Who Are The Okanu?

Akatu – As We Move Forward In The Light Of Being, The Information Regarding Junior Members Of The Galactic Federation Will Continue!

In These Moments, I Will Speak About A Wonderful Race Called Okanu. Their Star Of Beauty Is Outside The Milky Way Galaxy. They Call Their Home Oka. It Is Accessible To The Light Forces And Contact Has Been Ongoing For Millennia.

As The Galactic Federation Became Increasingly Established And Known Throughout The Vast Cosmos, Visits With Many Beings Were Followed By Friendships And Invitations To Join The Light Forces. With Great Assistance And Training, Many Joined As Junior Members That Traveled In Great Motherships Alongside Members With Extensive Backgrounds Of Missions.

The Okanu Of The Galactic Federation Wear Blue Uniforms And Silver Boots As All Other Members. They Have Increased Technological Skills And Continue To Advance In Light!

There Are Males And Females With Large Families And Beautiful Lives. They Stand Approximately Eight Feet Tall With Body Forms As Humans. Their Skin Is Pale Yellow. Their Hair Is Bright Blue And Everyone Has A Length Of Growth Approximately To Their Shoulders. They Wear Wraps And Simple Pants. Their Facial Features Are Human Like With Bright Blue Eyes That Match Their Hair Color. They Enjoy Dressing In Gowns, Robes, Long Pants And Capes For Meetings With Their Leader And For Celebrations Of Joy!

The Okanu Live Approximately One Thousand Years. Their View Of Life Is Oneness. Thousands Of Years Ago, They Experimented With Incarnations To Earth To Fully Understand Duality. This Was Arranged With The Meeting And Friendship Established With The Galactic Federation. After Returning To Oka, The Incarnations Became Diminished In Frequency. The Decision Was Made To No Longer Live In Duality, But To Continue In Light! The Okanu Circulate Light With A Heart Of Pulsating Light! 

On Their Beloved Star Oka, There Are Grand Celebrations With Singing And Dancing. Drums And Chanting In Rhythms Of Beauty Are Shared Among All Families. Activities Are Enjoyed With Creative Endeavors Of Art, Sculpting And Jewelry Creations From Gems And Crystals Found Abundantly Throughout All Areas. The Okanu Enjoy Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts And Water For A Healthy And Sustaining Diet. Their Homes Are Designed For Comfort And Leisure With Sofas And Colorful Tables. They Enjoy Statues And Pottery As Expressions Of Creativity. Homes Are Created In Many Levels And Styles. There Is No System Of Currency As All Is Shared In Oneness. 

Oka Is Represented By Ambassadors That Travel Throughout The Multiverses With Messages Of Unity And Love. Many Elohim Races Know Them Well As Speakers Go Forth In Light From Many Stars.

Their Animals Are Varied In Size And Color. They Enjoy Animals That Look Very Much Like Horses But Are Much Taller And Are Orange, Blue And Lavender. Small Animals That Look Like White Elephants Play With Children And Enjoy Fairies That Visit And Bring Toys. Other Animals Have The Look Of Animals On Earth But With A Different Size And Color.

The Leader Of Oka Is Named Kuis. He Is Kind And Loving And Travels Through The Entire Star On A Vehicular Craft. Most Families Enjoy Vehicular Crafts For Visiting Locally Or Traveling Around The Star. There Are Large Crafts With Upgraded Technology That Explore The Cosmos With Ease. The Galactic Federation Has Taught Many Methods Of Advancement With Great Love!

There Are Beautiful Mountains, Oceans, Trees And Flowers Of Many Colors. The Okanu Are Peaceful And Content With Meditation And The Knowing Of All Unity In Light!

This Beautiful Race Of Beings Will Unite With You In Sheen For Grand Celebrations! They Will Return To Their Home With Invitations For Any Souls Of Light To Visit! 

They Are Aware Of You And Understand Your Plight In Endeavors To Maneuver Through Duality!

Their Intention Is To Continue To Unite All Races In A Galactic Civilization! 

Akatu – Okanu From Oka