Who Are The Seuo?

AKATU – In These Moments Of Communication, We Will Discuss And Reveal A Star That Many Of You Will Relate To In Your Current Waking Dream. Indeed, These Beings Are Fully Aware Of Choosing Light While Many Have Remained In Duality By Their Own Intention! The Ego Is Powerful When Greed Satisfies The Outer World Of Being. But Only The Soul Can Understand True Peace Within!

These Beings Call Themselves SEUO. Their Star Is Called SEU. This Star Is Twice The Size Of Earth And Is Located Just Outside The Milky Way Galaxy. Known To Many Other Stars, The SEUO Have Visitors In Crafts And They Enjoy Traveling In Vehicular Crafts In The Proximity Of Their Home.

The SEUO Stand Approximately Six Feet Tall. Their Hair Is Jet Black. They Have Light Green Eyes And Pale Yellow Skin. By Human Standards You Would See Them As Beautiful In Your Perspective Of Judgement. Their Views Of Life And Interactions Are Similar To What You Experience On Earth.

Those That Have Chosen Light, Did Not Arrive To This Point Without Hardships And Discord. Finding Peace Within, There Are Many Of The SEUO Race That Have Upgraded Bodies That Circulate Light. The Galactic Federation Visited SEU Many Times And Offered Friendship As They Taught The Unity Of Light! All Inhabitants Were Offered The Upgrades But Not All Desired The Changes That Would Result. Giving Up The Enticement Of Material Gain And Greed Was Too Much To Ask Of Beings That Loved Their Own Beauty And Power.

Those That Chose Light Found Complete Peace And Joy. Some Of These Souls Joined The Galactic Federation As Junior Members. They Wear Blue Uniforms And Silver Boots As They Travel Throughout The Cosmos, Learning With The Guidance Of Senior Members That Excel In Knowledge.

Over Time, The SEUO Will Join Others And Choose Light. But For Now, They Live, Love And Die In Body Form. They Experience Discord And Disease With Death. They Live Approximately One Thousand Years And They Incarnate Back Into Their Own Race. They Have Never Visited Earth But They Are Very Aware Of Life Here As Their Own Members Of The Galactic Federation Have Kept Them Informed.

Their Lives Are Full Of Possibilities Each Day With Free Will And The Choice To Give Up Duality. The Temptation Of Power And Beauty Has Enticed Many Of These Souls To Linger In The Lifestyles They Are Accustomed To Enjoying.

Focusing On Elaborate Clothing Of The Finest Material, Jewels Worn With Even Casual Attire And Extravagant Homes Are Just A Few Of The Desires Of Competition With Others On SEU. The SEUO Enjoy Local Travel In Vehicular Crafts. They Are Fully Equipped With Technology To Venture Out And Travel But They Remain Close To Home. Junior Members Of The Galactic Federation Often Call Meetings With The SEUO That They Love. These Gatherings Offer Teachings Of Light And The Joy That Will Be With Unity.

Homes Are Designed With Entertaining In Mind. Many Parties Are Held Regularly In Each Home. Golden Staircases And White Marble Floors Create An Atmosphere Of Opulence. Homes Have Voice Commands To Open Walls That Have Large Screens That Rise Out Of The Floors. Entertainment Is Chosen By Command For Concerts Or Investment Advice. The Currency Flows In A Banking System With Everyone Being Wealthy And Wanting More. Greed Produces More Greed With Discontent. The Race Of Beauty Has Lost Their Compass As The Soul Is Never Considered By The Majority.

Animals Are Similar To Those On Earth And Large Animals Are Feared. They Have Lifespans Of One Hundred Years And They Reenter This Plane Of Being. Nature Is Beautiful With Large Colorful Mountains, Trees And Oceans. Swimming, Hiking And Artistic Endeavors Are Enjoyed.

The SEUO Will Increasingly Grow To Be More Discontent. This Is The Manner Of All Souls That Are Not Connected In Awareness To Spirit. Their Journey Will Be As The Familiarly That You Know On Earth. There Will Be Deception, Lies And Darkness That Will Transpire Over The Life Of Those On SEU. Only Then Will These Beings See A Need For Change.

Maybe You Can Relate To This Spreading Darkness On Earth And The Absolute Need For Change. This Magnificent Change Will Be The Grand Shift Of The Ages!

Akatu – The SEUO From SEU