Giants Who Walked The Earth

Pleiadian Collective – Friends Of Light! As You Have Become Accustomed To Ranges Of Height And Size On Earth, You Also Have Had Many Excavations Of Skeletons Of Beings That Stood Over 20 Feet Tall.

In These Brief Moments, Open Your Mind To Truths You Have Not Considered. For You Have Never Been Told The Truth Of These Beings Known As Giants.

First, We Will Let It Be Known That Not All Of Them Caused Destruction. Many Of Them Chose Darkness As Their Knowledge Of Power And Dominance Grew.

Their Influence On The Psyche Of Humans Today Has Continued To Show Up In Movies And Videos As Monsters Who Desire To Destroy The World.

Going Further With The Thoughts Of Mankind, Realize Your Judgement When You See Short Men Or Very Tall Men. You Are Brainwashed To Perceive One Is Greater Than Another By Size. This Is A False Perception As The Sacred Soul Has Chosen The Persona You Have Chosen In Looks And Location!

Let’s Return To The Giants That Roamed The Earth Thousands Of Years Ago! Who Were They? What Did They Want? Where Are They Now?

As You Understand The Sacred Service Of The Galactic Federation, We Have Shared That Many Were Defectors Who Experienced The Light And Chose To Leave And Pursue Their Own Power! Never Understanding Unity, They Became Dark. Giants Were Created By Those Banished By The Galactic Federation And Their Friends Of Darkness That Would Never Turn To Light!

This Group Of Giant Beings Are From A Star Close To The Constellation Of Orion. They Call Their Star ‘ECEP’. They Call Themselves, ‘EP’. They Walk With Dignity On Their Star. They Wear No Clothing And Eat Trees And Plants That Contain Minerals And Water. They Are A Hybrid Race From A Combination Of Dark Beings From Uranus, Sirius And Orion. They No Longer Have Contact With Other Races. But When They Arrived On Earth Thousands Of Years Ago, They Wanted To Rule. They Are 25 Feet Tall.

Having Remaining Contacts With The Contributors Of Their Race, They Were Brought By Request And Left In Mountainous Areas. They Begin To Thrive On Trees And Water That Was Abundant. As They Discovered Areas Of Humans, They Were Amazed At The Small Size.

One Of The Areas They Inhabited Was Ancient Egypt. They Lived In Areas You Know As Ethiopia, India As Well As Remote Areas Of Civilization. As Beings First Saw Them, Many Ran In Fear. The Trickery Of Darkness Drew Many Humans Forward Who Were Killed As The Giants Enjoyed The Suffering.

Goddess AYA From Taygeta Was Greatly Distressed By The Actions Taken On Earth. She Had Long Ago Discovered Her Power To Heal And To Take Down Dark Beings. She Flew Alone As Elder IKAI, LAKA, NEIOH, KABAMUR And AKATU, Watched In Amazement. There Was No Stopping Her.

Her Arrival In Her Silver Craft In Egypt Brought Crowds Running To Greet Her. They Had Met Her With Large Groups, But Never Alone. She Explained That She Came To Free Them Of The Atrocities Of Suffering With Giants On Their Land. She Stood Firm As She Turned And Saw The First Group Of Giants Approach Her.

With Power And Light Within, She Raised One Arm And Spoke Her Name. “I Am AYA!” They Stopped And Did Not Move In Disbelief. One Of Them Knelt In Fear. Then Another. They Asked Not To Be Killed.

AYA Calmly Told Them They Had No Power Here! She Ordered Them To Leave As Elder IKAI Was Always Close And Had Contacted The Very Ones That Brought Them To Arrive And Take Them Or They Would Be Destroyed.

AYA Left For Taygeta With Great Peace. The Giants Began To Fight Among Themselves. Many Died At The Hands Of Their Evil Brothers. These Are The Skeletons Found On Earth.

The Remainder Were Picked Up In Crafts And Returned To Their Planet. They Have No Crafts Or Technology. They Are Banished From Travel For This Reason.

As You Shift, You Will Understand All Stories And All History As Waking Dreams Played Out. You Will Understand That The Love Of A Goddess Contains All Aspects Of Power!

In Light We Rise As One! We Honor All Goddesses As They Carry The Light For Many Throughout The Multiverses!

Pleiadian Collective – Giants