Laka – In These Moments Of Communication, We Will Reveal Another Race That Lives In Oneness. This Was Not Always Their Truth As They Experienced Duality On Their Star. With Lessons And Growth, The Decision Was Made That Discord And Wars Were Not The Answer. All Fighting Weakens The Life Of Each One That Longs For Peace But Battles On. Finding Peace Within Is The First Step To Creating Peace On Each Star.

This Beautiful Race Is Called MAEOK. Their Star Is Located Outside The Milky Way Galaxy And These Souls Call Their Home Star ‘MOK’.

The MAEOK Stand Eight Feet Tall With A Golden Cast To Their Skin. Their Eyes Are Pale Blue And They Have No Hair. They Dress In Casual Attire With Shorts And Loose Tunic Tops. Like Many Other Races We Have Discussed, They Enjoy Elaborate Apparel For Festivities And Gatherings To Discuss Important Aspects Of Life.

The History Of MOK And The Souls Of Habitation Will Take Us Back Millions Of Years In Earth’s Understanding. Created By Source With Free Will Choices Led To Duality Quickly As Many Fought For Survival As Earth Native Souls Knew In Their First Lives On Earth. Progression Was Slow And The Egoic Construct Felt Empowering As The MAEOK Struggled To Understand The Real Issue Was Within Their Own Choices And Perspectives.

Families Were Formed And Disease Ran Rampant. The Life Span Increased To Two Hundred Years With Incarnations To Earth And Other Stars That We Will Continue To Reference. Population Began To Dwindle As Wars Raged Within Each Being And Throughout The Suffering Star Of MOK. The MAEOK Were Self Destructing And Assistance Was Greatly Needed.

Animals Died And Children Became Sicker. Nature Was Neglected And Areas Were Destroyed By War And Famine. The Moment Arrived For Change Or The End Was In Sight For The Weary MAEOK.

The Galactic Federation Were Surveying The Area With Great Concern. The Assistance Of Elder And Commander Wanovar From Arcturus And Elder And Commander Asopelah From Maia Arrived On MOK With Beauty And Light. Offering Wisdom And Choices To Upgrade Bodies To Light Within, Gave Hope To A Planet In Decline.

The MAEOK Were Excited And Grateful For Such A Gift. The Commanders Raised Arms And Emitted Frequencies Over Each Soul In Form. With Mesmerizing Light And Tones, Bodies Were Transformed As Crystal Hearts Beat As One.

The Light Forces Continued To Monitor And Assist As Craft Technology Was Taught. Homes Were Created With The Same Beauty Of The Higher Realms. Mountains Shimmered With Colors And Animals Were Peaceful And Walked Throughout The Land.

There Were No Longer Incarnations To Earth As Death No Longer Visited These Souls. But Each Soul That Visited Earth Carries Memories Of Lives With Souls From Many Stars. Some Of You Receiving This Communication, Shared Families With The MAEOK In Ancient Dreams. They Remember You Well And Will Arrive In Sheen To Greet You With Love!

The Inhabitants Of MOK Live In Beauty With Light. They Will Join You In A Galactic Civilization That Will Never End.

Laka – MAEOK From MOK