Neioh – In These Moments I Will Communicate About A Group Of Beings That Are Spoken About Often, Yet Completely Misunderstood! Many Repeat Information They Have Read Or Heard With No Source Of Absolute Contact With These Beings!

We Can Assure You That Pleiadians Were Not Created By Lyrans! Basco! This Is The Most Ludicrous Rumor Of All And Even Lyrans Would Find Humor In This!

We Will Review The Life Of Lyrans And The Mystery That Will Bring Answers To Many That Have Longed For More Information Throughout This Waking Dream!

Lyra Is A Small And Dim Constellation But Is Home To One Of The Brightest Stars Seen From Earth. This Star You Would Know As Vega. It Shines Brightly And If You Have Looked At The Night Sky, You Have Seen This Beautiful Star! These Beautiful Beings Call Themselves TREULAS And Their Home That Is Known To You As Vega Is Known To Them As VOATAE.

What Would We Desire For You To Know And Understand?

These Beings Are Kind And Gentle. They Have Magnificent Technology Which Had Been Shared By Pleiadians As They Struggled To Create Their First Machines Long Ago. They Fly In Very Large Crafts Which Are Equipped For Extended Travel And Carry Great Numbers For Impressive Occupancy In Comparison To Most Crafts. Pleaidians And Most Other Races Travel In Family Crafts, Exploration Crafts, Motherships And Other Designs. We Do Not Take A Massive Craft With Hundreds Of Friends To Fly Aimlessly Through The Multiverses.

TREULAS Do This And We Find Great Humor With Observing Their Efforts. But They Are Living As They Choose And We Honor This! They Are Not An Elohim Race. They Are Created By God-Source (Elako). They Have Mates And Children. They Do Not Incarnate To Earth And There Are No Members Of The Light Forces From Lyra.

These Beings Are Four Feet Tall With Yellow Skin. They Have Slit Eyes And A Mouth Shaped Like A Circle. They Speak And Breathe With Their Mouth. All Beings From VOATAE Have The Same Look. They Wear No Clothing And Feel No Body Shame.

They Are A Star System That Views Life In Oneness And They Choose To Avoid Areas Of Duality. They Were Approached To Join The Light Forces But With This Choice, There Would Be Interaction With Darkness And They Choose To Be Without Conflict And Duality. In This We Give Honor For The Goal Of A Complete Galactic Civilization Would Derive From The Love Of ONE.

TREULAS Live Outdoors And Eat Plants And A Sticky Substance Called ‘Roo’ Which Contains Water And Minerals To Sustain. They Sleep On The Ground Which Has A Velvet Feel And They Find This To Be Excellent. They Enjoy Tall Mountains And Large Pools Of Water Which Is Absorbed Into Their Bodies With Nutrients. The Water Is Replenished Continually By Brief Showers That Are Refreshing.

Their Awareness And Love For Source Creator Allows Them To Meditate Collectively. They Understand That Everything Needed To Live In Health, Has Been Provided. They Are Aware Of Earth And Have Traveled Closely Many Times In Curiosity. They Do Not Understand Pollution, Toxins, Factories Or War. Earth Is Not A Desired Location To TREULAS.

But To Many Of You, Earth Has Become A Place You Wish To Leave! You Long For A Simple Life Where There Is No Threat Of War And No Loss Of Life At The Hands Of Another. A Place Of Beauty And Color Where All Life Thrives And Peace Is Known. You Will Know This Beauty Of Being And Much More!

There Will Be A Time Of Knowing The TREULAS! They Will Accept The Life That Sheen Will Bring! They Circulate Light With A Crystal Heart! They Love Their Tiny Unicorns And Horses And They Love With The Same Love As You Do!

We Are Separate In Our Locations, But Our Love Holds Us As ONE!

Neioh – Vega Lyrans (TREULAS from VOATAE)