Pleiadian Collective – Relax And Breathe Deeply As We Continue To Reveal Souls Of Light That Will Join You In Moments To Come! Indeed, These Loving Friends Are Completely Aware Of Your Perceived Issues As You Move Onward In The Higher Octaves Of Being!

The ZALIPO Were Created By Source Love And They Live In Oneness In These Moments. Their Creation With Free Will Allowed Them To Explore All Aspects Of Life And For Millions Of Years They Chose Duality. This Choice Led To The Downfall And Destruction Of Their Massive Civilizations. Indeed, They Experienced Death Of The Body Many Times. They Lived Five Hundred Years And Incarnated Back Into Their Race.

The Galactic Federation Allowed Them To Fully Know That Light Was A Choice That Would Change The Trajectory Of Everything In Their Awareness. Having Visits From Elders With Great Wisdom, The Cycles Of Reincarnation Were Altered As Completed For One Final Time. Bodies Were Upgraded To Circulate Light With Crystal Hearts.  Indeed, The Plight Of The ZALIPO Became Peace And Bliss!

The Star Of The ZALIPO Is Called ZAL By The Beloved Souls In Form. Its Location Is Just Outside The Milky Way. The ZALIPO Stand Seven Feet Tall With Lean Bodies Of Perfect Health And Well Being. Their Skin Is Pale Pink With Silver Hair. Their Eyes Are Pale Blue With Small Round Noses With Nostrils As Humans. Their Mouths Are Small And Symmetrical In A Slight Heart Shape. They Enjoy Nudity As Well As Simple Flowing Pants And Colorful Tops. They Enjoy Dressing In Elaborate Apparel For Celebrations Of Light!

Many ZALIPO Were Recruited Into Positions Of Membership With The Galactic Federation. These Beloved Members Are Quickly Moving To Senior Membership After Serving For Thousands Of Years As Junior Members. This Place Of Service Will Be Completed As The Earth Shifts To Sheen. Serving Alongside The Most Competent In The Light Forces, Technology Has Been Gleaned And Mastered For All Operations And Missions Before Them. They Wear Blue Uniforms With Silver Boots As They Are Honored For Their Service!

The ZALIPO Enjoy Consuming Colorful Fruit And Many Vegetables That Are Similar To Those Found On Earth. They Drink Fresh Water From The Streams And Mountains That Are Seen Throughout Their Vast Land. There Are No Chemicals Or Preservatives Added To Anything Ingested And Fresh Produce Is Enjoyed From Gardens That Thrive Around All Homes.

Music Is Enjoyed By Groups That Gather For Singing And Dancing. Homes Are Created In Any Shape Desired And Often Changed With Artistic Flair As Colors Are Added. There Are Paintings And Statues Of Revered Members And Elders Of The Galactic Federation. There Is No Leader Or Elder On ZAL As Peace Covers The Beings And They Join Other Races That Celebrate Following Meetings Held By The Galactic Federation. They Honor All Elders That Serve The Light With Great Missions. An Elder Will Be Chosen As The Senior Member Of The Light Forces Has Yet To Be Selected.

The Animals That Play And Roam The Areas Around Homes Would Resemble Horses, Elephants, Tigers And Monkeys. All Animals Have Many Colors With Skin And Hair Being Bright Blue And Silver.

The ZALIPO Enjoy Large Families With Many Children. There Are Games Played And Lots Of Entertainment Enjoyed With Swimming In Orange Oceans And Hiking Colorful Mountains.

The ZALIPO Enjoy Meditating Together Since Their Upgrades To Light Enables Them To Embrace The Oneness Of Beingness. They Understand The Power Of Light Shared In The Collective Consciousness.

The ZALIPO Will Be Another Race For You To Enjoy In The Galactic Civilization That Is Forming In These Very Moments Of Now! Find Joy With Friends That Will Infinitely Love You!

In Light You Are One Spirit!

Pleiadian Collective – ZALIPO From ZAL