ET Crafts in NASA Documents

All craft sightings are intentional. NASA has tried to hide the presence of these crafts for decades but have never been completely successful. As we approach the Shift there will be more and more evidence made available from official NASA photos and films. The power of Galactic Federation is too great to be hidden by humans and now is the time that they wish to be known without fear.

Crafts seen on NASA missions

Neioh – Arcturian Craft

Neioh – This Craft is Arcturian, These often fly in a Higher Density or in the Third Density of Earth, unseen. All Crafts from Arcturus are seen intentionally or not, depending on the Mission.

Neioh – Arcturian Craft

“Black Knight Satellite”

Neioh – Arcturian Craft. This one travels at extremely high rates of speed and often is used to aggressively force negative Entities and Crafts out of areas.

Neioh – These are not crafts. They are specially designed cameras sent from a Mothership. They are able to penetrate objects and photograph the inside compartments as well as the inside of large objects or deep into planets. They will separate at the command of the Mothership. They return when the operation is complete. Frequencies are also recorded and monitored further at another time.

Apollo 13, 1970 – Japanese Space Agency photos of the Apollo 13 mission that NASA removed from their archive.

Neioh – This is actually a very Ancient Craft that crashed here and was abandoned. It remains intact but was not worth the recovery of this Race from outside our Solar System. The occupants were picked up by Friends. They are called MOKAS, as their planet is MOKA. They stand 8 feet tall with grey skin. Very Friendly. Very low in Technology.

Pleiadian Craft on the moon.

Arcturian Craft on the moon.

Crafts seen from the International Space Station

ISS Live Cam – October 2016

Neioh – We Share In This Moment In Teaching Of A Certain Type Of Mothership. These Crafts Are Many Sizes And Shapes. Hundreds Of Feet To Even A Thousand Feet Or More. The Craft Is Chosen For A Specified Mission Or Purpose. These Can Be Noted With Appendages Coming Off Each Side, Top And Bottom Of The Craft. The Appendages Are Of Many Sizes And Can Retract And Disappear. When They Have Projected Outward, They Are Picking Up Smaller Crafts For Various Reasons. Often We Have Meetings With The Light Forces And Other Galaxies Join Us. We Cloak If We Want To Be Private And Unseen. We Use The Projected Appendages To Take Many Photos As Well As Changing The Frequencies And Power Use Of Energy In Assisting Or Protecting. In This Way, We Can Prevent Earthquakes From Being Far Worse, We Can Change The Projected Storm Surges In Some Cases And We Have Prevented Mass Casualties From Planned Bombing Situations.

ISS Live Cam – November 9, 2017

Ikai’s Craft arrives for meetings on Earth.

ISS Live Cam – May 13, 2019

Neioh – Pleiadian Craft used for exploration

ISS Live Cam – February 21, 2020

Neioh – The video is a small camera from a Mothership that is far out of sight and distance but well aware of this camera being seen. The Mothership is fully occupied. This Star has life and Earth calls it Kepler. It is near Earth size and often comes in close enough to explore Earth but does not land. This is a friendly Race but We are not socially involved in any way. We are aware of most activity in the Multiverses and most are fully aware of Pleiadian Presence as We were the first of Creation to explore and learn to change Densities by changing Vibrational Frequencies. Kepler is from the Constellation Lyra. Expect more from all Races as people are becoming aware of what has always been offered!

Hemas from Kepler-2

They are very kind and good natured and stand in stature about human size. Arms, head, body, but there is no skeleton. They live in rocky areas and exist on iron and water. They are able to walk through fire and are very dense. This is one of the reasons that there is no socializing. They have 2 slits for a nose and 2 giant eyes that are protected by a hard covering that is clear. They do not have a mouth as human. It is a slit. They do not eat through their mouth. They breath vapors that would be toxic here. They are sustained for months without ingesting iron for they live in it as well and it can enter the body through multiple openings. They reproduce through their back and babies remain in sacs on their body for about a year after being born. The are only curious about earth but mean no harm. They are known in the Multiverses as HEMAS.

ISS Live Cam – August 2020
Galactic Federation Craft recorded from the ISS by cosmonaut Ivan Vagner.