Who are the Jeb?

Akatu – In This Communication, We Share A Star With You That You Will Find Amusing And Quite Charming. They Are Not Created In Elohim And Are Not Members Of The Galactic Federation. Those Will Be Revealed In Other Communications.

This Lovely Star Is Half The Size Of Earth And Turns Slowly In The Ethers In A Frequency In The Outer Milky Way Galaxy. From Our Crafts It Looks Like A Shiny Marble With Colorful Swirls And Designs. But We Will Get To This! BASCO!

The Star Is Called JEBEB. The Inhabitants Are Called JEB To The Human Sound.

JEBs Stand 3 Feet Tall With Soft Lavender Fur. They Have 2 Small Black Eyes And A Wide Slit Mouth That Is Used For Speaking Only. Nutrients Such As Gases And Minerals Are Absorbed Into The Top Of Their Head In A Small Slit. They Do Not Circulate Light. They Circulate A Yellow Fluid That Contains All Nutrients Needed To Sustain Life. Their Heart Is In The Center Of The Abdomen And Circulation Is Maintained Here. The Heart Is Made Of The Same Substance As The Inner Body With The Shape Of An Oval.

Not Circulating Light Allows Life For About 1000 Years Of Earth Time. They Incarnate Back Into Their Race. Many Choose To Remain In The Non-Physical Aspect Of Life For A Short Time Simply For The Experience. Their Health Is Perfect And There Is No Disease. They Were Created For The Life Span Of 1000 Years And They Enjoy This With Vitality And Excitement In All Phases. They Look Forward To Each Moment And Understand Fully That They Will Incarnate With Full Awareness Of Their Being And Creation From Source.

They Procreate Energetically And There Are No Mates. Infants And Young JEBs Would Resemble Toys To You! They Are 1-2 Feet Tall. They Enjoy Games And Visits From Fairies That Leave Toys And Frequencies Of Love!

Travel Around The Planet On The Surface Is By Small Metallic Machines That Are Round And Move At Great Speeds. Large Colorful Pathways Swirl Back And Forth And Connect Around The Entire Star. This Is The Reason For The Appearance Of A Marble! The Colors Of Pathways Are Green, Orange And Yellow.

The Galactic Federation Has Offered JEBs Assistance And Helped Them To Create Small Crafts With Little Ability To Travel Through The Cosmos. This Was All They Would Accept As They Enjoy The Love On Their Own Star. They Want No Part Of Duality And They View Life In Oneness As They Believe All Life Will Return To Oneness. We Share This Race As Pleiadians Visit Them And Offer Teachings From Elohim Races That Would Allow Them To Incarnate To Other Planets. They Are Content As They Are But Love Pleiadians And Enjoy Their Visits With Gifts Of Crystals.

Trees And Flowers Grow In Areas Of Moisture Absorbed From The Atmosphere. Small Showers Allow Growth. Plant Life Is Nourished By The Minerals That Circulate The Star. Oceans Are Metallic Looking Due To High Oil And Mineral Content. The Waters Are Shimmering In Green And Orange.

There Are Tiny Creatures That Are Beloved Pets. They Are Flat Like Turtles But Have Pink Fur Bodies With 6 Legs To Run Quickly. They Have Tiny Wings And They Fly To Their Family When Called!

They Rest In Small Homes That Are Translucent And They Require Little Rest.

JEBs Have Been Taught About Earth And The Soon Coming Shift. It Is Our Deep Desire That They Join Other Races And Realize That Duality Will Be Left Behind! They Have Deep Love For Your Progress And They Desire Only Love For You!

JEBEB Is A Beautiful Star With Beings That You Would Cherish! BASCO!

Akatu – About JEBEB