Friends Of ONE Light!

As We Traverse The Galaxies, Know Well That We Have Created Multitudes Of Structures And Meeting Places!  Indeed, The Galactic Forces Are Unlimited In Scope To Your Current Perception And Thinking. If It Is Possible To Step Out Of Your Box, Do It Now. What Next? Throw The Box Away!

Before I Offer Truth And Wisdom, Ask Yourself If This Life Story Has Given You Truth? Remember That Truth Does Not Change! Only Perceptions And Beliefs Change. Have You Ever Changed Your Mind After Being Certain About Someone Or A Story Told As Truth Which Was Revealed To Be A Lie! Look At MSM. Any Lies Lately? Indeed! Let Us Begin Now.

There Are Many Narratives Running About The Moon You Observe. The Large Structure That Is Intentionally Seen In These Moments Is One Of Our Finest Galactic Meeting Structures. With Architecture Not Available To You In These Moments, It Would Be Difficult For You To Imagine. But You Can. This Magnificent Structure Is Composed Largely Of Crystals And Is Indestructible. It Can Be Cloaked To Be Unseen, It Can Rise Higher Or Contract And Change Shapes.

This Structure Is Also A Mothership Which Can Easily Accommodate Hundreds With Large Lounging Areas, Music And Dining. It Is Equipped With The Highest Technology Of Forces And Can Operate In Any Galaxy.

We Meet Regularly Here As Well As Deep Space And Other Planets. Motherships Are Designed For Leisure As Well As Important Meetings. In The Area Of Your Moon That You Are Viewing, There Are Tunnels And Landing Areas For Multiple Crafts From Many Aspects Of Life In The Multiverses.

In This Area There Are Many Types Of Life And Beings. Unstructured With A Ruler, There Is Duality And Many Types Of Body Forms.  Just As You Have Kind And Loving Humans, There Are Wonderful Beings As Well As Those That Enjoy Causing Chaos. These Would Not Be Accepted By Earth Largely Because Of Appearance. Some Have The Look Of What You Call Insects. These Are Highly Intelligent And Communicate Well. Others Have Body Forms With Arms And Legs, Walking Upright And All Accept That Life Looks Very Different. It Is Not A Problem For Any Beings Here As Life Has Taught Them Many Ways To Remain Private. Pleiadians Are Highly Respected And Teach Often When The Situation Is Appropriate.

There Is Water, Mountains, Streams And Many Plants. All Nutrients, Minerals And Components Necessary Have Been Provided And Beings Thrive Well. Plants Have Systems Of Transforming Chemicals From The Earth Without Using The Sun As Earth Uses For Photosynthesis. It Is An Entire Process And This Provision Is Nourishment For All Beings.  As Your Body Form Is Mostly Water, The Forms There Are More Solid As The Elements They Consume.

Life Is Present On All Stars And Planets. Remaining With A Pinpoint Of The Consciousness You Possess Will Allow Only A Pinpoint Of Awareness. You Have Choices For Expansion!  You Have Choices To Remember And Know Who You Really Are! Relax As You Complete The Choice To Become Human! Know You Are So Much More!

As We Continue Our Meetings On Your Behalf As Well As The Ongoing Light Of The Multiverses, Know That Our Highest Intention Is Truth And Light!

Know You Have Friends In Many Realms!

You Are Completely Safe!

With Love And Power,


I Love You So!