Laka – In These Moments We Will Speak Further About The Race Called TILLOPEAH.

Their Planet Is Half The Size Of Earth. They Sit Just Outside Of Your Galaxy And Have Long Admired And Loved The Galactic Federation. From Their Planet Called TILLOP, These Loving Souls View Life In Oneness.

They Were Never Members Of The Light Forces But Have Been Greatly Respected For Their Manner Of Life. For This Reason, The Protectors Of The Earth Allowed Them To Incarnate And Return To Their Planet After Each Waking Dream.

They Have Blended Well With Starseeds On Earth And This Allows Them The Gift Of Shifting To SHEEN For The Grand Celebrations. They Will Greet Those That They Have Shared Lives And Children With And Known Grief And Death In Body Form.

They Are Loving Souls Who Are 10 Feet Tall With Reddish Skin. Their Eyes Are Perfectly Round And Dark Blue. They Have A Slit Mouth And A Slit Nose. They Are Nude Or Choose Material That Is Woven Very Fine And Is Transparent But Colorful. They Procreate Energetically And Have No Mates. Like Many Races, They Choose To Share In Gathering A Type Of Food From Plants.

The Plants Are Bright Yellow And Have Large Round Produce That Is Red In Color. It Is Not A Fruit Or Vegetable But It Contains All Nutrients Needed To Sustain Life Perfectly. They Drink Pure Water.

They Stand To Rest Or Sleep. Their Legs And Lower Body Are Very Thick And Muscular And They Require Little Rest. They Are Able To Accomplish Many Things As They Do Not Experience Night. Their Planet Has A Sun That Is Located In Proximity To Allow Perfect Lighting And Warmth With Positive Outcomes.

They Enjoy Green And Blue Animals That Are Unlike Any On Earth. They Stand Upright And Communicate With Sounds And Motions. They Assist With Gathering Food And Water. They Resemble Chimpanzees But With Small Eyes And A Slit Nose And Mouth. They Are Very Loving And Called IMOS, Whether Green Or Blue In Color. They Are 5 Feet Tall. They Enjoy Being Held Like Children.

The Souls Of Oneness Enjoy Meditation Together And They Speak Loving Words As They Chant And Sing.

There Is No Governing Leader As They Choose To Meet In A Group Setting Beside Tall Orange Mountains. They Discuss Technology And Changes Throughout The Cosmos. They Are Very High In Technology And Have Been Given Instructions And Assistance By The GF On Ways To Maneuver Through Areas Of Darkness. Their Crafts Are Large And Well Designed.

When They Incarnate To Earth, They Prefer Guides From Their Home. These Are Relationships Built On Love And Trust And They Are Excited To Do This For One Another.

They Enjoy Colorful Oceans That Change Colors With The Energy Of The Sun. Day By Day They Enjoy Bright Fuchsia, Orange, Yellow And Silver For Their Ocean’s Colors. They Swim And Enjoy Creating Art And Games That Are Enjoyed By All.

They Understand The Closeness Earth Shares With The Galactic Forces And They Respect And Honor This Sacred Relationship. They Consider Themselves To Be Infinite Friends Of All Souls As They Understand The Essence Of God Lives In All Creation. Look Around And Behold Such A Family Of Love On Planet Earth!

Laka – The Race Called Tillopeah