, Andromedans, Orions). They incarnate as 3D humans in the third highest numbers behind Pleiadians and Arcturians. Their crafts are seen third in number behind Pleiadians and Arcturians. They are also considered the third most powerful Elohim Race behind Pleiadians and Arcturians.


The Sirians most connected to Earth look much like humans with a few key differences. They are taller, averaging between 6-7 feet. They have human-looking faces, with light pale skin. Their heads are slightly elongated, but not as much as some other ET visitors to Earth. They can have hair or be completely bald. Their eyes are a very dark blue and turned upwards on the outer corners. Their noses are small and thin.

There are other kinds of Sirian beings who are more connected to aquatic species like dolphins and whales, but most of our information will focus on the humanoid Sirians.


Sirians are very spiritual and kind, and live very holistic lives aligned with nature. They are friends to Fairies and Angelic Realms. They eat fruits and vegetables and drink water. They love animals and nature and respect all life.


Sirians wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing at home. They wear pants and shirts like humans do. Many prefer to be completely nude. They wear capes and hoods to galactic meetings. Skin-tight uniforms are worn during official Galactic Federation operations.


Sirians live in long open buildings shared by many families. There are large atriums with trees and gardens, where living areas and communal areas are joined together by large archways throughout. Animals roam freely. People meditate in groups in beautiful parks with colorful flowers.

Names and Language

Sirians have their own language and their original names sound like basic tones to others, like SEEE or KEEE, not unlike whale songs. These tones can be translated into familiar syllables for others to speak. Sirians have a Sirian name and a Light Language or common name.

About Sirius A and B

Neioh – Beloved Friends Of Light! As We Move Closer To The Grand Shift, We Honor And Acknowledge Many Races! Some Races We Have Revealed Have Their Created Soul In Elohim-12-D. Sirians Are One Of These Beloved Races!

Through Millions Of Years They Lived On Their Stars In A Small Constellation Known As Canis Major On Earth. It Is In The Milky Way Galaxy.

Those Created In Elohim Had No Name In Their Beginning. They Expressed In Tones And Color And Understood Their Sacred Essence. They Had The Awareness Of Those Around Them Expressing In Love. Power Was Given By God To Project Bodies With Their Own Consciousness. Each Had Free Will And The Ability To Venture Out In The Vast Cosmos.

As Life Developed And Children Were Born, Many Understood The Generations That Were Growing.

Those Souls First Created In Elohim Joined With Other Elohim Races From Many Stars And Formed An Alliance Of Light That We Call The Galactic Federation. All Members Dress In Blue Uniforms With Silver Boots To Show Unity Among Members.

The First Commander And Elder Of Sirius Of Both A And B Stars Is ASHTAR KELEESO. His Power And Light Shine Through Millions Of Years And Earth Has Experienced The Creative Power And Love Of The Galactic Federation For 30 Million Years. His Headquarters Are On Star A But He Moves Continually To Meet With Those On Star B. He Wears Long Burgundy Colored Pants With Silver Capes And A Silver Necklace With A Medallion With The Face Of A Large Cat (Representing Quietness With Wisdom In Traveling Unseen). When Traveling On Missions, He Dresses As Other Members Of The GF.

Now There Are Starseeds On Earth From Races That Were Not In Your Awareness. There Are Mixed Races That Are Having A Brief Experience Of Being Human. Native Souls Of Earth Welcomed The First Visitors As They Received Love And Assistance.

The Appearance Of Sirians Are Dark Blue Slightly Slanted Eyes, A Slightly Elongated Head, A Narrow Nose And Thin Lips. They Stand 7 Feet Tall And Enjoy Being Nude Or Wearing Drapes Over One Shoulder To The Knees. They Dress For Meetings In Elaborate Apparel With Long Pants, Capes, Gowns And Robes.

