Laka – As You Move Forward To A Moment Of Establishing Humanity As Part Of The Galactic Civilization, Know In Truth That Many Races Will Be Quite Familiar To Your Soul. As Your Soul Of Origin Has Observed Many Visitations To Earth As You Entered Waking Dreams To Explore, You Found Friendships That Are Lasting. You Will Enjoy These Beautiful Souls Again As They Gather To Greet You In The Celebrations Of Sheen.

The Next Race To Be Revealed Are The ASISEA From ASEA. Their Love For Planet Earth Is Enormous And Ongoing In Their Current State Of Awareness. Living In The Light Of Source Love, They Are Grateful For The Assistance Of The Galactic Federation. The Endeavors Of The Light Forces Allowed Them The Gift Of Circulating Light With Crystal Hearts. All Life Came From One Spirit And Elder IKAI Made The First Upgrades To Light For Races That Would Receive The Gift That Would Allow All Souls To Prosper And Experience Perfect Health. The Sacred Spirit That Pleiadians Call ELAKO Is The Creator Of All Life.

The ASISEA Once Visited Earth By Entering Waking Dreams. Thousands Of Years Ago They Became Human And Walked The Land As You Do. They Engaged With Many Starseeds And Created Families That Thrived And Survived For Short Lifetimes. Indeed, The Waking Dreams On Earth Were Short As Bodies Became Frail With Disease. Just As You Perceive Now In Duality, Souls Were Unaware Of Their Lives Of Origin. The ASISEA Chose To Forget Their Home On ASEA. In These Moments Of Visiting, Their Life At Home Was Also Wrought With Discord. Duality Prevailed Until Visits From The Light Forces Offered A Solution. This Answer Was Light And The Beginning Of Perfection For The ASISEA.

The ASISEA Began Their Lives On ASEA Millions Of Years Ago. They Lived Four Hundred Years And Experienced The Death Of Their Body Form. Some Of These Souls Incarnated Back Into Their Race Over And Over. Other Souls Realized Their Free Will Choice And Chose Earth As A Temporary Home. As Relationships Formed With Other Starseeds, The Desire To Return To Earth And Play Roles With These Souls That They Loved, Became Prevalent Among The ASISEA.

The ASISEA Stand Four Feet Tall With Light Green Skin And Yellow Eyes That Are Circular In Shape. Their Nose Is Flat And Long With A Slit Mouth. They Have No Hair And Each Of Their Two Hands Has Four Fingers. They Have Two Legs With Feet That Are Smooth On The End With No Toes. They Wear No Clothing And Procreate Energetically. Many Children Play Happily In All Areas Of ASEA.

Their Homes Are Created Within Crystal Mountains. The Areas Of Habitation Are Translucent And Glowing With Colors. Beautiful Paintings And Statues Are Displayed As Expressions Of Soul. Meals Are Shared As Friends Gather To Share News.

There Are Small White Animals That Scurry Through Areas. These Would Resemble Small Bears. Fairies Now Live Among The ASISEA And Create Toys And Games For All To Enjoy.  It Was The Beloved Fairies In The Pleiades That Led The Galactic Federation To Visit ASEA. This Would Change Everything As Light Would Be Introduced In A Profound Manner.

As Elder IKAI And His Fleet Of Motherships Entered The Domain Of ASEA, The Ethers Changed In Frequency As Light Covered The Area With Love. The Souls Of ASEA Welcomed This Magnificent Group That Walked Among Them With Great Teaching. Desiring Upgrades Of Their Body Form, Elder IKAI Raised His Hand And The Movement Of Light Covered Souls That Became Activated Within. As Light Circulated Within Each Form, A Crystal Heart Began To Beat. No Longer Would The Beings Of ASEA Experience Disease Or Death. Never Again Would They Incarnate To Earth.

The Souls Of ASEA Enjoy Vehicular Crafts As Well As Large Crafts That Are Comfortable As They Visit Friends And Explore Many Areas. Technology Has Excelled With Great Teaching From The Light Forces.

The ASISEA Are Completely Aware Of The Soon Coming Shift. They Look Forward To Meeting Souls That They Have Shared Lives And Family With In Many Waking Dreams. They Send You Love In Expanded Consciousness. Their Light Is Your Light!

Laka – Asisea From Asea