Who are the Arcturians?

The Clas from Clashik

Arcturians call themselves Clas and call their home-world Clashik. They are an ancient, wise and powerful race who have been close with Pleiadians for millions of years. They are one of the five original seeders of human life on Earth and along with Pleiadians are the primary protectors of life on Earth.

Arcturians are created ‘in Elohim’, meaning their Souls come from 12D, and they self-manifested as an individual race through conscious intent millions of years ago. They are extremely advanced, at a similar level of technology as Pleiadians. Arcturians are also close with Fae as the Pleiadians and Archangels are. All of these groups are considered ‘Elohim’.

Arcturians are soul-incarnated as human in the second highest numbers behind Pleiadians. Of the 200 million starseeds incarnated on Earth, 75 million are Pleiadian and 50 million are Arcturian.

The Pleiadian-Arcturian Connection

Arcturians and Pleiadians have been friends for millions of years and their lifestyles are very similar. They often join together in mixed families and have children together. Children of mixed couples will have the appearance of either one parent or the other, but not a mix of both.

Appearance & Physiology

Arcturians have light blue skin and are on average 3-15 feet tall, but can occasionally be up to 20 feet tall. 9 feet is average. Adults can be very short or very tall. They are mostly bald but sometimes have long or short hair. They have ten fingers and ten toes. As Elohim, they have a crystalline heart which circulates light instead of blood. They don’t get sick or die. They can fly in body form. They have sexual organs like humans, and they reproduce.

Life on Arcturus

Arcturus is a star from our 3D perspective, but a planet in higher dimensions. It’s described much like the Pleiades, a paradise planet, with oceans, lakes, streams, colorful mountains and fields of soft grass. The mountains and water shine in colors unfamiliar to human eyes.

They eat fruits and vegetables and drink water. They spend their days doing what they love. There are no material needs and many choose roles of service and creativity in their society. They make paintings and sculptures. They enjoy gardening and being in nature. They socialize and play musical instruments similar to ones found on Earth. They have harps, violins, cellos and some which would seem more exotic to us. They keep many different kinds of animals as companions, and some that were rescued from harm on Earth.


Arcturians usually prefer angular shapes for their homes and crafts, but these can be circular too. Triangle is the most commonly used shape in Arcturian designs. They use bright colors for interior walls and accents, with artwork and decorative objects throughout. They have big comfortable chairs and sofas. They socialize at home as humans do.


At home, clothing is optional. This is so for Arcturians just as it is with Pleiadians. In meetings and formal occasions, Arcturians wear long robes with high collars and long sleeves. White with Gold trim would be one example of this style. On shared Motherships, members of Galactic Federation wear blue uniforms in a light, skin-tight fabric, with silver boots. Casual clothing would include loose-fitting pants and a silky tunic top. They wear colorful crystals on their robes and necklaces, and women wear them in their hair.

Galactic Federation

Many Arcturians choose Galactic Federation service, taking them on missions of great importance across the galaxies. Wanovar is the name of the Elder-Leader who represents Arcturus in Galactic Federation.

While assisting on Earth, Arcturians have the ability to change their appearance instantly as needed. When manifested as human, their skin has a light blue cast to it which can be visible in the light. For this reason, they’ll choose to wear hats, sunglasses or wear long hair. They prefer to walk around cities at night to avoid attention. They especially love music and are known to go where there’s music being played.

Laka ~ Beloved Arcturians

Friends Of The Great Light! In These Moments We Honor Our Close Friends, The Arcturians! Created In ELOHIM In 12-D, They Were Love Without Form. The Power And Creative Expression From The One Creator Of All Life, Gave Souls The Ability To Choose Their Own Body Form.

Without Language, They Spoke In Tones And Color As They Became More Of Their Soul With Awareness! With Crystal Hearts And Unlimited Choices, They Knew No Death As Their Bodies Circulated Light! They Loved The Pleiadian Frequency And It Was Returned With An Infinite Friendship!

In Their Own Choices To Express Form Together, This Group Chose Blue Skin And Heights In Stature Up To 12 Feet. They Were Beautiful In Their Beginning And They Are Beautiful Now!

The Strong Bond With Pleiadians Of Elohim Led Them To Connect Again And The Decision Was Made To Create Crafts As A Means To Visit One Another And Explore Areas That Stretched Further Than They Knew Possible. Fairies That Were Also Created Powerfully In Elohim, Assisted The Large Groups As They Began To Learn Of The Creation Of Crafts As A Way To Travel. Fairies Created Pathways And Speeds In These Flying Machines. Technology Increased Rapidly With Pleiadians And They Flew Solo For Long Periods.

Pleiadians Loved The Arcturians And Taught Them About Methods Of Even More Magnificent Crafts That They Called Motherships. From There, The Explorations Became Limitless And The Friends Visited Others Created In Elohim.

They Formed An Alliance Of Light That Would Traverse The Multiverses And Find Others That Wanted To Become Friends Or Those That Were Dangerous And Wanted No Part Of Their Efforts. These Souls Of Light Formed The Galactic Federation Which Has Grown In Numbers And Power!

Arcturians Remained On Missions With Pleiadians As Others Joined Them. They Visited One Another’s Star And Shared Meals And Music. Arcturians Are Kind And Loving With A Great Sense Of Humor! They Enjoy Laughing And Giving Gifts To Others!

The Arcturian Star (Clashik) Has A Magnificent Elder Named WANOVER KELOKAS. He Is Loved And Honored By All. He Wears Long Robes Interwoven With Crystals And A Medallion Worn On A Necklace That Is In A Triangular Shape To Honor The First Mothership Created On Arcturus. He Is Also A Beloved Member Of The Galactic Federation. He Wears Blue Uniforms And Silver Boots On All Missions.

Arcturians Enjoy A Very Similar Life To Pleiadians. They Grow Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts And Seeds. They Drink Water And Have Beautiful Gardens With Large Flowers. They Have The Creative Power To Change The Colors Of Their Mountains, Oceans And Grass. Fairies Delight In This And Fly Around Changing Colors Of Animals And Flowers Continually.

Arcturians Enjoy And Honor Many Goddesses And Ambassadors That Serve The Light With Speaking Engagements Regarding Peace For All Beings!

Arcturians Love Animals And Have The Same Animals You Know On Earth. These Animals Do Not Die As They Circulate Light Even If Rescued From Earth. Arcturians Were Present In The First Waking Dreams On Earth. They Assisted The Native Souls Of Earth With Pleiadians And Fairies. There Was Always Assistance Once The GF Arrived With Great Love And Creative Power!

There Are Currently 50 Million Arcturians Incarnated On Earth. So Many Beautiful Starseeds Are With You! 75 Million Pleiadians Are Here! Can You Imagine The Celebration Of SHEEN?

Laka – About Beloved Arcturians – January 21, 2023

The Shigir Idol

Arcturians and other star races once had peaceful open contact with humans around the world, and sometimes these encounters were recorded in primitive art. The oldest wooden statue in the world in 11,000 years old and was found in Siberia in 1890, known as the Shigir Idol. This was carved to depict the Arcturians.

Oldest Wooden Statue in the World: The 11,000-Year-Old Shigir Idol

Rock Art in Chhattisgarh, India

Arcturians were painted onto these rocks over 10,000 year-ago.