Akatu – In This Communication, We Will Reveal A Race Of Beings That Once Incarnated On Earth. Many Starseeds That Share This Final Waking Dream, Lived Through Stories With These Souls. As Incarnations From Many Stars Allowed Families To Thrive And Then Leave Earth, The Akashic Holds The Lineage Of All Life. In Sheen, You Will Remember Waking Dreams Shared With These Friends Now Forgotten.

The Name Of This Race Is MUQIK. Their Home Is QUINO. In A Dimension Outside Of The Milky Way, This Massive Star Is Surrounded By Color And Light. These Souls Live In Oneness In This Moment. They No Longer Incarnate To Other Planets. Let’s Look At Their Advancement And Progression Through Duality To The Choice Of Peace And Unity With Light!

Created By God Source, These Beautiful Beings Were Given Choices To Create Their Lives. Having Free Will, Many Found The Egoic Construct To Be Overwhelming As Each Soul Saw Themselves As Separate And Alone. Competition And Jealousy Caused Discord And War. Escaping Their Environment With Distractions Did Not Mean That They Escaped The War Within. Maybe Those Receiving This Communication Can Relate To Their Plight.

The MUQIK Stand Ten Feet In Height With Light Green Skin. Their Eyes And Facial Features Are Similar To Humans But With A Much Higher Brow Area. Their Hair Color Is Silver And Worn In Braids Or Flowing Down Their Backs. They Enjoy Close Fitting White Pants With Matching Tops. Belts With Blue Color To Signify The Hue That Is Revered As Sacred Is Worn By All Souls. From Their Creative Moment, They Saw Blue Skies And Felt That Their Creator Lived Above In This Domain.

The MUQIK Lived For Approximately One Hundred Years. They Incarnated Back Into Their Race As Well As Incarnating On Earth. With The Death Of Their Body Form, The Truth Of The Soul Being Sacred Was Known In The Nonphysical Density, But Just As You Experience, The Soul Is Forgotten In Waking Dreams Until Awakening Transpires. For The MUQIK, This Experience Was Repeated For Thousands Of Years.

On Their Planet QUINO, Duality Played On With Wars And Competition With Issues That Never Mattered. The MUQIK Raged Against One Another And Endless Suffering Was Destroying The Possibility Of Peace That Was Always Present Within Each Soul.

Children And Animals Were Born And Died In This Density That Became Darker And More Chaotic. Horses, Tigers, Bears And Small Animals Suffered The Consequences Of Those In Control That Knew No Peace.

The Galactic Federation Was Aware Of The Plight Of The MUQIK. Visits And Monitoring Increased As Friendships Grew. The MUQIK Learned Of Light And The Abilities That It Offered. They Learned Of Love That Embraced Others From The Heart.

Meetings Were Called And Word Spread As The Light Forces Mingled Among The MUQIK. The Decision Was Made To Upgrade Bodies To Light With Circulation And Crystal Hearts. There Would Be No More Disease Or Death. The MUQIK Would Live As Infinite Beings. At Last, Love Covered QUINO. Peace Prevailed And There Was Joy Within All Souls.

Mountains Streaked In Pink And Gold Are Places Where Crystal Homes Of Spirit Are Now Created. Souls Have Flourished With Creativity In A Powerful Manner. The Expressive Manner Of Being Allowed Beautiful Crafts To Become Available To All Souls. Travel Throughout The Cosmos Is A Natural Playground Of Exploration For The MUQIK.

The MUQIK Know Their Lineage Of Waking Dreams With Souls On Earth. They Know Many Of You As Friends On Your Stars. They Are Of The Light Completely And Look Forward To The Soon Coming Galactic Civilization That You Will Share.

Pleiadians, Arcturians And Many Souls From Andromeda, Sirius And Orion Are Visitors That Are Enjoyed On QUINO. Light Embraces Light With Great Love!

The MUQIK Still Gaze Into The Blue Sky With Belts That Match The Color That Their Ancestors Chose To Wear. But Their View Is Much Different With The Light Of Their Being. They See With Multidimensional Perception And Life Is Viewed Through Eyes Of Love And Peace.

The MUQIK Will Greet You Soon In Sheen As You Learn Once Again The Truth Of Light!

Akatu – MUQIK From QUINO