Who Are The Zezeek?

Laka – As We Speak Often About Densities (Vibrational Frequencies) And Dimensions (Locations), Understand Completely That Life In Many Forms Is Existing In The Area Of Your Own Energy Field! Indeed, As You Walk Into Another Room, You Have Walked Through Life Unseen To Human Eyes!

There Are Billions Of Galaxies That Humans Have Not Had The Technology To Traverse In 3-D. But Knowing The Infinite Unseen Field Of Consciousness Is Connecting All Life, Will Bring A Sense Of Unity.

There Are Many Modes Of Travel, Just As There Are Many Ways Of Being! Most Humans Would Believe That Crafts And Space Explorers Would Be The Only Means For Visiting Other Stars And Planets. But You Live In An Infinite Quantum Field Which Is Also The Living Essence Of Your Creator! Knowing This Will Allow You The Possibility To Travel In Consciousness!

Let Us Visit And Explore A Density That Thrives In A Reality Much Like Your Experience Of Earth. Without Labeling With A Number As Humans Enjoy Doing For Understanding, Let’s Drop The Labels And Understand That Human Eyes Cannot See These Beings, Touch These Beings Or Hear Them Audibly. But For Complete Understanding Of The Field Of Living Essence Where Earth Thrives And These Souls Of Creation That Are Very Close To You Exist, Know In Truth, You Can Communicate Telepathically With Energy. Hearing Silent Syllables Will Not Clarify What You Absolutely Hear With Your Mind As Transmissions Of Thoughts Reach You From Zezeek.

So As Not To Confuse Those That Speak With Their Guides With Telepathy, Know Clearly That You Will Know The Difference! The Zezeek Live In A Dimension That Intersects With Earth.

In A Density That Traverses Earth And The Outer Perimeters Of What You View As Air And Empty Space, Know It Is Full Of Life! There Is No Area Of Creation Where Life Is Not Existing In Multiple States Of Being!

Knowing That Densities Of Higher Vibrations Will Not Be Seen By Humans While In Physical Form, Know Also In Truth, You Have Access To Viewing While In Meditation Or If You Are Gifted With Sight To Observe Other Realms.

The Zezeek Were Gifted Their Habitat Of Beingness That Is Called Kanan. This Is Not A Physical Plane Of Existence As You Would Perceive. But To The Zezeek Their Lives Are Just As Real With Form And Structure As Your Daily Lives.

They Stand Twelve Feet Tall With No Hair. Their Body Form Is Ethereal With A Blue Tint And Human Features. They Have Mates And Children And Live Approximately One Thousand Years. They Incarnate Directly Back Into Their Density As Birth Is A Choice Without Procreation In A Sexual Nature. The Females Carry The Growing Fetus On The Outside Of Their Bodies And They Are Able To Watch The Fetus Become An Infant.

They Thrive On Elements From Plants And Water. There Are Streams, Mountains And Colorful Flowers Growing Abundantly Throughout The Areas Of Living. There Are Cities And Pathways Of Transportation. These Beings Understand The Creation Of Form From Thought. They Operate As Astral Beings In Many Aspects. The Greatest Difference Is These Are Living Souls And Their Lives Continue, Whereas Astral Is Continually Changing With Energy Beings And Moving Structures!

The Zezeek Feel Love And Experience All Emotions. They Interact To Move About And Protect Their Families. These Beings Live In Duality As You Do. They Do Not Have Wars But They Struggle With Their Beingness That Does Not Understand The Power Of Their Creator Within.

Many Of The Zezeek Have Arrived In Their Dream As Seers With The Awareness Of Source. For Millions Of Years The Race In Entirety Has Been Misled By Their Own Intentions To Remain Alone As They Continue In Increments Of Awakening Followed By Sleeping Again.

They Have Been Visited By The Galactic Federation With Teaching Of Methods To Travel Within The Confines Of Their Existence. They Are No Longer Visited By The Light Forces Who Gave Them Knowledge To Rise In Small Vehicular Crafts For Their Daily Activities And Visitation With Friends And Family.

Their Homes Are Translucent And Are Primarily Used For Visiting And Meetings. They Do Not Require Sleep But They Enjoy Complete Rest Standing Up. Their Homes Are Full Of Flowers And Plants That Are Consumed As Food. There Are No Animals Or Pets Enjoyed By The Zekeek.

They Enjoy Creating Art, Puzzles And Games. They Enjoy Music Created With Stringed Instruments And Drums. They Dance And Swirl To Bring Joy To Their Lives. All Expressions Of Soul Are Natural And Enjoyable. They Use These Expressions As Their Daily Methods As Gifts For Others As You Would Go About Your Daily Tasks In Other Manners. They Share Expressions And Dance For One Another, Sing For Others To Comfort  And Paint Lovely Pictures Of Designs To Give Others In Exchange For The Same. Many Bring Flowers And New Plants To Decorate The Homes Of Friends. Their Life Is Simplistic And Primitive In Many Ways. They Argue, Feel Anger And Move Forward In Love!

They Will Reach A Plateau Of Awakening. In Those Moments They Will Move Forward Into Oneness. They Will Understand The Source Of Their Love As Well As The Reason Of Remaining Asleep Since Their Creation. The Souls That Awakened As Awareness Of Being, Are Also Aware Of You. They Speak Into The Ethers In Consciousness And You Hear Their Words Within, As Telepathy Which Would Sound Like Syllables With No Language Of Your Understanding.

In Truth, All Beings Are Telepathic. It Is Becoming Aware Of Your Inner World That All Life Opens To You!

Laka – Zezeek of  Kanan