Neioh – Knowing That Creation Is Unlimited In Scope Will Allow You The Opportunity To Expand In Consciousness Even More As You Consider The Endless Possibilities That Are Familiar To You In The Higher Realms.

In These Moments We Will Share About A Race We Have Mentioned Before. We Will Go Further And Ask You To Imagine That You Know These Souls. Some Of You Know Them Incarnated. Others Know Them As Friends From Their Home, As You Also Have A Home Of Origin Unless You Are An Earth Native Soul. They Also Have Families With Earth Native Souls In Waking Dreams! We Truly Are A Family!

A Planet Outside Of The Milky Way In A Galaxy Unknown To You That Is Known As JASEIHOLASH, Has A Vast Number Of Beautiful Souls That Are Called PEEKAHS By Their Own Naming. Their Planet Is Called PEKANOS.

PEKANOS Is Slightly Larger Than Earth. There Are Similarities As Well As Great Differences. When PEEKAHS Have Not Incarnated, They Have Much Greater Similarities To The Origins You Have Been Given.

In Description Of Physical Characteristics, They Have A Very Human Like Body. Males And Females Are Strong And Muscular But Equally So. Their Skin Color Would Be Very Pink To You In Shade That You Would Observe In A Flower. Their Faces Would Be Very ‘Doll’ Like As Their Eyes Are Almost Twice The Size Of Yours. They Have Very Long Eyelashes And Longer Noses But Proportioned As Yours. Their Mouth Is Shaped As A Human And They Have Teeth. They Are Beautiful To See As They Do Have A Perfect Face In What Humans Judge To Be. In Truth, We See All Faces As Beautiful!

They Circulate Light And Have A Crystal Heart As Pleiadians And Other Elohim Races. There Is No Blood, Therefore, There Is No Disease Or Death.

These Souls Have Many That Are Members Of The Galactic Federation. They Have Families And Generations Of Children. Many Are Incarnated Now For The Grand Shift Of The Ages. Many Have Histories Of Waking Dreams With Starseeds From Many Places. Many Of You Are With Incarnated PEEKAHS. This Will Be Great Fun As The Shift Reveals All Souls As Their True Being. What Love There Will Be!

Their Hair Is Thick And Worn Long And Straight Or Braided With Crystals. They Are Not Vain In Their Beauty But View Life In Oneness As They Embrace Another As Themselves.

Their Ongoing Technology Is Excellent And Their Abilities To Travel And Negotiate Peacefully With Others Has Brought Great Friendships. Those With The GF, Have Continued To Serve In All Capacities.

They Have No War And Need For Governing. They Enjoy Group Meetings In Crystal Havens That You Would Describe As Castles. There Are Ornate Carvings With Gold And Jewels. Everyone Meets Together Equally And Discusses The Business Of The Day. They Meditate And Feel The Presence Of The One Infinite Source Of All. They Are Aware Of Duality And Have Many Ambassadors That Speak As You Have Heard About On Other Stars.

There Are No Goddesses As They Choose To Remain Equal In All Service Except The GF. None Can Compare To Their Infinite Service To The Light!

They Procreate By Touching The Tops Of Their Head Together. This Is Done Privately While Nude And The Energetic Resonance Of Their Love Will Vibrate In The Frequency Of Creation And An Infant Develops And Is Born From The Female That Day. The Race Celebrates All New Life As One.

They Are Friendly And Loving To All Beings. They Enjoy The Experience Of Incarnating To Earth As Many Races Are Here That Are Friends To Them At Home. Many Awaken As You Do Throughout Each Waking Dream.

Their Animals Are Not Varied As On Earth Or With Other Elohim Races In Higher Realms. They Enjoy Unicorns With Wings That They Adore. These Are Pink, Blue, Gold Or White. They Are Powerful And Loving. They Take The Place Of Transit. They Fly As You Have Planes On Earth. They Run As You Have Automobiles. They Live On The Energy Of Light And They Never Tire. They Are Playful As Pets And Everyone Enjoys Having Many.

There Are Also Crafts For All Families And Exploring And Leisure Are Ongoing Throughout The Cosmos.

Colors Are Vivid With Turquoise, Pink, Lavender And The Same That You See In Origin Reveals And Some Places On Earth. There Are Mountains, Oceans, Flowers And Beauty Like Paradise.

Homes Are Crystal Domes That Sit On Soft Grass. One Side Is Open And They Are Large And Can Be Expanded By Intention And Magic. Soft Cushions Are Plentiful For Rest. They Consume Fresh Water And A Substance That Comes From Trees Called CABEOS. This Has All Nutrients Needed And Provides A Feeling Of Well Being. It Is The Consistency Of A Soft Banana. The Color Is Blue. Trees Grow Abundantly And Everyone Eats When They Choose.

Fairies Play With Children And Adults And Magical Games Are Enjoyed. There Is Always Laughter And Joy!

When They Incarnate, Their Guides Are Friends From Home. This Is The Choice Made On Most Stars. It Is A Relationship Of Love And Trust.

Many Families On PEKANOS Await Their Loved Ones And Will Greet Them At The Grand Shift!