Zeta Reticuli Greys

Humans most associate the word “alien” with the image of a small grey creature with thin arms and legs, and big black eyes. It’s been popularized throughout sci-fi entertainment but is based on truth.

Zeta Reticuli Greys are not a benevolent race and are not interested in helping humans. Zetas don’t choose Soul incarnation as other races do. They’re not members of Galactic Federation and aren’t as advanced as the main Galactic Federation races.

Years ago there were many cloaked Zeta Crafts observing humans on Earth. These days non-essential craft are kept at a distance by Galactic Federation. Zetas are not a threat to humans.

My Experience with Zetas

Kab – I’m here to share Pleiadian information but in this human lifetime it was planned that Zetas would be my introduction to extraterrestrials. Before our Pleiadian Family introduced themselves to Judith, I found myself face to face with a Zeta. This was just the beginning of my education, but an early personal confirmation for me.

It was Fall 2010. I went to sleep as usual. A few hours later something woke me up. I looked to the side of the bed and there was a Zeta Grey is standing about a two feet away looking back at me. I was completely alert and not dreaming. Logically I should have been afraid, but in that moment there was no fear. The fear was taken away and I was just observing it. We looked at each other for a few more seconds, and then it was over. I woke up the next morning remembering every detail. I wouldn’t understand until a couple years later that this was a very controlled situation and Laka and Akatu were close by. It was allowed to awaken me to new possibilities and prepare me for the Pleiadian information which would follow.

Military Industrial Complex

There are no civilian Zeta contactees today but in the 1950’s there were meetings between Eisenhower’s military and Zeta Greys. The Zetas were interested in studying the human species, the more powerful Orion Reptilians were interested in using the Zetas to introduce harmful technology to humans. Through deals made with the Zetas rapid cloning would provide a a major new tool of manipulation for the cabal.

School sightings

Zeta crafts have been seen near schools because the Zetas were observing and were interested in abducting children for study. During these mass sightings, Pleiadians would be nearby and it would be easy for them to stop the Zetas from harming anyone.

Broad Haven – Wales 1977
Ariel School – Zimbabwe, 1994
Witness recalls the Ariel School sighting
Witness artwork from the Ariel School sighting