Laka – In This Brief Communication, I Will Present To You, Yet Another Race That Is Part Of The Sacred Light Of Being!

This Race Is Called Camaesk. They Live In Peace And Power On A Star That Is Located Far Into The Outer Region Of The Milky Way Galaxy. This Star Is Called ‘Camae’.

The Camaesk Are Known And Loved By The Light Forces That Visited Them Long Ago In Efforts To Unite Them With Others That Excel In Sharing Missions Of Light And Purpose Throughout The Cosmos!

They Have Remained With The Galactic Federation As They Exemplify The Courage And Ability To Perform On All Missions As They Continue To Learn And Grow In Light As Junior Members.

As The Galactic Federation Has Added Members Throughout Their Advancement To Unify Galactic Civilizations, All Races Are Considered To Join, As The Understanding That Knowledge Increases As Skills And Technology Are Implemented In Ongoing Measures.   

The Camaesk Stand Five Feet Tall With Dark Brown To Black Skin. Their Hair Is Black And Worn Long To The Waist. Their Body Features Are Similar To Humans With One Difference In Facial Features Which Is Very Large Light Blue Eyes. They Enjoy Being Nude In Everyday Life But Like Many Races We Have Shared, They Dress In Elaborate Apparel For Meetings And Celebrations.

All Junior Members Of The Galactic Federation Wear Blue Uniforms With Silver Boots As All Other Members. This Recognition Of Colors And Design Is Honored Throughout The Multiverses! 

These Souls Enjoy Beautiful Lives With No Duality And No Death Of The Body. They Circulate Light With Crystal Hearts As So Many Others In The Higher Realms. Their Creation From Source Divinity Allowed Them To Be Children At Their Creative Moment Of Expression And Grow And Develop In Learning And Power As Adult Bodies Became Their Natural State Of Being And Strength.

For Millions Of Years They Have Been Sustained By The Creative Power They Were Given As One Love. They Enjoy Trees, Mountains And Nature That Evolves In Vibrant Colors And Changes Without Dying Or Decay. There Are Colorful Fruits And Vegetables As Well As Nutritious Plants That Are Picked And Eaten Throughout The Day. 

There Is A Variety Of Animals That Are Enjoyed As Companions And Pets. Flying Birds Are Popular Methods Of Transportation As Camaesk Are Telepathic With All Of Nature And Animals. The Colorful Birds Of Lavender, Yellow And Turquoise Are Given Names And As They Are Called To Be Of Service, Each Camaesk Gently Climbs Onto The Back As The Giant Wings Spread And Leave The Area With Great Love And Beauty!

There Are Blue, Silver And White Tigers As Well As Small Furry Creatures Called ‘Mec’ That Resemble Pandas. There Is Unity And Great Love With The Souls That Live Infinitely In Light!

Their Homes Are Sturdy And Colorful As They Have Been Diligently Constructed By The Beauty Of Surrounding Nature. Bits Of Wood Are Interwoven With Colorful Leaves And Flowers That Remain Supple And Alive After Picked For Artistic Designs Of Homes. Stairways From Trees That Are Lavender And Orange, Add To The Magnificent Homes That Are Changed As Often As Desired. Lush Blue Plants And Large Pieces Of Golden Rocks And Colorful Crystals Add To Flooring And Walls As A Living Essence!

Camaesk Enjoy Swimming In Large Bodies Of Liquid Crystals. They Enjoy The Movement Of Hiking Tall Iridescent Silver Mountains As They Fly In Body Form From The Highest Point! They Play Games, Paint Lovely Pictures And Enjoy Crystal Drums And Many Instruments Derived From Nature That Create Tones And Color With A Touch!

Indeed, This Is A Paradise Planet And One To Respect And Honor As Earth Moves Toward The Grand Shift! The Camaesk Are Diligent With Keeping Up With The Ever Changing Earth! They Will Join The Celebrations Of Sheen As They Greet You In Light! They Will Return To Their Home And You Will Understand They Will Always Be Your Friends!

Those That Serve The Light Forces From Camae Will Grow In Numbers And In Rank. Many Will No Longer Serve As Junior Races And Will Fully Lead And Train Others In An Ever Growing Expansion Of The Galactic Federation!

The Intention Of The Galactic Federation Is To Unite Races Throughout The Cosmos In Light, As A Galactic Civilization Will Always Promote Peace As The Collective Consciousness, Light And Spirit Abound As One!

You Are Part Of A Symphony Of Light! A Harmony That Has Forgotten The Sound Of One!

Laka – Camaesk of Camae