Who Are The Tabee?

Pleiadian Collective – We Continue To Review And Teach About The Many Aspects Of Life In Form! Indeed, In This Communication, We Will Share The Discovery Made By The Galactic Federation Thousands Of Years Ago Of A Star On The Outer Perimeter Of Your Galaxy!

This Beautiful Star Is Called TALAS By The Beings That Live There In Beauty And Peace. They Call Themselves TABEE And They Communicate In Sounds And Frequencies As Well As Telepathy!

Members Of The Galactic Federation Found This Magnificent Star That Was Created After Elohim Souls By Source Energy And Complete Love! There Was No Real Technology And The Light Forces Offered Teaching That Resulted In Large Crafts That The TABEE Use In Daily Life Ongoing. Many Were Recruited To Join The Galactic Federation And They Continue As Junior Members That Traverse The Cosmos With Higher Ranking Members That Teach Them By Example.

Living In Oneness With An Understanding Of Duality Will Require Great Wisdom And Understanding That Darkness Is Sometimes Discovered On Missions Of Light! The Position Of Junior Members Of The Light Force In This Capacity Will Change To Complete Power As Galactic Civilizations And Unity Are Near!

The TABEE Stand Five Feet Tall With A Human Form Of Two Arms And Two Legs. Their Skin Is Pale Orange And Slightly Translucent. Their Eyes Are Circular In Shape And Black In Color. They Have No Hair, A Slit Mouth And No Nose. There Are Two Nostrils Where The Nose Would Be In Form. The TABEE Wear No Clothing At All. Members Of The Light Forces Dress In The Required Apparel Of Blue Uniforms And Silver Boots.

The TABEE Procreate Energetically And Enjoy The Playfulness Of Children. They Choose Lives Of Approximately Eight Hundred Years And Leave The Body Without Disease Or Discord. They Incarnate Back Into Their Loving Race On TALAS And Live In Love, Expansion And Awareness. Beginning Lives As Children That Learn Creativity Again Is Desired By The Souls of TALAS.

There Are Lovely Crystal Mountains, Yellow Trees And Glowing Plants. The Consumption Of A Variety Of Plants With Water, Provides Adequate Nutrition And Energy To Thrive. Colorful Flowers And Large Bodies Of Clear Water Surround Homes That Are Created By Thought And Intention.

Walls And Glimmering Floors Are Created With Meditation With Areas To Relax And Open Roof Designs. Changes And Additions Are Within The Power And Ability Of Each Creator As The Powerful Soul Of Being. Animals Are Happy And Content With Care And Love By The TABEE. Many Animals Have Wings And Enjoy Soaring About The Area As Beloved Pets. Some Resemble Large Cats While Others Have The Appearance Of Horses. All Are Loved Immensely By Their Families. Music Is Enjoyed With Instruments Played By The Intention Of Thought As Melodies Begin Within Each Soul.

The TABEE Circulates Liquid Quartz And Will Upgrade Further To Circulate Light With Crystal Hearts As Galactic Civilizations Unify And Become One In Love And Community!

Until The Moment Of The Unity Of Light, Know These Beings Of Love Are With You With The Intention Of Love And Peace For All Life!

Neioh – Tabee From Talas