There is life everywhere in the universe, much of it separated from human perception by density (state of being) and dimension (location). It’s also been hidden purposefully from us for various reasons.

A planet can look barren to human observation but in another frequency be a thriving civilization. Our sun, every planet and moon in our solar system is inhabited. Some lifeforms would be considered more primitive than us and some much more advanced. Many neighboring worlds know of Earth through Galactic Federation visits and humans will meet many as friends after the Shift.

The Sun

EEKAH (Solar Beings)

Each Solar Being Is Two Hundred To Three Hundred Feet Tall. They Walk Through Fire In The Intensity That Would Dissolve Other Life! They Thrive In Any Elements And Explore By Changing Form And Traveling Through Densities Undetected.

On The Mighty Sun Of Life, They Live And Communicate With A High Pitched Frequency. Their Eyes Are Openings Of White Light! There Are No Other Features On Their Faces. They Absorb Nutrients Of Plasma And Heat As They Love One Another Unconditionally.

Created As One Race Of Light, They Know No Death And Have Never Procreated. Their Sacred Origin Of Being Has Existed Since The Creation Of The Sun In Preparation For Planets And Galaxies. The Earth Was Created After This Loving Process To Allow Life To Thrive And Continue In Many Waking Dreams!

These Beings Have No Name As Others We Have Brought Forth! But There Are None So Powerful As Those That Never Tasted Death In Any Manner! Indeed! Pleiadians Call These Beings ‘EEKAH’.

The Sun



Created By The One Source Of Life, These Beings Resemble Red Rocks That Have Six Appendages. Three On Each Side Of A Body That Stands Eight Feet Tall. Their Heads Are Oval In Shape And They Have One Eye On Top Of Their Head. This Serves Them As They Crawl As Well As Walk. 

They Make Sounds And Motions With Their Appendages. Their Food Is Taken In By The Middle Appendage As There Is An Opening With Sharp Teeth Made Of Metal. Even Though They May Sound Very Strange And Primitive, Know In Truth They Would Believe The Same For Humans.

Allow Your Identity To Shift To Your Soul As You Grasp That All Life Forms Are Created By One Loving Source. These Souls Are Expressed In A Body That Resembles Material You Would Walk On Or Climb As Mountains. They Blend As Camouflage With The Mountains They Dwell Within.

Their Homes Are Entered Through Crevices And Tunnels Beneath The Surface. This Allows Cooler Temperatures As The Metals Of Their Bodies Peak In Ranges That Would Melt Steel On Earth. This Is Their Natural Habitat And They Know Nothing Else. They Call Themselves ‘HAK’, Which Is More Of A Sound Than A Name Would Be To You. Their Planet Is Called ‘HAKAH.’ 

Planet Mercury



BENOKS Are Loving And Kind. There Is Duality But No War. There Is Compromise With Discussions But Many View Life In Oneness And Their Influence Is Great Among The Masses In Influence.

There Are Leaders Much Like Elders That Have Great Wisdom And Respect. These Are Known As Galactic Commanders And They Travel And Meet With Other Races. They Are Not Members Of The Galactic Federation But They Do Meet Frequently For Great Discussions.

BENOKS Look Very Human In Statue And Features. Their Skin Is Much Thicker And More Of A Reddish Tan. Being Close To The Sun, This Manner Of Skin Is Protective. They Have Short Thick White Hair And Wear Little Clothing. They Are Often Nude But Wear Shorts And Wraps As Casual Wear. They Dress For Occasions In Long Pants, Capes And Robes.

They Procreate And Have Many Children That Are Playful And Creative. They Play Games And Climb Mountains In The Area. There Is Plenty Of Water And Vegetables That You Might Consider To Be Hard And Tasteless. Their Teeth Are Razor Sharp And They Eat Produce Directly From The Ground. There Are Mates And Family Units.

Planet Venus



STEO Live Underground In Deep Clay And Minerals. They Are Peaceful And Remain Private With Little Interaction With Other Life Forms. They Stand On Two Legs But Their Body Form Resembles An Insect. There Are Four Appendages That Are Used To Gather Nourishment Of Minerals Contained in Rocks And Small Amounts Of Water To Sustain Circulation And Temperature. Pools Of Water Are Plentiful Within Caverns And Mountains That Allow Times Of Refreshing And Relaxation Among The STEO.


