Neioh – Many Of You That Receive Our Communications Of Light, Have Requested Further Exploration Of Races Unknown In Your Density. Becoming Aware Of Other Beings Promotes Unity And Disclosure As The Earth Will Shift In The Current Frequency Of Being. A Magnificent Galactic Civilization Awaits You With Great Love!

The Race That Will Be Revealed Next Are Called OBAQUILO Since Their Creative Moment By God Source. Their Star Of Habitation Is QUIL Which Is Located Just Outside Of The Milky Way Galaxy.

These Beautiful Beings Stand Seven Feet In Height. Their Skin Is Light Tan And Their Eyes Are Dark Blue. Their Hair Color Is Brown Or Black And Is Worn Long And Straight. They Enjoy Wearing Loose Fitting Clothing With Colorful Pants And Tunics. As Other Races That Are Familiar To You Now, They Dress In Elaborate Apparel For Gatherings Of Celebration.

Millions Of Years Ago The Life Of The OBAQUILO Was Simple. Given Free Will By The One Creator Of All Life, Duality Developed Among These Beings. They Fought Among Themselves For Survival With Discord. They Did Not Understand Inner Peace Within The Soul. They Chose Leaders That Only Let Them Down.

The OBAQUILO Lived Approximately Two Hundred Years. There Was Disease And War And They Increasingly Were Discontent. They Strived To Enjoy Life As Children Were Born And Homes Were Created. Their Homes Are Created In A Variety Of Shapes. This Is An Individual Expression As Plants And Colorful Flowers Are Displayed Throughout Homes. Paintings Are Created By Many As An Expression Of Creativity. This Has Always Been Their Method Of Living And It Continues In This Moment Of Now.

These Souls Learned Of Earth From Friends That Visited QUIL. Although It Would Be Thousands Of Years Later Before They Learned About Traveling In Crafts, They Enjoyed Friendships With Races That Frequented The Area. It Was During This Time Of Learning About Earth That Incarnation Became A Great Possibility.

The Decision Had Always Been To Incarnate Back Into The Race That They Knew. The Galactic Federation Visited With Those That Had Become Close Friends Over Time. The Teaching Of Light Was A New Concept That Was Quickly Embraced. The Plan Was Made To Circulate Light With Crystal Hearts. Animals Were Also Upgraded In Bodies And With Light. Tigers, Bears And Lions Enjoy Play With Small Children.

There Was Rejoicing With Singing And Dancing As A New Love Of Being Came Forth. Oneness Was Embraced As Pleiadians, Arcturians And Other Elohim Races Visited Often. The Earth Became Known To The OBAQUILO As A School For Learning And Depth Of Spirit While Expanding In Consciousness.

Agreements Were Made And Souls Of Light From QUIL Began To Incarnate As Starseeds From Throughout Galaxies Met Them. In Duality, Friendships And Families Were Formed On Earth. Souls Gleaned Many Aspects Of Understanding As Challenges And Obstacles Were Transcended To A Greater Plan Of Spirit.

After Many Thousands Of Years Of Incarnating To Earth, The OBAQUILO Joined As Members Of The Galactic Federation. While On Missions Of Light They Wear Blue Uniforms With Silver Boots. They Traverse The Galaxies As They Teach Others And Destroy Darkness With Light!

The OBAQUILO Made The Decision To Live In The Higher Frequencies Of Being And They No Longer Would Incarnate To Earth. Understanding Your Life In Form Is A Sacred Memory They Hold Within. They Look Forward To Joining You In A Grand Galactic Civilization. Until That Moment Of Now, The OBAQUILO Enjoy Crystal Instruments And Vehicular Crafts As Friendships Brought Many Gifts. This Wonderful Race Of Friends Has Magnificent Crafts With The Highest Technology. After The Shift To Sheen, They Will Choose An Elder That Will Be Chief Commander Of The Light Forces From QUIL.

Uniting In Sheen Will Allow The OBAQUILO To Embrace Many Starseeds That Lived Through Perilous And Joyful Waking Dreams With Them. Indeed, They Love You Immensely!