Who are the Andromedans? (Mes of Meshalea)

Akatu – About Andromedans (Mes of Meshalea)

Beloved Friends Of Light! We Will Continue To Share About Races And Life In Many Places Beyond What You Have Known On Earth! One Beloved Group You Have Heard Of But Know Little Of Their Daily Life, Are Those From Andromeda!

ELDER ROSHEE HEIKIDOSK Is Chief Elder As Well As Serving As Commander Representing Andromeda In The Galactic Federation For Millions Of Years. He Is Honored And Loved By His Race! He Serves With Other Elders In The Entire Constellation Of Andromeda But Is Considered To Be Chief Elder As The Constellation Is United With The Belief And Perspective Of Oneness. He Travels And Meets With All Souls As Other Elders Take Part In Assisting His Endeavors. His Creation Of Soul Was In Elohim In 12-D.

Andromeda Is Called MESHALEA And The Constellation Of The Andromeda Galaxy Is Larger Than The Milky Way Galaxy. Large Planets Are Inhabited By Beautiful Beings That View Life Through A Lens Of Love!

There Are Many Goddesses Throughout Andromeda That Are Honored For Their Dedication To The Light Of Source. They Travel Extensively Throughout The Multiverses In Crafts With Family And Friends To Speak In Engagements Regarding Peace For All Beings. They Dress In Gowns And Robes For Engagements But At Home, Everyone Is Casual With Clothing Being Optional. Some Wear Simple Shorts Or Drapes Over One Shoulder To The Knees.

This Manner Of Attire Is Consistent With All Souls From Andromeda. Pleiadians And Arcturians Are Frequent Guests And There Are Always Large Meals Served With Beautiful Music Playing. Many Dress For These Occasions In Colorful Pants, Gowns, Capes And Robes. All Important Meetings Are Considered Reasons To Dress In Elaborate Apparel.

There Are No Mates In Andromeda. They Procreate Energetically. Each Male And Female Have Many Children With Those They Resonate With Vibrationally. Everyone Shares In The Care Of All Children They View All Beings As Family. Vegetables And Fruit Are Grown And Harvested Together. Meals Are Prepared And Served Outdoors While Resting On Soft Colorful Cushions.

Large Thick Tapestries Interwoven With Crystals Are Suspended From Mountain To Mountain To Create Homes And Privacy. They Have The Ability And Creative Power To Have Any Type Of Structure But They Prefer A Simple Life With Little Possessions As They Find Peace Living As The Soul.

The Land Is Full Of Colorful Flowers And Trees. Crystals Are Seen In All Sizes Through Soft Grass And Deep Within The Oceans. They Swim And Dive And Enjoy Climbing The Mountains To Stay Fit. Large Tigers, Lions And Bears Are The Most Common Animals But Many Others That Are Seen On Earth Are Here. Monkeys, Horses And Even Colorful Birds Are Enjoyed.

Fairies Splash In Pools Of Water And Enter Trees To Make Toys For Children And All Visitors.

Andromedans Stand About 7 Feet Tall. Most Males Have No Hair And Some Females Have A Small Amount Of Silver-White Hair That Is Very Short.

Crystal Instruments Are Used To Create Beautiful Music. Drums Are Used With Chanting And Many Enjoy Dancing In Large Groups.

Everyone Meditates Alone And In Groups. Becoming Still And Feeling The Presence Within Is Peaceful And Enjoyed By All.

Andromedans Are Creative And Enjoy Art And Sculpting. They Play Games And Paint Beautiful Designs On The Mountains That Are Not Covered With Tapestries. Colors Blend And Create Majestic Expressions From The Soul.

This Race Is Very Aware Of Earth And Your Ongoing Duality. Their Great Joy Is To See Earth Shift Into Love As You Remember Your Origin! Many Will Meet You At The Grand Shift As They Too Have Family On Earth In This Final Waking Dream!

I Love You So!