Akatu - The Race Called Veece

Friends Of The Great Light Of God! (ELAKO)

We Honor All Life As The Creation Of One!

We Fully Recognize This Great Power Gave Free Will Which Allows The Expression Of Duality!

A Beloved Race Called VEECE Is From The Planet Called VEECAH.

This Planet Is Almost As Large As Earth And Is Located In The Outer Milky Way.

Created In Purity And Love, They Have Remained With The Perception Of Oneness.

They Travel As Members Of The Galactic Federation And They Will Continue As Valuable Assets With Deep Friendships With Many Members. They Have Been Taught Great Technology By Pleiadians And Arcturians And They Enjoy Traveling With A Chosen Friend On Difficult Missions To Continue Learning In Strength. The GF Sometimes Requires Harsh Measures And These Loving Souls Sometimes Need To Be Prompted As They Are So Gentle They Have A Hard Time Understanding Duality.

As You Know Well, You Cannot Be Friendly With Everyone! You Can Send Light, But Set Your Boundaries!

VEECE Stand 9-12 Feet Tall With A Very Trim Body. Their Skin Is Pale And White. They Resemble Asians On Earth With Facial Features. While Traveling With The GF, They Remain In Uniform With Boots. On VEECAH, They Enjoy Being Nude Or Wearing Soft Long Tops That Are Colorful And Come To Their Knees. Males And Females Dress The Same.

They Circulate Light And Have Crystal Hearts As Pleiadians Do. There Is No Disease Or Death Of The Body. They Do Not Incarnate To Earth Or Other Planets. They Are Content With Their Communion Of Source.

They Live On Plants That Are Plentiful And Provide Total Nourishment. They Drink Water And Have Brief Showers And Mild Temperatures. They Live In Crystal Huts That Provide Each Family With Energy And Rest In Minutes Of Earth Time. They Thrive On Being Active And Energetic.

They Enjoy Silver Oceans And Colorful Mountains Of Red, Yellow And Orange. There Are Many Fairies On Their Planet And Arcturians And Pleiadians Are Welcomed As Honored Friends And Guests.

Each Family Enjoys Traveling In A Large Craft And They Explore The Cosmos With Great Joy!

They Have Many Elders That Do Not Govern But Rather Organize Groups To Meditate And Hear The Feelings And Desires Of All VEECE. Elders Are Chosen But Step Down After Long Periods To Allow Others The Opportunity To Serve In This Manner.

VEECE Enjoy Animals That Resemble Elephants And Horses. They Are Much Larger And They Communicate Telepathically. They Are Very Close To Each Family And Children Enjoy Riding On Their Backs. They Are Created In The Colors Of Yellow, Green Or Blue.

VEECE Attend Meetings With The Galactic Federation And When Families Are Present, They Enjoy Colorful Robes And Capes. They Program Crystals Often And Speak To Them With Telepathy.

VEECE Often Visit Earth As Members Of The GF, And Their Favorite Areas Are The Bases Of Antarctica As Ice And Cold Are Fascinating To Them. They Have A Wonderful Sense Of Humor And Are Loved By All Races.

We Are The Family Of Light!

I Love You So!