The CEKAO Are Beings That Resemble Lizards In Form With Skin That Changes Colors From Tan To Green Or Dark Grey As Their Emotions Shift. They Experience Anger, Fear And Love And Are Guided In Survival By These Projections. They Stand Three Feet Tall With A Nose And Mouth Area That Is Open And Circular. Breathing And Consuming Elements Of Rocks, Debris And Water Is Achieved In This Method. Changing Color Allows The CEKAO To Camouflage In Any Location On Mars. This Is Their Primary Defense Against Visitors That Are Threatening.


These Peaceful Beings Were Created Millions Of Years Ago And Lived Among Beautiful Rock Formations And Majestic Mountains. They Are Red In Color As Clay Would Look To You. They Resemble Rocks And They Also Used Camouflage To Hide From Danger. Living For An Extended Period Of Peace, They Also Remained Quite Primitive In Advancement. Many Races Landed In Crafts To Explore And The FELO Retreated Into Isolation. As The Galactic Federation Offered Assistance And Teaching While Visiting, The FELO Learned To Build Structures Within The Mountains That They Called Home. A Group Of Dark Beings Arrived And Captured These Loving Beings And Took Them To Planets Of Isolation And Hard Labor. The Light Forces Arrived And Freed Them And They Were Relocated To An Uninhabited Planet. There, The FELO Live In Great Peace. They Are Visited  With News And Updates Of Changes In The Cosmos As The Galactic Federation Oversees Their Endeavors.


There Is A Race Of Beings Called BLAKEE. These Souls Live In A Body Form With Two Legs And Two Arms With Webbing Between Four Fingers On Each Hand. They Have A Rough Skin Texture With Reddish Orange Skin. Their Eyes Are Black And Slanted And Their Nose Is Narrow With A Circular Shaped Mouth. They Also Live With The Sustenance Of Minerals, Elements And Water From Their Habitat Of Living Conditions.

Planet Mars



The BIANAZ Were Created By Source Energy And Spirit. They Were Discovered By The Galactic Federation And There Are Brief Visits Ongoing With Peaceful Intention And Respect For The Decision Of These Loving Beings To Remain Alone And Private.

Their Bodies Glow With A Blue Tint. Their Eyes Are Slits With A Yellow Hue. There Is One Slit In The Nose Area Where Gases, Minerals And Moisture Are Absorbed And Circulated In The Body. The Mouth Is Oval In Shape And They Speak In High Frequencies Of Sound Vibrations. They Consume Minerals Which Are Liquified Within Their Body Form.

The BIANAZ Enjoy Families And Joyful Experiences Of Love. They Procreate By Intention And Have Many Children. Their Lifespan Is Approximately Eight Hundred Years. Leaving The Body Form, The Soul Reincarnates Back Into The Race Of Their Origin. There Is Great Peace On NAZ As Each Being Is Aware Of New Life Being Part Of Themselves.

The BIANAZ Celebrate Life With Humming And Singing In Frequencies Of Harmony. Life Is Simple With No Clothing Worn And No Homes Or Structures. Living As Spirit In An Ethereal Body That Transmutes To A Translucent Form Has Allowed These Beings Freedom And Peace. Without Possessions There Is No Attachment To Outcome And Love Abounds With No Competition.




The ZAKAUGEE Are Highly Intelligent With The Life Force Of The Creator Of All Sacred Life! Their Bodies Are Sixteen Feet In Height With No Organs Or Brain As You Would Imagine On Earth. They Perceive Life In Pure Consciousness In A Higher State Of Awareness That You Might Achieve In Deep Meditation! What Peace Would Be Discovered In All Waking Dreams On Earth If Mankind Could Remain In This Level Of Consciousness! Indeed, This State Of Being Will Return To You!

There Is No Death Of Body On Jupiter. The Experience Of Infinite Life Is A Gift Of Source To All Souls. But Few Stars And Planets Live In The Divine Nature Of Light With No Perceived Darkness. These Magnificent Beings Choose Light Each Moment!

Their Bodies Are Composed Of Liquid And Gases That Are Absorbed From The Intense Heat Of Their Surroundings. As The Planet That Is Infinitely Home, Is Moving In Such Heat On The Surface That Maneuvering Would Not Be Seamless, These Intelligent Souls Created Tunnels That Go Within. Reaching The Core Of The Living Essence Of Jupiter Is Quite Beautiful To This Powerful Race Of Beings! Their Bodies Would Look Quite Ethereal To Human Perception! There Are No Facial Features.

