Who are the Sassani?

Neioh – Friends Of Earth! We Embrace You With Light And Power! With Immeasurable Love, We Remain With You! In These Moments We Share Information Of A Planet Called Essassani.

The Location Is Near The Orion Constellation In A Timeline That Would Be Considered Future To The Moments Of Earth In Your Understanding.

The Beings Are Called Sassani. They Are Also Called Shakani By Some Races. They Are A Genetic Hybrid Of Greys And Humans. As Humans Volunteered For A Hybrid Program By Those That Walked The Earth In Light, The Genetic Engineering Brought Forth A Friendly And Loving Race That Exceeds What Is Possible On Earth In These Moments.

In The Beginning Of Their Abilities Thousands Of Years Ago, They Walked With Form And Spoke A Language That Was A Combination Of Languages Spoken On Earth. They Stood Five Feet Tall With Males Having No Hair And Females Having Thin Straight White Hair. Their Skin Was Light Grey With Large Dark Eyes, A Small Nose And Thin Lips.

From The Information Shared From Pleiadians Regarding Densities, You Understand That 4-D Is Astral And A Place Of Creativity From Thought. We Do Not Use Numbers In The Higher Realms, But To Allow You To Understand How These Beings Live, Consider What You Have Learned.

They Live In A Different Timeline That Allows Them The Creative Power Of Life In An Instant Design. They Create From Thought As It Comes In The Moment. They Gave Up Language To Communicate With Telepathy Only. They Create Scenarios And Stories Moment By Moment. Layers Of Lives In One Being Are Possible. They Now Exist By Telepathy Only. They Have Designed Their Form To Be Half Visually Physical With A Thin Ethereal Body And The Major Part Of Their Being Is Unseen Spirit.

They Found It Very Satisfying To Create Their Lives Without Limit. They Gave Up Physicality To Exist Beyond The Perimeters Of Anything Earth Had Experienced. They Have Always Been Loved By Pleiadians That Understand Telepathy And The Power Of Creation.

They Communicate In Transmissions To Reach Many Races. Those That Have Accepted Telepathy Have Communicated With This Loving Race For Millennia. Bashar Is A Contact Specialist That Is Part Of A Group That Continually Speaks And Sends Frequencies To Those Who Are Able To Receive. Darryl Anka Is One Such Human That Has Channeled Bashar’s Energy For Many Years.

This Race Travels Extensively In Crafts That Are Extensions Of Their Consciousness. They Control And Communicate With Their Crafts And Continue To Move Into 5-D As They Desire. Many Operate In Densities Of 3-D, 4-D And 5-D. They Are Interested In Teaching Everyone Telepathy And To Understand The Creative Power Of Thought.

They Have Feelings Of Love, Joy And Peace. They Understand Duality Is A Choice And They Choose Love Over The Illusion Of Fear. Their Planet Has Crystals, Flowers, Trees And Mountains. They Have Animals And Children That No Longer Live In Physical Form But In Spirit. If The Desire And Choice Is To Change Frequencies, They Are Able To Manifest Form From Their Thoughts And Intention. They Have Learned The Mastery Of Creation.

These Beings Enjoy The Frequency Of Music And Often ‘Tune In’ To Listen To A Variety Of Music On Earth And In The Higher Realms. Many Of Their Consciousness Crafts Are Suspended Around The Planet In An Undetected Frequency. There Is A Large Craft Over The Red Rocks In Sedona Arizona As They Listen With Anticipation Of Your Joy In Shifting Dimensions And Densities.

They Understand That Life Is Sacred And They Honor The Source Of All Creation. Bashar Calls This Name God, And This Is Acceptable Universally Though The Sound Would Be Different In Communication.

Live In The Light Of Your Being! Understand You Are Loved By Many Unknown To You In These Moments! You Are The Beloved Ones! Rise As One! EN EEKE MAI EA! I Love You So! NEIOH