Sirius A Is The Brightest Star Seen In The Earth’s Night Sky. Sirius B Is A Dwarf Star That Was Once Very Large. It Has Collapsed In Size As It’s Fuel Sources Have Been Used To Maintain Temperature. It Is Very Hot Like The Sun And Over Millions Of Years, The Souls Adapted And Lived Closer To One Another. The Power Of Source Allowed The Adaptation To Accommodate Life In This Manner With No Effects To The Body At All.

The Sirian Race Is Able To Maintain Themselves As Their Design Is From Light And Heat. They Are Able To Project Light From Their Fingertips As They Travel And Encounter Dark Entities. They Give Warnings With The Light And They Can Destroy Those That Attempt To Attack. They Are Very Peaceful And Try To Avoid Conflicts But They Are Very Protective Of Those They Love. Sirians View Life In Oneness And Enjoy Meditating Together To Feel The Presence Of Source Within.

Both A And B Stars Work Together Magnetically To Balance High Density Particles And Move Around Each Other Causing An Increased Spinning Of The Stars. This Is Balanced And The Souls Never Feel The Movement, Just As You Do Not Feel The Turning Of Earth.

Life Is Full Of Creativity With Art, Music And Games. Long Structures With Flat Roofs Are Created Throughout Both Stars. Archways Divide Areas For Privacy With Families And Meetings. There Are Soft Colorful Cushions Placed Throughout The Area For Comfort.

Large Mountains And Oceans Are Colorful And Sirians Hike And Swim Daily. They Consume Vegetables And Fruit With Water And Enjoy Having Beautiful Trees And Flowers. Fairies Fly Through The Areas Where Families And Beloved Pets Interact. Large Cats, Bears And Flying Horses Are Enjoyed By Everyone.

This Beloved Race Is Aware Of You And Their Focus Is On Unity And The Soon Coming Shift. You Will Meet Them In Sheen As All Races Greet One Another With Remembrance And Great Love!

Neioh – About Sirians (Napoli of Nopplia)

Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command

Many Sirians choose Galactic Federation service, taking them on missions of great importance across the galaxies. Ashtar is the Elder-Leader who represents Sirius in Galactic Federation. Ashtar once made contact with Earth in what is called the Southern Television broadcast interruption of 1977. Ashtar Command is a special group within Galactic Federation. While representing Galactic Federation on Earth, Sirians visit military bases with Pleiadians and Arcturians, as well as walk the streets of Earth, and have the ability to change their appearance to instantly look human as needed.

Sirian Anunnaki and Fallen Angels

Oppisheklio is the Sirian who rebelled against Galactic Federation and lead a large group to Earth to manipulate and control humanity. He was known by many names, including Enki, Apollo, Set and Lucifer. Oppisheklio’s brother is the Sirian commander Ashtar. The majority of the anunnaki who followed Oppisheklio to Earth were Sirians, with a number of Orions and other races following. Oppisheklio genetically manipulated existing humans to create a Sirian dominant lineage, which became the story of Adam and Eve. These humans had elongated skulls for many generations, and some became Monarchies. The Anunnaki were often portrayed as both sides of mythological and religious stories, while truly benevolent visitors were less emphasized or hidden.


In the Sumerian historical records, the term Nibiru was mistranslated to describe a moving planet, but actually refers to a Sirian mothership. The Sirians came and left on bright motherships which were indistinguishable from moving stars or planets. Nibiru isn’t relevant to Earth anymore and isn’t returning.

Notable Sirian Starseeds

King David – Siellopish
Apostle Mark – Syrekah
Nikola Tesla / Elon Musk – Mikoleka
Barack Obama – Tamaxioz
Enki / Apollo / Lucifer – Oppisheklio

David Bowie – Shuka

David Bowie knew he was a Sirian starseed and he expressed it many times in his music. From the Serious Moonlight Tour,  to images of Sirians in aboriginal artwork in the Let’s Dance music video.

Indigenous Contact

All of the benevolent galactic races were once known to all humans. Most people forgot but some cultures left behind evidence of the contact. The Dogon Tribe of Africa were visited by aquatic beings from Sirius.