Planet Jupiter



These Beings That Resemble Dragons Have Gray Skin, Large Yellow Eyes, Large Nostrils And A Very Large Opening For Mouth. Lavender And Orange Bursts Of Flames Emit When Emotions Are Felt. They Emit A Frequency Tone That Is Understood Among These Souls. They Call Themselves RECHO And They Call Their Planet RECEE.

There Are No Legs And The RECHO Float In Their Atmosphere And Glide Without The Use Of Appendages. There Are No Crafts Or Traveling Off Planet And This Is The Preference Of This Race Of Beings.

Planet Saturn



The HODAGEES Stand Tall At Eight Feet In Height. They Walk Upright On Two Legs And Their Two Arms Are As Tentacles Would Appear On An Octopus. Millions Of Years Ago They Visited Earth Often And For Thousands Of Years They Brought Life Forms Of What Are Known As Octopuses Now. These Resemble The HODAGEES In The Tentacle Aspect But These Are As You Would Understand Animals To Be. The HODAGEES Would Never Leave Their Home To Live Elsewhere But Leaving Life Forms To Thrive Was Their Way Of Connecting To Earth. Even Now, The Octopus Shows Intelligence And Emotion As Those In Ongoing Life On DURETU.

The HODAGEES Wear No Garments At All. Their Skin Is Yellowish Gray. They Procreate Energetically And Live Almost One Thousand Years. They Choose To Incarnate Back Into Their Own Race.

Created By Source Energy, They Found Their First Life After The Creation Of Souls In Elohim. The HODAGEES Were Visited By The Galactic Federation And Introduced To Technology And The Creation Of Crafts. They Enjoy Having Rectangular Shaped Crafts With Large Pools Within. They Spend Large Amounts Of Time In Water As Their Tentacles Increase Spirit Communication.They Were Invited To Attend Meetings To Determine Their Future Of Light. They Declined To Join In Service But The Future Of DURETO Is Promising With The Unity Of Galactic Civilizations.

Planet Neptune



The Beings Of This Density Would Not Be Seen By Human Eyes. They Are Beautiful And Compassionate With Looks That Would Frighten You. They Stand Erect At Seven Feet Tall With Yellow Scaly Skin And Four Arms With Claws. They Call Themselves Nepac. They Have No Hair And Wear Capes With Crystals.

The Nepac Enjoy A Life Of Oneness. They Live In Peace And Tranquility And Their Faces And Eyes Reflect Kindness To All Beings. They Live In Crystal Mountains With Lovely Rest Areas Of Tapestries And Soft Material Draped Upon Crystal Chairs. They Enjoy Drums And Metal Instruments That Glow When Played. They Circulate Light With Crystal Hearts And Will Never Die In Body Form. Their Bodies Were Upgraded By The Galactic Federation Before Their Beloved Leader Fell And Abandoned Them Forever.

They Procreate With Sexual Energy And Bond With One Partner For Their Infinite Life. They Know No Discord Or War Which Allows For Peaceful And Harmonious Relationships. They Enjoy Small Creatures That Resemble Turtles And These Are Considered To Be Beloved Pets. The Nepac Consume Water And Plants To Sustain Optimum Health And Well Being.

Planet Uranus



These Beings Call Themselves ‘TRAEU’. The Name Of Their Home Is ‘TEOS’. They Stand Ten Feet Tall With White Skin That Glows With Light! Their Body Has Two Legs And Four Arms. The TRAEU Are Able To Climb Mountains By Using Their Arms For Added Strength And Mobility. They Have No Nose But They Breathe Through The Mouth Which Is Circular In Shape. They Consume Water And A Substance That Grows In Plant Form And Turns To Liquid When Eaten. Their Eyes Are Circular In Shape And Pale Lavender In Color. They Wear No Clothing.

The TRAEU Enjoy Family And Loving Friendships. They Procreate Energetically And Live In Body Form For Around One Thousand Years. They Incarnate Back Into Their Race On TEOS.

Their Understanding Of Oneness And Duality Is Real And They Are Advancing In Momentum To Become Part Of The Galactic Civilization Of Peace. There Are Strong Disagreements Among The Race But No War And Death As You Experience On Earth. Their Discovery By The Galactic Federation Brought Visits With Teachings Of Crafts And Technology. This Allows Travel In Large Crafts In The Area Around TEOS. They Choose To Remain Close To Their Home Of Origin But Will Venture Into The Cosmos As Unity Expands With Other Races. The TRAEU Avoid Conflicts With Others And Remain Isolated For These Reasons.