Who Are The Bianaz?

Laka – In These Moments We Will Review An Area Within The Asteroid Belt Between Mars And Jupiter. Indeed, This Location Is Full Of Life With Souls That Are Gifted With The Ability To Transmute Energy By Intention! This Allows Beings To Change Locations And Be Seen Or To Remain Ethereal As They Control Their Own Vibrational Frequency!

These Beings Call Themselves BIANAZ. The Small Planet That Earth Calls ‘Ceres’ Is Teeming With Life! It Is Believed By Many On Earth To Be Resonating As Ice Or Minerals. The Flashing Lights Seen From A Distance Are Puzzling To Those That Give Answers With No Understanding! The BIANAZ Call Their Home ‘NAZ’.

The Frequency That Is Created As The BIANAZ Transmutes In Body Form, Produces Light Which Is Seen From All Directions. Their Bodies Are Strong But Resemble A Membranous Texture And Appearance. They Stand Four Feet Tall In Form. Changing Densities With Conscious Intent, Allows Them To Fly Through The Air Unseen To Other Races, Including Those On Earth! This Allows Privacy As They Do Not Interact With Other Beings.

The BIANAZ Were Created By Source Energy And Spirit. They Were Discovered By The Galactic Federation And There Are Brief Visits Ongoing With Peaceful Intention And Respect For The Decision Of These Loving Beings To Remain Alone And Private.

Their Bodies Glow With A Blue Tint. Their Eyes Are Slits With A Yellow Hue. There Is One Slit In The Nose Area Where Gases, Minerals And Moisture Are Absorbed And Circulated In The Body. The Mouth Is Oval In Shape And They Speak In High Frequencies Of Sound Vibrations. They Consume Minerals Which Are Liquified Within Their Body Form.

The BIANAZ Enjoy Families And Joyful Experiences Of Love. They Procreate By Intention And Have Many Children. Their Lifespan Is Approximately Eight Hundred Years. Leaving The Body Form, The Soul Reincarnates Back Into The Race Of Their Origin. There Is Great Peace On NAZ As Each Being Is Aware Of New Life Being Part Of Themselves.

The BIANAZ Celebrate Life With Humming And Singing In Frequencies Of Harmony. Life Is Simple With No Clothing Worn And No Homes Or Structures. Living As Spirit In An Ethereal Body That Transmutes To A Translucent Form Has Allowed These Beings Freedom And Peace. Without Possessions There Is No Attachment To Outcome And Love Abounds With No Competition.

There Are No Animals Or Nature As You Would Understand On Earth. Having No Frame Of Reference, The BIANAZ Feel No Deprivation Of Material Aspects Of Life.

The BIANAZ Understand Love, Peace And Contentment With The Magnificent Beingness Of Life Itself. Indeed, They Have Much To Teach Humans In The Ways Of Contentment Without War And Discord. The Future Of BAZ Will Be A Great Opening Of Intergalactic Travel As They Shift In The Awareness Of Their Sacred Place In The Scheme Of Sacred Life!

Laka – Life On Ceres (NAZ)